Saturday, 10 December 2011

More RAW manga stuff

 Here's a couple of RAW manga chapter sets collected from assorted sources of scanned periodical magazines. First up is Fudanshi Furu! by Morishige which is a sequel to the complete Fudanshism series about a school's "Perfect Prince" who crossdresses as a gothic Lolita to woo and win the heart of the girl he loves from afar.

 Chapters 1 through 14 have been released in 2 tankos. This set of magazine-scan chapters runs from no. 16 to 22 but is missing chapters 15 and 20. The series is now complete and I expect another tanko release will be issued soon to cover the last 8 chapters.

 Fudanshi Furu! ch 15 - 22 [incomplete] [RAW]  [Mediafire]  83MB

 Next is a couple of chapters of Hero's Secret by Imamura Youko. This is the story of a sentai team like the Power Rangers and Sailor Moon. The traditionally-female Pink Ranger role has been forced upon an unsuspecting young man who has to deal with assorted intrusions (so to speak) from his secret identity into his private life. Chapter 5 on the other hand involves a MtF bodyswap between two other members of the team.

 This manga started life in the Change H! anthology series which is officially on hiatus. Some of the stories from it such as Hero's Secret are carrying on in Shonengahosha's Young King Monthly magazine which is where these two chapters come from.

 Hero's Secret ch 04-05 [RAW] [Mediafire]  17MB

 I'm continuing to work on Twinkle Twinkle Idol Star chapter 5 (and 6 too as they are a single storyline). Other things that may distract me include an upcoming Amazume story in Young King Monthly which appears to be a followup to "My Sempai", assuming I can get the raws for it.

 The Word Of The Day is TENMIKO!


  1. I wish I could find those raws but I try to help

  2. hi , i'am hevn on forum manga tg, i want to now if you have new's the site and the forum is down for a week

  3. Thanks so much for sharing! I really enjoy the stuff from Change H!

    Do you mind re-uploading Hero's Secret? The link appears dead...