Saturday, 23 July 2011

Twinkle Twinkle Idol Star - volume 1 stage 4

Finally got this chapter finished and out the door. Chapter 4 is a bit of a twist, with Ayumi-chan staying out of skirts and forgoing makeup while Marimo-"kun" dresses up butch for a day out avoiding the paparazzi. Have a picture.

Those eyebrows...

Twinkle volume 1 stage 4 [4shared] [Mediafire] (13.0 MB)

The Word of the Day is HAZUKASHII

Next up is a two-chapter episode which will take me some time to roll out as I'd like to do as one release rather than leaving a cliff-hanger in the middle. I'm also planning to move ahead with some other scanlation projects, hopefully interleaved with Twinkle but as has happened in the recent past Real Life and Paid Work will get in the way so I'm not going to make any promises on delivery dates. More later.

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