Tuesday, 26 October 2010

Twinkle Twinkle Idol Star - new project

 A new scanlation project and something that should keep me busy for a few decades.

 Twinkle Twinkle Idol Star is a manga from the early 90s during the Japanese boom in idol singers and especially girl duos. Meet Ayumi on the left and Marimo, right. They won a talent contest and are now the idol singer duo "Twinkle", rising rapidly in the charts and destined for stardom. The driving force is Marimo who came up with the idea of entering the contest in the first place, dragging her friend Ayumi reluctantly along in her wake. That's her boyfriend, Ayumi... cleans up nicely, doesn't he?

 I got hold of some scrappy raws of this series last year. Frustrated at the quality of the scans I bought the complete series of ten published tankos from the original German scanner and started scanning them myself with the plan of  publishing decent raws a chapter at a time. Of course at that point someone else stepped in and released volume 1 as HQ raw scans. I put the books away, expecting Mr. Anonymous to continue scanning the rest of the books without me. Of course Mr. Anonymous didn't but the impetus was lost and I moved on to other things such as the Change H! series and some of the stories therein.

 Now I'm back at the coalface, planning to scanlate rather than simply producing raws. Cleaning is a bitch as these are old books and the paper is fading and spotchy. Lots of Zipatone splattered here and there, careless editing (there's at least one blank speech balloon that made it past the editor) and complicated backgrounds over double-page spreads make it WORK rather than a pleasure, but it's something to do. I'll now find out someone else is doing this series behind my back...

 Current status: 5 11 13 19 26 pages out of 28 done and dusted. (as of 12 November)


  1. Thank you for taking on this project! I have been wishing to read T2IS in English for ages. I posted some HQ scans on MH a while back so that might been me. I only stopped because nobody said anything and then the scans were removed from MH. If you are serious about this project, I would be happy to scan more of the volumes for you.

  2. I'm working on the first chapter from my own scans since the OCR program I'm using likes high-resolution images of text to decipher before I feed it into Google Translate plus a couple of other tools I use. I have most of the second chapter scanned in the same way -- just checking, the HQ raws of book 1 I have which would be the set you produced are 2066 pixels high, so you probably scanned at 300dpi.

    Comparing scans I think you've hammered the white levels a bit too hard in an attempt to clean blemishes -- I'm seeing aliasing in line detail where the anti-alias greys have been wiped out. I assume your copies of the books are as spotty and age-greyed as mine are, but I've been manually deblemishing the pages rather than using the levelling tool too much.

    I'm nearly finished chapter 1 so check back soon for the announcement and download options.

  3. Yes, those are the scans I made. I partly pushed the Levels to clean up problems caused by using a clunky twelve-year-old scanner. Now that I have a brand new scanner, I should be able to produce better scans. My copies are in good shape, a little age-faded but not spotty, but the thinness of the paper causes some ghosting as well.

    If you like, I could re-scan the second chapter and not do any editing to scans at all so that you can adjust them as little or as much as you need. Next time, I'll try putting black paper behind the pages to see if that cuts down on ghosting.

  4. If you want to take this to email my gmail account is albedo404. This is a backburner project for me as I've committed myself to helping out a couple of other projects plus the Change H! stuff I've been scanning and scanlating for myself. Decent scans would be nice though.