Friday, 9 September 2011

Urara-chan no Naka no Hito RAWs

 This is another side-project to distract me from getting on with the stuff I should be getting on with. Urara-chan no Naka no Hito is a web comic, released in monthly chapters. What I've done is screen-rip the pages, that is I framegrabbed the images and pasted them as files into a graphics package before cropping and adjusting them. The result is similar to a scanned paper manga but usually better quality as they are direct digital copies rather than being printed on cheap paper first. Here, have a picture:

It's basically a comedy storyline with a rather perverted manga artist occasionally possessing a young high-school girl courtesy of a couple of Mad Scientist types. Lots of pantyflash fan service, not any sex (at least not yet).

 I'm not doing anything with this series other than providing RAWs and I don't know if anyone is planning to scanlate it but anyway here are the files. HQ means the pages are about 2150 pixels high, the maximum size the webcomic interface will generate.

 Urara-chan no Naka no Hito RAW chapters [Mediafire]

A blog called jCafe are also providing HQ raws but you need to register on their site to get access to their archives. I've ripped the chapters I'm making available myself and I'll add to the collection as and when. Note that chapters 2 though 6 are no longer available as a webcomic as the first six chapters have been collected and published as a tanko. I hope to source RAWs of those chapters but they may not be the same quality as the HQ screenrips I've done myself.

 The Word of the Day is PANCHIRA.

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