Sunday, 4 September 2011

Balance Policy Chapter 5

 Finally rolled out my scanlation of chapter 5 of Balance Policy, from the Change H! White volume. This is credited to me and also WOW!Scans as I used their script as a basis for this release but I did rewrite a chunk of it during the editing process.

 They do say explaining a joke spoils it but to save people coming back and pointing it out to me as a mistake on my part, the room names sign on page 9 is how it was shown in the original manga -- Gorou and Kenji, the naughty scamps added the second "name" card as badly handwritten Japanese kanji which I replaced with the badly-handwritten English equivalent.

 Here, have a picture:

 Balance Policy ch 05 [ENG] [4shared] [Mediafire] 12MB

 Another minor release on my part, accompanying the RAW release of Boogie Cat Navi chapter 8 I did a couple of days ago is a scan of the tanko's front cover.

 Boogie Cat Navi vol 2 cover [4shared] [Mediafire]  2.2MB

 OK, that clears the decks to allow me to get a clear run at finishing the first chapter of  Nana-chan. Well, there's still the last bit of Ame nochi Hare volume 2 to finalise with the guys at Reaching You Scans and I've got the third volume to generate a script for plus I'm probably going to be producing production-quality scans for that too and... Hmmm, chapters 5 and 6 of Twinkle could do with some more TLC... [slaps self on forehead]. Jaa.

 The Word of the Day is GRUUUMBLE.

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