Friday, 8 October 2010

Girls Sanctuary Chapter 1

 Girls Sanctuary is a short manga starting in Change H! Pink. Unusually it's in full colour.

"Sanctuary" is a top-class cafe close to a lot of girls schools and is open only to females. That doesn't stop boys trying to sneak in to try to pick up girls or just to enjoy the delicious cakes on offer. Manager-san though is always on guard and he can spot an impostor at a glance. Or can he?

 Girls Sanctuary chapter 1  [4shared]  [Mediafire]

 This chapter was translated by me from anon scans of the first anthology, Pink. I've scanned the next two chapters HQ from my own copies of Blue and Yellow and I will get round to doing them when I get round to doing them. They're short chapters which compensates a little for the problems of editing all-colour pages.

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