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Ch 69 Tondemo Skill de Isekai Hourou Meshi

Ch 69 -- Mithril Lizard

We left the city early the next morning, running toward Pasquale Mountain. Of course Fer is doing all the running, I'm simply riding on his back and Sui is sleeping comfortably in her new bag.

Fer gobbled up some Orc General steaks for breakfast before we set off. We had a long day ahead of us and I didn't want him getting hungry and crabby half-way though. Sui seemed to be quite happy in her bag.

"Is that where that reptile's supposed to be?" Fer's tone of voice was dismissive of his intended prey. Hey, it's supposed to be a Class A monster! A tall peak that I took to be Pasquale Mountain appeared on the horizon.

"If the Guild Master's directions were correct, that's Pasquale Mountain. Do you know where the Metal Lizard is likely to be, Fer?"

"Wait a moment..." Fer said and after a second or two he accelerated towards where he thought the Metal Lizard would be. When I asked him he told me he seems to know the approximate location of any monster nearby. It's something like a feeling of recognition rather than a specific location skill, apparently.

"We're just about there." Saying that Fer slowed down to a halt.

"It's over there." I followed Fer's gaze. There was a cave under the shade of a tree.

"Is that where the Metal Lizard is living?" I asked. I don't like caves for good reason. I blame Fer's magic training regime.

"Probably." Fer answered.

"So how are we going to do this?" I asked apprehensively.

"I'll think about it later." Fer answered. That wasn't the answer I wanted to hear... Fer charged into the cave with me still on his back.

"W- W- W- W- wait a minute, ahhh-" At least let me off first, you big idiot.

As we ran into the pitch-dark cavern we immediately encountered the Metal Lizard. There was a wide opening just past the cave entrance. Over by the far wall the Metal Lizard was eating something with a loud crunching sound. It looked... huh?

"Hey, what's up with that Lizard? Somehow its body is glowing...."

"So what. I'll defeat that reptile with one hit and turn it into money." Fer was indifferent to the unusual sight.

Don't just say "So what", you... To be on the safe side I used Appraisal on the glowing monster and it registered as "Mithril Lizard". ...Mithril? That's the precious metal that appears in fantasy novels?

"Fer, I just used Appraisal on that Metal Lizard and it's actually a Mithril Lizard." I warned him.

"If that's the case there's a vein of mithril ore in here somewhere. That reptile has been eating mithril ore and it's mutated." Fer explained.

So there's a vein of mithril ore here... that's an important discovery, isn't it? Well, it's not something that involves me really, but if there's some mithril ore lying about I'll pick some up. I like the idea of having a mithril sword, or if that's not possible maybe a knife. Mithril sword, mithril knife, both? hmmm... Having a knife and a sword made of such a rare metal is the stuff of fantasy stories. Mithril is especially romantic. I decided that I really wanted them.

"Mithril means that magic is not very effective." Fer explained.

Anything made from mithril is light and hard and it protects well against magical attacks by diffusing the energy. From Fer's experience he told me that magic was reduced to less than half of its usual effectiveness. Did that mean Fer's magic wasn't going to be strong enough to defeat the Mithril Lizard?

Fer shook his head. "All that means is that I'll have to use twice as much magic as normal to deal with that reptile properly." Saying that, the cavern resounded with a loud crash as Fer unleashed his magic attack. Kaboom! Rumble rumble rumble... A single flash of lightning hit the Mithril Lizard. I stared open-mouthed at the sight. Sui, surprised by the loud sound poked her head out of her bag.

"Hey Fer, what did you just do?"

"I fired strong lightning magic at that reptile." Strong? Isn't that a bit excessive? No, thinking about it using that much magic on a Mithril Lizard was probably the right thing to do. The lightning magic was incredibly loud though.

"OK, that's done. Collect it quickly and you can turn it in at the Guild for cash."

"Are you sure it's totally dead?" It was only one hit after all...

"Oh, that reptile was killed by my magic sure enough."

So the Mithril Lizard is standing there eating mithril ore, it doesn't even notice we're here and then, kaboom! and it's dead in an instant... It seems kinda pathetic, a real let-down. I am sorry, Mithril Lizard. That's what I was thinking as I put the Mithril Lizard in my Item Box.

Around where the Mithril Lizard was feeding there were lumps of ore glowing with a pale light. That would be mithril ore, I guessed.

"Fer, hang on a minute, I want to get some of this mithril ore."

"Nuuu, hurry up." Fer was impatient to get going now the job was finished.

"Aruji-, do you want this glowing stone? Sui will help too."

"Thanks, Sui. Bring the glowing stones over to me then."

"I understand-" Sui jumped out of the bag and started gathering mithril ore. I put some nearby mithril ore in my Item Box. Hmmm, I wonder if this is enough.

"I gathered some for you-" Sui chimed in.

"Wow, you sure collected a lot." I praised Sui. She had gathered enough mithril ore to fill the back of a small truck. I felt that maybe that was too much but Sui had worked hard so I couldn't refuse it. I put it in my Item Box and decided to worry about it later. I had easily enough ore now to make a mithril sword and a mithril knife now, maybe I could get a suit of mithril armour made? But if it's armour made from solid metal wouldn't it hinder my movement? Thinking about it though maybe the Mithril Lizard's skin would be just as strong as mithril metal?

"Hey, Fer, would a Mithril Lizard's skin be as strong as mithril metal?" I asked.

Fer thought for a moment."Because that reptile's skin would take on the same characteristics as the ore it ate, yeah it probably will be as strong."

"Oh? Rather than making mithril armour maybe I should get armour made with Mithril Lizard skin instead since it'll be a lot more flexible."

"Hmm?  Are you planning to get some armour?"

"Well, I thought that it would be better to have some kind of armour."

"You don't need armour, you've got my magic Barrier." Fer grumped. "Whether it's mithril metal armour or reptile-skin armour, they're nothing compared to my Barrier. It's pointless for you to have something like that."

Well, he's got a point. Fer's magical Barrier has totally prevented me from being injured any time I've been attacked. So what should I do with all this mithril ore? Even if I just hang on to it for the time being, would I be able to sell it if I wanted to?

"Hey, have you finished collecting that mithril ore? Let's get out of here and eat." Fer was getting really impatient now.

Yeah yeah Mister Glutton. We left the cave and I started preparing dinner.

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Ch 68 Tondemo Skill de Isekai Hourou Meshi

Episode 68 -- Deep Fried Red Serpent, Tastier Than Expected

"Hey Sui, is the bag good?" I asked Sui who was in her new Red Boar leather bag.

"This bag, it's more comfortable than the other one-" Sui told me.

"Yeah? That's great." It's good to have a new bag for her.

"Oh Fer, did you hear what Lambert-san said?" I asked.

"Uh-huh. About a black snake? " Fer answered.

"Yup. If you come across a Black Serpent, can you hunt it if possible. Is that OK?"

"For sure. That kind of meat is delicious." Fer's bottomless stomach agreed.

"Oh Aruji-, that's a great idea. It will be really delicious if you deep fried it." Sui chimed in.

"Hmmm, fried? Yeah, that was delicious. Oh, and remember we've got some Red Serpent meat. Let's try that today. After that I want you to grill some steaks."

From what everyone's told me Red Serpent meat is super high class food.

"Are you gonna fry some Red Serpent meat? I'm going to carry out the Metal Lizard suppression tomorrow and eating something extravagant like that will really get me going."

"Are you frying tonight? Sui loves fried foods! Yay!"

When I hear Sui say she loves fried food then there's no choice for me, it's going to be fried food tonight.

"Wait a bit, I want to buy some clothes before going back to the inn. I'll stop by a clothes store." I want to buy some new clothes while I've got money in my pocket. I'm OK with buying socks and underwear at the Net Super but proper clothing isn't listed in the online menu. I can buy sweatshirts and casual pants and such but wearing something like that here I'd stand out so I went to a clothes store on the way back to the inn.

I looked for something a bit colourful but it seems that dyeing is not a well-developed process here and all the clothing was a similar dull hue. In the end I bought three sets of shirts and trousers and changed in the shop. In total it was two gold coins and four silver coins.

Time to go back to the inn.

* * * * *

I started preparing the evening meal as soon as I got back to the inn. Since Fell and Sui asked it'll be fried food tonight.  I now had plenty of meat, so I tried cooking not just the Red Serpent meat but a lot more different kinds as well. I planned to put the surplus cooked foods in the Item Box so they can be eaten anytime.

I made two kinds of flavouring, soy sauce based and salt based this time. The main meats were Red Serpent followed by Black Serpent, Rock Bird and Giant Dodo.

Firstly I rubbed the soy sauce and salt-based flavouring into each cut of meat, then gave it a little time to soak in then then deep fried the meat in cooking oil. I decided to cook each piece twice this time to make it tastier.

I started with the main course, Red Serpent. The first time through I fried it in low temperature oil to let the flavourings soak in and seal the meat, the second pass I heated the oil way up. Yeah, the light brown colour gave me a good feeling about the results.

First bite... *crunch*.

............ Oh wow-----!

What is this? Crisp outside, juicy inside. Furthermore, it tastes better and better as I slowly chew it.

The meat's pale white and delicious in its own right with soy sauce and salt flavouring adding to its tase with the firmness of the meat complementing the sensation in my mouth. It might just be be the most delicious fried food I ever ate.

"Aruji-, Sui too! Sui wants to eat too."

"That's right. Let me at it."

Oh- I nearly forgot about them, it was so delicious... I put down two dishes of freshly cooked deep-fried Red Serpent in front of Fer and Sui.

"This is delicious! Sooo delicious!-" Sui was deeply impressed by the Red Serpent meat.

"Wow! ! !" Even Fer was entranced by the taste of what he was eating.

"Seconds-" they both demanded in unison a few moments later. Me too, I'll indulge myself tonight and have seconds too. I can see why everyone agrees Red Serpent is especially delicious. It is truly super high class meat.

Right then, get cooking again.  If I put deep-fried Red Serpent down in front of those two it will disappear quick so I'll cook some other meat as well. I'll fry up some  Black Serpent, Rock Bird and Giant Dodo.

I kept frying and frying for those two gluttons. I could maybe take it easy later but right now it was deep-fry for them, put it out on a plate, deep-fry again, put it out again, time after time.

"Fuu-, Sui's tummy is full."

"Gefu, I'm stuffed too."

Ha ha ha ha ha, victory is mine! I didn't repeat my previous mistake of underestimating how much those two gluttons could eat so there was plenty left for me this time. Since we've got so much meat on hand I'll cook lots more while I've got the opportunity.

"Hey? I'm no longer hungry." said Fer quizzically, watching me cooking more deep-fried meat.

"This is food I'm going to save for later. If I fry it and put it in my Item Box then you can eat it any time without waiting for me to cook it."

"Oh, that's a good idea. Make a lot of it."

Yeah yeah, like I'm gonna wait for permission from you. Heh. I won't just make deep-fried food though. For example I've got meat from the Orc Generals to work with so I started cutting up some of that meat into piecess. I thought the smell might revive Fer's appetite but he was already lying on a futon in his stall, half-asleep.

Right then, I heated up just the right amount of oil while I cut up Orc General's meat and marinated it. I did the same with with Rock Bird meat, for chicken-style dishes. OK, let's make fried pork cutlets and chicken cutlets, lots of them.

I cooked and cooked and cooked, then... "Fuuu- finally finished." I put a lot of deep-fried foods, pork cutlets and chicken cutlets in the Item Box. Fer was sleeping soundly in his futon just like Sui in her new leather bag.

Huhu, it's time for grown-ups. A big plate of hot deep-fried meat and crisp-coated cutlets and a premium beer to accompany it. The beer's nice and cold if I buy it direct from the Net Super.

Cold beer and hot fried food, it's the best.

Well ............ *crunch*. The juices flooded my mouth. Deep fried Red Serpent meat is super delicious.

Psssh-, glug glug glug.

"Fuuu-, it's delicious. Fried food and beer, what a combination!"

Next, how about an Orc General pork cutlet? Add some tonkatsu sauce. *crunch*

"Oh, this tastes better than regular Orc meat." Orc General meat is definitely better than ordinary Orc, the meat is firm and the fatty aftertaste doesn't linger. I drank more beer.

"Fu-, Orc General pork cutlet and beer are good together too."

When I looked up, a big round moon hung high in the night sky. It was a much bigger moon than I ever saw in Japan.

"Eating fried food and drinking cold beer in the moonlight, how poetical..." That night, I ate delicious food and drank delicious beer while watching the moon.

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Ch 67 Tondemo Skill de Isekai Hourou Meshi

Ch 67 -- Lambert-san's shop

Wen we finally got to Lambert-san's shop it was a bigger and more up-market store than I had expected. When I plucked up my courage and entered Lambert-san was the only one there.

"Ah, Mukouda-san, welcome. I've been looking forward to you coming here."

"Ah, thanks. Uh, Fer's with me, is that okay? "

"Oh, definitely. Please come in." Lambert's shop was big and there was plenty of room to accomodate Fer who immediately curled up in a corner out of the way.

"Well, actually I was thinking of replacing my bag..."

"Well, what kind of bag are you looking for?" Lamber-san inquired.

"Well, I'm looking for something like this shoulder bag and about this size." I showed him the bag Sui was currently sleeping in.

"How about these?" He showed me some shoulder bags. They all looked like messenger bags. The mouth could be opened pretty wide with large flaps so they looked like it wouldn't be a problem for Sui to get in and out. The belt slung on the shoulder was also nice and wide so it wouldn't dig in. I asked Lambert-san what kind of leather they were made from.

"That one is Red Boar leather." he answered. It's a soft leather unlike cowhide, quite dark-coloured. It feels quite comfortable to me but would Sui like it?

Lambert-san showed me another bag. "This is Bloody Horn Bull's leather." Oh, that's a coincidence, they're one of the subjugation requests we just accepted. It felt just as soft as the Red Boar bag but it's made from thicker material. It was a deep black colour.

"And here's one made of Giant Deer leather -" This is a light brown leather, almost beige. It was hard and firm, a bit like tanned cowhide. It looked quite stylish.

Lamber-san went on to show me some other bags, telling me about the materials used for each one. "This bag is made from Sand Snake leather." Sand Snake-skin has beautiful scales peculiar to snakes. I'd like something small like a wallet or something made from this sort of skin, I thought to myself.

He showed me one final bag. "And here's my personal favourite, Black Serpent skin. Black Serpent is a high-ranking demon so it takes a lot of time and effort to tan the skin and finish it properly. Even though the price is high it's very popular. See how it shines. Splendid, isn't it?" Oh, so that's Black Serpent? A scale pattern unique to snakes shimmered over the black leather. Unlike Sand Snake's leather, it was glossy. It was very much luxury goods. I wanted something made of it but maybe not a shoulder bag.

"Lambert-san, everything you've shown me is wonderful. "

"Thank you. I'm proud of the products our craftsmen make. We like to think we're the best. "

"So, what about the price for the bags?"

"The Red Boar bag is 2 gold coins, the Bloody Horn Bull bag is 5 gold coins, the Giant Deer bag - 4 gold coins and 5 silver coins, the bag made from Sand Snake skin would be 8 gold coins and the Black Serpent bag I showed you is 17 gold coins."

I told Lambert that the prices seemed reasonable, well with the exception of the Black Serpent bag. The Sand Snake-skin bag is also expensive, but it seems it costs more here since transportation to this city from the south of the country where Sand Snakes can be found increases the price substantially. Still, it's clearly popular since the scales of this snake are beautiful. The Black Serpent and Sand Snake leather have a sense of luxury, and I feel that it seemed a bit too fancy for a bag I'm going to use all the time to carry Sui around in. Still, for an accessory like a wallet or a purse, maybe...

"Red Boar's leather is low in price and recommended for everyday use. Bloody Horn Bull's leather has a fine black finish and the leather is soft and comfortable to the touch. I'd recommend this if it's a gift for someone special." Lambert-san pointed to the bag made from Giant Deer skin.  "I should add, although Giant Deer leather is stiff to begin with, it will become more flexible as it ages and the color will darken naturally so if you're going to own it for a long time it would be my choice."

Indeed, I personally think the Giant Deer leather is a superb material but it's maybe too hard for Sui. I'd buy it for my own use otherwise. Given that it's for Sui though, it's going to be either Red Boar or Bloody Horn Bull.

"Lambert-san, I-" Sui interrupted me, wriggling in her bag.

 "Ah, hold on Sui," I turned back to Lambert-san. "Can I take my Slime out? It's my contracted monster."

"A- a Slime?" What have you got against Slimes, Lambert-san? You've got a strange expression on your face.

"Well, have a look..." I showed Mr. Lambert-san the contents of my cloth shoulder bag.

"Oh, I see," Lambert-san nodded. "The bag you're buying is for your contracted monster so a soft leather such as Red Boar or Bloody Horn Bull may be better for it, yes?"

"Well, that's what I'm thinking too, so I figure the one to choose which is more comfortable for them should be Sui herself."

I pulled Sui out of her cloth bag and held her up. "Which bag should I buy for Sui?" I asked her. Sui jumped out of my hands and quickly slid into the bag made from Red Boar leather.

"Sui thinks this one is good-"

"Oh, Lambert-san, sorry."

"No, it's okay, is it the Red Boar bag you want then?"

"Yes, please ... Oh, and I'm looking for a sheath for a knife..." I explained to Lambert-san that I wanted a knife sheath that could be hung on a belt.

"Oh, something like this?" Mr. Lambert showed me a sheath on a belt made of Giant Deer leather. "How about it?" I thought it would suit me nicely.

"How much is it?"

"The buckle is very finely made so it will be six gold coins."

On close inspection the buckle was very well crafted as Lambert-san said. It was kinda pricey but I had money to burn right now so what the hell...

"I'll take it too."

"Thank you for your custom."

I was invited by Lambert-san to look around the rest of the store.

"Ah……" My eye fell on a Sand Snake-skin wallet. Oh, that looks nice. Because this world only uses coins and not paper money, it was a simple palm-sized purse to keep coins in. The scale patterns were even nicer than the ones on the bag. I wanted it...

"Do you like it?" Lambert-san was in salesman mode. "Sand Snake-skin obviously. Since it's smaller than the bag it only costs one gold coin and five silver coins." He held it up to the light, showing it off. "The scales are particularly beautiful."

1 gold coin and 5 silver coins? I'll buy it, I'll buy it. "This too, please."

Looking around the inside of the shop, I saw rows of shoes lined up on the shelves.

"You also sell shoes here?" I didn't think they'd sell shoes.

"Yes, because they're leather goods." Lambert-san seemed puzzled that I thought only shoe shops sold shoes.

I've been wearing a pair of cheap leather shoes I bought at a chain store since I came to this world. They were getting worn out from walking on this world's unpaved roads and mountain trails. I could buy sneakers at the Net Super but anyone looking at them would think they're weird. It would be better for me to have footwear from this world. I decided to purchase ankle boots made from Red Boar leather costing 1 gold coin and 5 silver coins.

Lambert-san added up my purchases on a scrap of paper. "A shoulder bag and a belt with a knife sheath, a wallet, boots... that's 11 gold coins..." he smiled and tore up the tally sheet. "For you it's no charge."

"Huh?" Wait, what?

Lambert-san's face grew serious. "Mudouka-sama saved my life. Besides I heard from Rashu-san, I thought that the meal you made for us was premium meat but I didn't know it was Black Serpent and Rock Bird."

"No, that was just what we always eat." I explained. "Really I'm uncomfortable not paying for such fine items."

"I cannot offer you enough for saving my life so accept these gifts please." Lambert-san's eyes gleamed. "Next time you come to buy from my shop you'll pay dearly, I assure you." he laughed.

I gave in. "Thank you, Lambert-san, in that case I will accept your kind gifts." I'd just saved myself 11 gold coins. Lucky. I should save people's lives more often.

"To change the subject, I'd like to discuss some business propositions with you Mukouda-san...." Lambert-san was suddenly in Merchant mode.

"I understand you only hunted a Black Serpent for its meat?" he asked.

"Well yes but it was Fer who hunted it, not me." I pointed at Fer who was sleeping in the corner.

"Would you be willing to sell that Black Serpent to me directly? "

"Well, the Adventurers Guild..." I explained I had already sold it to them.

"Ah, that's unfortunate." Lambert-san sighed. "For monster materials, basically Merchants buy them mostly through the Adventurers Guild but right now there is a shortage of Black Serpent skin.  Buying directly from Adventurers without going through the Guild is something the Adventurers Guild and my fellows in the Merchant Guild frown upon officially but in practice they turn a blind eye to small amounts of trading of that sort. If Mudouka-sama gets anything I particularly desired such as Black Serpent I'd like to buy it from you directly..."

You're asking me to do something that shady, does that mean that Black Serpent skin is in really short supply?

"Are you really so desperate to get hold of Black Serpent skin?"

"Yes. Goods made from Black Serpent skins are popular despite being expensive, but the amount of skins on the market right now is quite limited." Lambert-san's face clouded over.

This pressure is getting really bothersome.

"Saying that it seems that the Adventurers Guild here recently purchased a Red Serpent, an upper-class variant of the high-ranked Black Serpent." Lambert-san went on. "I've worked with Red Serpent skin several times in the past, that stunning leather, it makes me sigh..." The expression on Lambert-san's face is so revealing.

I'm sorry but I feel a little uncomfortable at seeing the obvious lust on his features.

"However," he went on, "There's no way I can afford that Red Serpent skin even when it did come on the market. I heard that the entire skin was bought by the Marquis of Brauer at a considerably inflated price." He sighed. "You know, I'm somewhat envious of him."

Sorry, Lambert-san but I sold that Red Serpent to the Adventurers Guild too.

"Mukouda-san, if you hunt more Black Serpents please consider selling them to me directly. I'll pay more than the regular price you'd get from the Adventurers Guild." Lambert-san reached out to grasp my hand.

"I understand. If you're okay with it, if we get any Black Serpent I'll bring it here first." I said desperately.

After that was agreed I got the items I had purchased (well, they were actually gifts) and we finally made it out of  Lambert-san's shop before he could get me to agree to any more under-the-counter deals.

Monday, 12 February 2018

Ch 66 Tondemo Skill de Isekai Hourou Meshi

Ch 66 -- The Guild Master's Requests

After I put the sacks full of gold coins into my Item Box we discussed the requests the Guild Master was wanting to offer to us.

"Well, we've got two outstanding high-ranked subjugation requests we'd like to offer you. The first is to subjugate a Metal Lizard and the other is the subjugation of a herd of Bloody Horn Bulls."

OK, I understand what he means by Metal Lizard since we just sold one to the Adventurers Guild but what sort of monster is a Bloody Horn Bull? 'Horns dripping with blood' doesn't sound particularly gentle or meek to me. It's called a 'Bull', does that mean it's something like a cow? 'Blood dripping cow'... that's an ominous name to give to a monster.

"The first request is a Metal Lizard. Its territory is at the foot of Pasquale Mountain, about two days carriage ride from here. It was probably attracted by the minerals located there but we've not been able to survey the area properly so we're not sure." The Guild Master explained. "There are mines near this location but since the Lizard moved in they've been temporarily abandoned as the danger it poses is too great. The mine owners have requested the Metal Lizard subjugation. It is worth 238 gold coins." He shrugged. "I have been asking for this request to be dealt with for some time now. No Adventurers of suitable rank were available or they've been busy with other things. I even tried getting the reward increased but there still have been no takers."

A Metal Lizard shouldn't be a problem for us. Fer didn't have any difficulty dealing with the previous one after all. Fer is Da Man.

"The second request concerns a herd of Bloody Horn Bulls which have moved into the grasslands to the west of the city and settled down there. That area was a common monster hunting ground for lower-ranking Adventurers and losing access to it means a lot of them can't easily fulfil their own requests. They've been pushing for the Guild to do something about the herd but our subjugation request still hasn't been accepted by anyone. The reward for hunting them is 324 gold coins."

According to the Guild master a Bloody Horn Bull is about the size of a wild cow with a temperament to match. As their name suggests they gore anyone who approaches the herd with their horns resulting in a bloodbath. A single Bloody Horn Bull is only a B-rank monster but it usually takes four parties of A and B rank Adventurers to subjugate a herd of them since they are very aggressive and act in unison. Truly, herds of other-world cows that stab people with their horns are scary!

"So can you accept these two requests?" the Guild Master finished. Well, he asked me but it wasn't really for me to decide.

"Hey Fer, you heard all that? What do you think, should we accept both of the requests?"

"Of course. I can do both of them easy." Yeah, I guessed you'd say that. I told the Guild Master we'd accept both requests.

"Wonderful. I'm so pleased." he said.

"Bloody Horn Bull? That meat is delicious. I'll go do that request right away." Fer interjected, drooling. It seemed Fer was keen to get started. So he reckons Bloody Horn Bull meat is delicious, is it? I guess if it looks like a cow then it's probably something like beef. I hope so, Orc meat is really tasty and so is the Rock Bird but it's been a while since I ate any beef.

"Ah, can I ask that you deal with the Metal Lizard first, please?" the Guild Master said.

"Huh..." Fer grumped. Hey, the Guild Master asked nicely.

"Let's do the Metal Lizard request first like the Guild Master wants, hey?" I said. "The Bloody Horn Bull herd is living on the grasslands, they're not going anywhere in a hurry. Better to have some fun later." I teased.

"What sort of fun?" Fer asked, intrigued in spite of himself.

"Grilling Bloody Horn Bull steaks, that sort of fun. Interested?" Fer's head came up.

"Oh, that... ohhh..." Fer's drool was now puddling on the floor of the Guild Master's office.

"That's right, you know I can grill meat just the way you like." I'd have to restock on sauces and seasonings from the Net Super beforehand, of course.

"Fuuu, it sounds delicious..." Heh, Fer's love of steak made him easy to manipulate.

"Ah, the Guild will purchase Bloody Horn Bulls, won't you?" I asked.

"Of course we would." the Guild Master confirmed. "As we agreed the meat from any subjugation requests belongs to Fenrir-sama but Bloody Horn Bull meat is premium grade, very tasty and in great demand. The Guild would be happy to buy half of the meat from you at a good price if that's agreeable."

Half of the herd for the Guild, half for us, that sounds reasonable. I don't know how big the herd is but it's got to be more than just a few individuals. Each one's pretty big too so keeping just half of them, that's a lot of meat.

"Right then." said Fer. "Let's go and deal with that Metal Lizard."

"Hang on," I interrupted as Fer rose to his feet and turned towards the office door. "I know you're in a hurry but if we head out now we won't be back before midnight. The city gates will be closed and we won't be able to get back in." Fer stopped and looked over his shoulder. "Let's wait until tomorrow morning then we're sure to be back before nightfall." I explained.

"Nuu, you think so?"

"Yeah I think so. Guild Master, is it OK if we delay subjugating the Metal Lizard until tomorrow?"

The Guild Master looked surprised. "I suppose it's OK but will it only take you a day to do the job?"

"If it's two days carriage ride to Pasquale Mountain then it'll only take Fer and me a few hours to get there. Subjugating the Metal Lizard shouldn't take very long... Hey Fer, how long does it take you to defeat a Metal Lizard?"

"Hmmph, I can deal with mere reptiles like that no problem."

"So- so that's how it is... Fenrir-sama treats an A-ranked monster like it was a common lizard." The Guild master was amazed. "That confidence simply demonstrates his overwhelming and unfathomable power yet again. Our King was wise to extend a hand of friendship to such a being."

Hey Guild Master you wouldn't say things like that so easily if you had to live with him all the time like I do.

"Right then, we'll head off and subjugate the Metal Lizard first thing in the morning."

"Thanks. Please return to the Guild as soon as you've finished the request." the Guild Master said.

"If you'll excuse us..." We left his office and headed downstairs to the Guild's warehouse. Fer would never forgive me if I forgot to collect the meat waiting for us there. Johan had it all ready and I packed an incredible amount of meat into my Item Box before we left the Guild.

"Hey Fer, we've still got time, do you want to stop by Lambert-san's store?"

"Is it that merchant's place?"

"We've got money now and I'd like to replace Sui's bag." I patted the cloth bag Sui was in.

"It's really dirty-looking." Fer acknowledged.

"Well the bag was second-hand to start with and Sui's been living in it for weeks now. It's worn out and dirty so I've decided she deserves a new bag. Lambert-san told us his shop sells leather goods so we'll take Sui along to check out what he's got and we'll buy her the one she finds most comfortable. Even if it's expensive that won't be a problem." Anything for Sui-chan, I won't compromise. "Oh, Fer, if there's anything you want there just say the word."

"The only thing I want is delicious meals, nothing else matters to me." Fer is remarkably easy to please in some ways.

"So you wouldn't like a nice collar then?"

"Grrrr, I'll bite you if you try and put a collar on me..."

"Don't worry, no way I'd even consider doing something like that. Just kidding." Stop growling at me. Can't you take a joke?

Sunday, 4 February 2018

Ch 65 Tondemo Skill de Isekai Hourou Meshi

Ch 65 -- Over Two Thousand Gold Coins In My Pocket

The next day when we entered the adventurer guild, we were immediately guided to the Guild Master's office by a receptionist. Of course Fer and Sui (inside her bag as usual) were with me.

"First of all, let me give you the C-ranked Guild card I mentioned yesterday." The Guild Master handed me a silver-coloured card which looked different to the G-ranked Guild card I had previously. I thought they'd look the same.

"Well," the Guild Master explained, "the colour changes when there's a big step in rankings, from probationary rank G to rank F for example." The card is this silver colour for all ranks from F to B, but for A and S rank Adventurers the card is a golden colour. A gold card is proof the Adventurer who carries it is an elite. I didn't even know that the color of the card changed at all before it was explained to me.

"Next is the accounting for the items we're purchasing from your good self." the Guild Master went on. "These are high-grade monsters in excellent condition. The Guild will easily find buyers and make a good profit for their parts after dismantling, so we won't charge you for that service." Ah, that's an nice bonus for us.

"I'll start with what you brought to us the day before yesterday." Oh, that would be the Red Serpent and other monsters.

"There are 5 Orc Generals worth 12 gold coins." Other than the meat which we were keeping the Orc General's testicles were the big earners, being one of the ingredients for a strong aphrodisiac.

"Next is three Rock Birds for 24 gold coins." The Rock Bird's materials were the beak and the feathers.

"Next is the Giant Dodo. It had a mana stone, so including that it's worth 33 gold coins." It seems there was a mana stone though it was a B rank monster. Lucky.

"Then there's the Giant Deer. It didn't have a mana stone so it's worth 16 gold coins." No mana stone this time. Ah well, you win some and lose some. The horns and leather skin are the valuable materials this time.

" The A rank Murder Grizzly is worth 87 gold coins." he continued. The fur was in excellent condition as were the liver and the claws. As an A-ranked monster it definitely had a magic stone, larger than usual in fact which boosted the price.

"The A-ranked Black Serpent is worth 88 gold coins." It had been a while since the Guild had a chance to buy Black Serpent so the price was a bit higher than usual. The main materials were the poison sacs, liver, fangs and eyeballs. As an A-rank monster again there was obviously a mana stone and again it was quite big and good quality.

"Lastly the Red Serpent." the Guild Master said. "This is worth 201 gold coins." The Red Serpent is a special variety of Black Serpent. Although it's considered an rank A monster like its counterpart it's stronger than the Black Serpent and it's noticeably more aggressive so it is very difficult to subjugate. It's a monster that only turns up for sale once every few years at the Adventurers Guild.

Like the Black Serpent, the main materials it provided were the poison sacs, liver, fangs and eyeballs plus the skin and its magic stone. The reason it was worth more than than the Black Serpent is that leather goods made with Red Serpent skin are regarded as high-class merchandise and very much in demand. The mana stone was also very large which again raised its value considerably.

"So, the sum of the purchases you brought in earlier is 461 gold coins." The Guild Master looked up from the accounting sheet. "All the meat is in the warehouse, you can collect it when you're ready to leave."

........................ Ah, did you say 461 gold coins? That's a lot more than the last time we sold monsters to the Guild back in Fariel. Fer is the real breadwinner in our little family. Oh well, I'm glad he's working hard because I get to eat well too. The meat he catches is top-quality. Fer can't resist delicious meat after all.

Sui's getting to eat good food too, not just the other-world garbage from my Net Super purchases. I can't say 'no' to cute little Sui after all. I'm helpless. I made a mental note to myself to remember to collect the meat for Fer and Sui from the Guild's warehouse. That's important. I turned my attention back to the Guild Master.

"The rest of the account is payment for the monsters that you brought us yesterday. Happily we found buyers quickly for nearly everything you're selling." The Guild Master had a broad smile on his face. It seemed it was working out to be a very lucrative deal for the Guild.

As Johan-ojisan had said yesterday, nearly every monster in the second batch was A rank or S rank. It seems that few high-ranked monsters are available on the markets so there is a pent-up demand for them when they do turn up.

"Let's go over the explanation of the breakdown of what we brought in addition. First of all, 4 Ogres worth 160 gold coins." Ogre meat is inedible (or so Fer says) but the valuable materials are the horns and skin. The horns are used for various medicines and they sell for a high price. Ogre skin is popular as a basis for leather armor because of its high defensive properties. Unfortunately there were not any mana stones in these four monsters since they were all B ranked.

"The S-ranked Blue Ogre is worth 432 gold coins." A Blue Ogre is a special variant of Ogre as Johan explained yesterday. Again the horns are prized as ingredients for a secret medicine but I don't know the details. The skin will become super-high-class leather armor with both physical and magical defensive power. There was also a mana stone and as expected of an S-rank monster it was very large and of high quality. I was kinda surprised that an ugly brute like this was worth so much even if it was S-ranked.

"Continuing, the Orc King is worth 168 gold coins." Orc King is an A-ranked monster. The meat is apparently super high-class. The Guild Master tried to persuade me to sell them the whole carcass for a good price but I refused politely. Sorry, I can't sell the meat. The important materials other than meat seems to be the testicles, the skin and a magic stone.

It seems that a pregnancy is guaranteed by aphrodisiacs which use an Orc King's testicle as an ingredient. For royalty and aristocrats troubled because of a lack of offspring to succeed them they will pay anything for such items. The skin makes leather armor providing strong physical defense and also sells well. The mana stone was also very big and high quality.

"Next is the Metal Lizard, worth 169 gold coins." the meat of an A-ranked Metal Lizard is poisonous and can't be eaten. The material it provided was its skin, its teeth and a mana stone since it's A-ranked. Its mana stone was again large and high-quality. Although the skin looks like steel, it is actually light and flexible and reputedly it's the best material available for protection against physical attacks. It's especially popular with elite Adventurers, those of A rank and S rank. Metal Lizard teeth will be used to make arrowheads for archers. It seems that such arrowheads have increased penetrating power.

"Next is the S-ranked Lake Shark. This is worth 468 gold coins." The meat smells terrible and can't be eaten, like the Metal Lizard's. The materials it provides are skin, teeth and a mana stone. In this case Johan had only retrieved the mana stone without further disassembling it. The Guild Master smiled. He explained there has already been a lot of offers by various nobles who wanted to buy the complete Lake Shark carcass to preserve it as a trophy.

I suppose if most times a Lake Shark is available to buy it's because of a drought and its lake has dried up, it's got to be quite rare hasn't it? The mana stone is again very large, typical of an S-ranked monster.

"The rest are goblins and since there was a small mana stone in the Goblin King that's 18 gold coins. There's no other materials to be purchased from them though. We will add a separate subjugation fee though." Even the higher-ranked goblins aren't worth much -- a Goblin King is B-rank, a Goblin General is C-rank, a Goblin Mage is D-rank, a Goblin Soldier is F-rank and lesser goblins are, as I was told earlier when I took the original subjugation request ranked G. It seems there are some other higher-ranked goblins like Goblin Knights and Goblin Assassins, both ranked E.

"So," the Guild Master shuffled the papers on his desk, "this second group of monsters is worth a total of 1415 gold coins. Add to that a subjugation fee of 70 gold coins for dealing with the goblin village and the 461 gold coins for the first group of monsters, that makes a total of 1946 gold coins." He bent down and lifted seven heavy sacks from the floor beside his chair and deposited them on his desk with seven heavy thuds.

"Since large gold coins and platinum coins aren't convenient for everyday use, we issue gold coins to Adventurers when we make payments. Is that all right in your case?"

I was stunned. Those bags I was staring at couldn't all be full of gold coins, could they?

"Are you all right?" The Guild Master asked concernedly.

"Is that-- is that really 1946 g-gold coins?"

"Yes. There are 300 gold coins in each sack except for the last one, that's half full with 146 gold coins. Do you want to count them?"

I shook my head violently. "I don't need to, I trust you, Guild Master. I'm just surprised at the amount..." I never thought there would be so much.

"You should know," the Guild master continued, "that amount, 1946 gold coins, is the most we've ever paid out for purchases since the founding of this Guild."

 Oh, is that so? Then again, how many guys like me turn up on your doorstep with such a big lot of monsters to sell? I felt sorry for having done so somehow but they had just accumulated in my Item Box almost by accident. I wasn't really hard up for money either, I just needed the meat. I already had a lot of gold coins from my first sale of monsters back in Fariel and I got a good reward for capturing the bandits. Adding it all up I've got well over 2000 gold coins now. Over 2000 gold coins in my pocket. That's like carrying 200 million yen around in cash. I've never had that sort of money before.

And it's not even my money, not really. I didn't do anything to earn most of it, Fer did nearly all of the monster-hunting while I sat back.  Well OK, a lot of the monsters were the result of me feeding Fer food from the Net Super and revving him up so he rushed off to hunt and burn off some excess energy. The Lake Shark was beaten by Fer's magic too. Heck, most of the lower-ranked goblins at the village were killed by Sui, not me while we were totally safe behind a Barrier Fer had created for us.

Ah well, it only goes to show that Fer is really amazing. It seems that I'm stuck with a certain gluttonous character for a long time to come.

Friday, 2 February 2018

Ch 64 Tondemo Skill de Isekai Hourou Meshi

Ch 64 -- My Personal Cooking Style, Quick and Dirty

So, time to make dinner. The problem is, what? I've only got Rock Bird meat right now so it will have to be something in the chicken line.

Recipes, hmmm I'll go with an old favourite of mine, Szechaun chicken in spicy sauce. Fer will complain if that's all there is so I'll do some stir-fry as well, fried chicken and green peppers. I don't hate peppers like some people do, I like the sharp taste they have. I'll tweak the amounts so there's more meat than normal to keep Fer happy.

First up, shopping at the Net Super. Let's see, tomatoes, cucumber, green peppers and some red and yellow peppers too. They add colour to the dish. I put in my order, not forgetting to buy the most important side-dish, premium beer. I deserved some beer to toast the successful solving of my Guild ranking problem.

Excellent, now to get started with the Szechuan chicken. First I boiled Rock Bird breast in wine and salted water. While the meat was cooling down I sliced the tomatoes and cut the cucumbers into thin strips. I shredded the meat with my fingers then laid lots of it down on a bed of tomato slices and cucumber strips topped off with sesame seed dressing. I cut back on the spiciness since I expected a certain someone to complain otherwise but a simple sesame seed dressing should be fine. I like it anyway... If you want it hotter you can add chili oil with the sesame seed dressing.

On to the stir-fry, chicken with green peppers. I prodded some Rock Bird meat with a fork to open it up a bit then cut it into bite-sized pieces before marinating it in a ziploc bag with soy sauce and sake. I chopped up the peppers to size while the meat absorbed the flavourings.

Once the meat was properly scorched both sides in a hot oiled pan I took it off the heat and added the peppers. Once they softened I added the seasoning, some oyster sauce from a tube then fired it up again and started tossing the contents in the pan until it was ready.

I use a lot of oyster sauce for soups as well as stir-fry and I always keep some on hand. The tubes of ready-made sauce are really convenient and I've been buying them ever since they started appearing on the shop shelves.

I turned out the chicken and green peppers stir-fry onto a dish.

"It's ready," I announced to the waiting audience behind me.

"It's not just meat, is it?" Fer sniffed suspiciously.

"Let's eat it, it's delicious-"

"What's th-... *chomp*... *chomp**chomp**chomp*..." Fer settled down to some serious eating.

Sui's telepathic declaration that "It's delicious, Aruji-" was enough proof for me that the dish was a success. Sui's so cute...

I started on my own helping of Szechaun chicken and green pepper chicken stir-fry accompanied by a beer. The beer was first, of course.

"Psssh," the can foamed a little as I opened it. "Glug glug glug..." as it went down my throat.

"Fuuu, a beer is just the right thing right now." I filled my mouth with Szechaun chicken. Munch munch, yep it's delicious as Sui said. The sesame seed topping has a refreshing taste. I followed it with another mouthful of beer. Nice. Next, some stir-fried chicken, well stir-fried Rock Bird and green peppers which have a nice crisp texture as I expected. The seasonings worked really well and they're so simple, I just add them to the cooking. All praise to the Japanese food industry! I toasted them with another mouthful of beer. It's delicious.

Oh, I forgot to cook rice but I suppose bread will do in a pinch. Lessee, can I put the Szechuan chicken between two slices of bread? Hmmm, munch.  "Oh, that works fine." I worried that the bread would get soggy from the tomatoes but if I eat it quick there's no problem. Hurry hurry... and some more premium beer. My enjoyment of my Szechaun chicken and stir-fry and green peppers and premium beer combo was interrupted by a loud voice.

"Hey, seconds here."

"Sui too-"

Yeah yeah. I've gotten used to their gluttonous demands but I wasn't going to be rushed so I continued enjoying my dinner and my beer while I made seconds for Fer and Sui.

"So? Was it good?" I enquired afterwards.

"It was so-so." grumped Fer. It couldn't have been that bad really, he finished off everything I put in front of him.

"Sui thinks it was delicious-" Ahhh, Sui's so honest. And cute.

"Well, I should get a lot more meat tomorrow so I'll grill some Orc King steak next time."

"If you're grilling steak do it like you usually do." Yeah yeah. Fer really likes steak, especially with soy sauce. Me I'd prefer to cook some curry instead but doing it in an inn, the smell is a bit strong... I guess it'll be a while before I can eat curry again. While I was daydreaming about curry I noticed Fer was stretching and yawning. Eating so much had made him sleepy.

"Move over and I'll put down a futon for you." I ordered, poking him in the side.

"Yeah, do that." Fer settled down as soon as I had laid down a futon in his stall.

"Right, we're going back to our room." Fer wagged his tail in reply, his eyes already closed. He was totally out of it. Shall we go back to our room then, Sui-chan?

Tuesday, 30 January 2018

Ch 63 Tondemo Skill de Isekai Hourou Meshi

Ch 63 -- Refusing To Accept What I Show Them

Hey, Johan, are you around?" Apparently the tough old ojisan with the bald head from yesterday is named Johan.

"What brings you here, Guild Master? Yesterday you said..."

"Johan, I'm sorry to ask you to do this but could you close the door and make sure no-one else comes in? I don't want anyone else finding out about this."

Responding to the serious tone of the Guild Master's words Johan didn't hesitate and immediately closed the warehouse door.

"Right, this is fine." I said. "I'll get everything out now." The Guild Master had said he wanted to see everything I wanted to sell so I started pulling stored monsters out of my Item Box. First out were the Orthros and Chimaera which I had planned to keep there forever. Next was the Blue Ogre and four regular Ogres, the Orc King, the Metal Lizard and the Lake Shark. Today's haul from the goblin village massacre followed, a Goblin King, three Goblin Generals, two Goblin Mages and seven Goblin Soldiers aaaand... I felt around in the Box. No more monsters.

"That's the lot." I finished. The Guild Master and old man Johan were stunned.

The Guild Master finally unfroze. "...Ah, forgive me but... it's just amazing to see..." Pardon me, but you did want me to get everything out so I did.

Johan came back to life, his eyes remaining fixed on the monsters on display before him. "Guild Master... for me, this is the first time in my life I have ever seen Chimaera and Orthros..."

It's too late now but perhaps I shouldn't have brought them out...?

"Myself," the Guild Master replied, "I once saw an Orthros subjugated nearly forty years ago. Back then I remember it took three Adventurer parties, all of whom were rank A and rank S."

Three parties of entirely rank A and rank S Adventurers... that just shows how strong Fer is now, I suppose although right now that supposedly invincible Fenris was lying on the floor and yawning.

The Guild Master got down to business. "We can't purchase the Chimaera or the Orthros from you, the Guild simply doesn't have that much money. Even the Blue Ogre, Orc King, Metal Lizard and Lake Shark will be a big problem for us to pay for but the Chimaera and the Orthrus, I'm afraid..." he shook his head.

So they can't take them off my hands? Oh well, I had originally planned to just keep them tucked away forever anyway so it can't be helped.

"Well, please purchase the rest then." The rejected Chimaera and Orthros went back in my Item Box. Sleep well.

"To think I'll get to disassemble a Blue Ogre with my own hands..." Johan's eyes sparkled with the lust of a true craftsman. I listened closely as he eagerly explained that a Blue Ogre was a special variant of Ogre, several times stronger and usually rated as an S-ranked monster. I looked down at the animated rug sprawled at my feet. Fer, you hunted something like this for the fun of it? That's terrifying, kiddo.

I asked him about the other monsters the Guild Master had made a fuss about earlier.

 Johan-ojisan went on to explain that the Orc King rates about rank A by itself but since it's a King monster it's usually surrounded by hundreds of regular Orc followers so that makes it a class S opponent in reality.

A Metal Lizard is a monster of rank A but physically attacking it directly is pretty much useless since its skin is as hard as steel. Normally to subdue such a monster Adventurers would trap it in a pit and cast fire spells or drown it in water. However to succeed in doing something like that a considerable number of wizards would be needed as support so a Metal Lizard rarely appears on the market unless it is the result of an emergency subjugation request.

The Lake Shark is even rarer, ranked S but incredibly difficult to subdue since it can swim around freely in its lake to avoid attacks. Mostly it seems Lake Sharks are only seen when a drought dries up the waters they live in.

Fer, you really defeated all these monsters like it was nothing? Truly terrifying... The animated rug was snoring now.

"You caught the Goblin King, Mages, Generals and Soldiers today?" the Guild Master inquired.

"Yes, we, ah, ran into a goblin village earlier."

"Ah, so there was a village?" He explained the Guild had noted an increase in the number of goblins in the eastern forest and they had planned to investigate whether there was perhaps a goblin village there.

"There's a reward due to you for subjugating the goblin village, you know." Eh, a reward? That's good to hear. Fer forced me to into attacking the village but if we get paid for destroying it then that makes up for it, a bit anyway. Lucky!

"Dealing with the goblin village single-handed truly demonstrates Fenrir-sama's incredible fighting power. Of course he has already proven his capabilities by subduing the Chimaera and Orthros so it's not too surprising."

Hearing the Guild Master's words Sui suddenly trembled in her bag and protested to me telepathically.

"It wasn't just Fer-ojichan, Sui pew-pewed a lot of the green guys dead-!" she complained.

I comforted Sui and reassured her with a "Of course Sui killed a lot of goblins. Sui's amazing!" before I explained what had happened to the Guild Master.

"Fer dealt with the top goblin monsters but Sui and I killed all the ordinary goblins." I ducked my head a bit. "Although to be truthful I only managed to kill a few of them."

"Ah, I hadn't realised that. So your Slime is really that strong, is it?" Absolutely, Sui is really strong and she can make recovery medicines too. She can do so much.

"Guild Master?" Johan interrupted. "This young feller here already gave me a bunch of disassembling to get through to deliver to him tomorrow. If I push on and work really hard I think I can get the rest of these done too by then." He grinned. "Say the word and I'll show you what a craftsman with this sort of a challenge facing him can achieve." Johan's impatience to start disassembling the monsters piled up in front of him was clear.

Please work hard disassembling, Johan-ojisan. Oh, and remember to save the edible meat for me.

"Well now that's agreed will you come back tomorrow? We'll have your C-ranked Guild card ready by then and of course I can explain the high-ranking requests to you then."

"That sounds okay. I'll return tomorrow." It looked like our worries about the King and the nobles in this country were at an end, but now we have a high-ranking request to deal with. Well, it's actually Fer who'll be handling the request of course but I'm sure he'll do his best.

"Hoi, I'm hungry." The animated rug had woken up. Yeah yeah. "Remember our agreement?" What agreement was that?

"We'll only stay here in this city if you supply me with delicious meals." Fer reminded me. Oh, that agreement.

"You remember now. Good. Hurry up and make me a delicious meal." Yeah yeah. Let's go back to the inn then.