Tuesday, 26 July 2011

Sekrit Project REVEALED!

I first read this manga many years ago via a badly scanned incomplete and untranslated download from IRC and I was somehow taken by it. I decided if I could ever get hold of a copy of the original book I'd scan it in and even make an attempt to translate it if I learned enough Japanese, but how likely was that to happen? And then it happened. So this is going to be my next project (drum roll please!)-

菜々ちゃんは俺のもの(Me and my Nana-chan) by 上村純子 (Kamimura Sumiko)

_Nana-chan_ is a classic bodyswap tale but with a couple of twists as rivals for the beautiful Nana-chan's affections fight for her using magic and dirty tricks in equal measures. It's ecchi rather than hentai and not even much of that -- I'm not that fond of much of the hentai TS/TG stuff out there I must admit. It will take me a while to get through the single volume but as a taster, have a picture.

I'm going to continue with Twinkle Twinkle Idol Star; indeed I've just completed scanning the next two chapters but I'll release parts of Nana-chan as I complete them or when I feel like it. As an aside the chapters are forty to fifty pages long, about twice the size of a Twinkle chapter or pretty much any magazine-published manga these days.

The Word of the Day is KARADA.

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