Monday, 7 January 2013

Balance Policy Chapter 9

 As expected the Change H! anthology series restarted in December and I got hold of a copy of the new volume, Orange, at great expense. Also as expected it had chapter 9 of Balance Policy which also also as expected I've now scanlated. Have a picture.

  Balance Policy chapter 09 [Mediafire]

You can find all the other chapters of Balance Policy in the folder here.

  Balance Policy folder [Mediafire]

 I'm also releasing these chapters at the online manga reader site Batoto and the scanlation download site Manga Traders when I get around to it.

 I also got the first tanko volume of Balance Policy along with Change H! Orange but there's no extra content from the magazine chapter releases apart from a couple of illustrations and an author afterword. I may put together a volume download later. I'll be doing more scanning and raw releases of the Change H! volume  -- there's a new Amazume story in there as well as other interesting stuff.

 The Word of the Day is MOE.


  1. I came across Balance Policy quite by accident, which I suppose is just negligence on my part as I've read things from the Blue Drop canon by the same author.

    Anyway, I think Balance Policy is just beautiful. The stunning simplicity of the artwork belies the emotional complexity of the story. Plus I think there are things in this world that we don't know about yet.

    I really hope you can carry on with the scanlation, although the "great expense" bit is probably not a good sign. Still, if the expense gets too great, you know what they say - "a trouble shared is a trouble halved"...

  2. What will it take to get more Balance Policy? I'll do anything!

    1. The news, if you've read my most recent blog entry is that it looks like Balance Policy is going to be continued in a new anthology, "Trans Switch" which from the advertising material looks a lot like the old Change H! series. First issue is out November 30 2013; I'm ordering a copy and once I get it I'll see about continuing with the scanlation assuming Balance Policy does in fact appear in it.