Thursday, 7 October 2010

Balance Policy Chapter 1

 Balance Policy is about Masaomi, a young boy who is trying to restore his friendship with Kenji-kun, a boy who has been changed in an unspecified manner into a girl in order to help maintain the human population after some kind of fertility failure worldwide resulting in the birth of few girl babies. It's by Yoshitomi Akihito, the creator of the weird collection of short series, Blue Drop set around the invasion and conquest of Earth by the Arume, a strange all-female alien race. Blue Drop - Tenshi no Bokura was a gender-bender storyline which is similar to the setup of this series with another boy's best friend changed somehow into a girl, this time by alien tech.

  Balance Policy is running in the Change H! TS/TG anthologies. At the moment I don't have raws for the second chapter which was published in Green, the fourth volume. Balance Policy is listed as one of the stories in the forthcoming fifth anthology, Purple so I expect that will be the third chapter. This series will eventually come out as one or more tankos but that won't be for a while.

 Balance Policy chapter 1  [Mediafire]  [4shared]

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  1. Thanks for the scans. One lil' guilty pleasure