Tuesday, 27 September 2011

Moving right along

 Reaching You scans have finally rolled out chapter 9 of Ame nochi Hare, the last full chapter in volume 2, with my inestimable help providing raws, rough translations and occasional pushing from behind. There's still a two-page omake to come before the entire volume release will be put to bed and then we move on to volume 3 but that will be some time in the future.

 This gap allows me to finally get on with finishing the first chapter of Nana-chan, assuming I don't get distracted by something else such as another TG/TS raw screenrip series like Body Drive... oops. Here, have a picture...

 The Word of the Day is ARA...?

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  1. Could you post a new functional link for Body Drive? If you can't, then please tell me so(that way I won't be left hanging wondering if you have seen my comment or not).