Tuesday, 19 October 2010

Girls Sanctuary Chapter 3

 Girls Sanctuary Chapter 3, in which Yuuki is kyuute! Nozomi (on the left) is evull and Sakurai is confused (so what else is new?). The Word of the Day is SKINSHIP.

Girls Sanctuary chapter 3  [4shared]  [Mediafire] (4.5Mb)

Bundle of chapters 1-3     [4shared]  [Mediafire]  (11.5Mb)

 That's all there is of this series for the moment. As soon as more gets published and I can get hold of raws or  the original manga to scan it in I will continue with it, if nothing else to find out where the Sakurai-Yuuki relationship is going (and what Nozomi can do to encourage it or derail it...)

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  1. Hello!
    I just discovered Girl's Sanctuary on Batoto but saw it's been a while there hasn't been any update... So I was just curious to know if that was because the manga has been discontinued :)