Monday, 4 October 2010

First Post!

 Jumping right in, I've released the first two chapters of Hashiru Kakeru Subaru! from the change H! anthologies.

 Honda Subaru (don't laugh) is the premier street-fighter in town. Subaru is unbeatable when the fists meet but a secret lurks beneath the gakuran (boy's school uniform) he always wears. Well, two secrets actually...

 There's a blogsite by the creator (in Japanese) here

Hashiru Kakeru Subaru! chapter 1  [Mediafire]  [4shared]

Hashiru Kakeru Subaru! chapter 2  [Mediafire]  [4shared]

CURRENTLY: working on translating the three chapters of Girl's Sanctuary from Change H! I've got raws for before editing them then it's back to scanning in the rest of Change H! Yellow

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