Tuesday, 27 September 2011

Moving right along

 Reaching You scans have finally rolled out chapter 9 of Ame nochi Hare, the last full chapter in volume 2, with my inestimable help providing raws, rough translations and occasional pushing from behind. There's still a two-page omake to come before the entire volume release will be put to bed and then we move on to volume 3 but that will be some time in the future.

 This gap allows me to finally get on with finishing the first chapter of Nana-chan, assuming I don't get distracted by something else such as another TG/TS raw screenrip series like Body Drive... oops. Here, have a picture...

 The Word of the Day is ARA...?

Friday, 9 September 2011

Urara-chan no Naka no Hito RAWs

 This is another side-project to distract me from getting on with the stuff I should be getting on with. Urara-chan no Naka no Hito is a web comic, released in monthly chapters. What I've done is screen-rip the pages, that is I framegrabbed the images and pasted them as files into a graphics package before cropping and adjusting them. The result is similar to a scanned paper manga but usually better quality as they are direct digital copies rather than being printed on cheap paper first. Here, have a picture:

It's basically a comedy storyline with a rather perverted manga artist occasionally possessing a young high-school girl courtesy of a couple of Mad Scientist types. Lots of pantyflash fan service, not any sex (at least not yet).

 I'm not doing anything with this series other than providing RAWs and I don't know if anyone is planning to scanlate it but anyway here are the files. HQ means the pages are about 2150 pixels high, the maximum size the webcomic interface will generate.

 Urara-chan no Naka no Hito RAW chapters [Mediafire]

A blog called jCafe are also providing HQ raws but you need to register on their site to get access to their archives. I've ripped the chapters I'm making available myself and I'll add to the collection as and when. Note that chapters 2 though 6 are no longer available as a webcomic as the first six chapters have been collected and published as a tanko. I hope to source RAWs of those chapters but they may not be the same quality as the HQ screenrips I've done myself.

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Sunday, 4 September 2011

Balance Policy Chapter 5

 Finally rolled out my scanlation of chapter 5 of Balance Policy, from the Change H! White volume. This is credited to me and also WOW!Scans as I used their script as a basis for this release but I did rewrite a chunk of it during the editing process.

 They do say explaining a joke spoils it but to save people coming back and pointing it out to me as a mistake on my part, the room names sign on page 9 is how it was shown in the original manga -- Gorou and Kenji, the naughty scamps added the second "name" card as badly handwritten Japanese kanji which I replaced with the badly-handwritten English equivalent.

 Here, have a picture:

 Balance Policy ch 05 [ENG] [4shared] [Mediafire] 12MB

 Another minor release on my part, accompanying the RAW release of Boogie Cat Navi chapter 8 I did a couple of days ago is a scan of the tanko's front cover.

 Boogie Cat Navi vol 2 cover [4shared] [Mediafire]  2.2MB

 OK, that clears the decks to allow me to get a clear run at finishing the first chapter of  Nana-chan. Well, there's still the last bit of Ame nochi Hare volume 2 to finalise with the guys at Reaching You Scans and I've got the third volume to generate a script for plus I'm probably going to be producing production-quality scans for that too and... Hmmm, chapters 5 and 6 of Twinkle could do with some more TLC... [slaps self on forehead]. Jaa.

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Saturday, 3 September 2011

Boogie Cat Navi RAW chapter

This is another old-skool manga from 2001 which has had no lurve from scanlators as far as I can tell. It has a TG-based plotline in chapter 8, a magical sex-change episode where the hero Ozuno Raika gets a chance to walk on the wild side courtesy of his shapeshifting twin-tailed magical cat sidekick Navi. Raws only as I don't have enough interest in the manga to bother with scanlating it and besides I've got more stuff I should be getting on with (displacement displacement displacement...) Have a picture:

Download it from here:

Boogie Cat Navi ch 08 [4shared] [No Mediafire download yet.] 22MB

If anyone wants this chapter in higher-res to scanlate it email me -- my gmail address is albedo404, not surprisingly. In further news I've finished scanlating and editing the fifth chapter of Balance Policy. It's awaiiting QC and sanity checking before I release it but that should happen in the next couple of days. I've also got a few more pages of Nana-chan edited but it's still a long way to go to finish the chapter.

The Word of the Day is TENKOU.