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Ch 87 Tondemo Skill de Isekai Hourou Meshi

Ch 87 -- Wyvern Attack part 2

There was a group of Guild staff members clustered near the reception desk. "Move aside, move aside!" the voice of the Guild Master separated the group. The figure of a blood-stained man lay on the floor in their midst. From the games I had played I remembered that Wyverns had a poisonous barb on their tail. The man seemed to have been stabbed in the abdomen with that sort of stinger. Blood was flowing from the wound and the skin around the hole was a horrible purple colour.

The Guild Master opened the bottle of Sui's Deluxe High-grade Potion I had given him and sprinkled it on the man's belly wound. The hole where the potion was sprinkled healed up as we watched and even the surrounding skin which had been purple returned to a normal skin color in a few moments.

"Wha, what's this... as soon as the wound heals, even the poisons are counteracted..." the Guild Master said, looking at me. No, I do not want you to look at me. I stared at the Guild Master, feigning ignorance. Don't ask questions, not here where there are so many nosy Adventurers around.

"Well, well, this fellow seems to be healing up. Take him to the aid room and put him in a bed to rest." The Guild Master instructed then called "Listen up!" to the gathered Adventurers.

"Right, as you people know," he loudly announced, "A pack of Wyverns have appeared. All C-rank Adventurers and higher are now conscripted to fight them, no exceptions. This is an urgent quest order from the guild!" On hearing the words of the Guild Master the Adventurers present started muttering to themselves dispiritedly.

"Quiet!" the Guild Master thundered. "I know that the idea of fighting Wyverns worries you, but if you don't fight them now they'll come and attack the town!" His voice softened. "It's what it means to be Adventurers, to fight for others. As Adventurers, let's go and save this town! "

Loud cheers greeted his words, the Adventurers excited by his call to arms. However my mind was still stuck on what he had said earlier, that all C-ranked Adventurers had to go fight the Wyverns? I'm a C-rank, aren't I?

"Wait, you lot." Fer said, having stayed silent until now. Fer's voice over-rode the loud voices filling the Adventurers Guild. Whispers started as they stared at Fer. "It's a Fenrir...?" "You sure, I though it was a Great Wolf?" and so on.

"Let us take care of that pack of Wyverns for you guys." What? What are you talking about, Fer?

"What's the problem?" Fer turned to me. "It will be good exercise for me, and I told you Wyvern's meat is delicious, remember?"

"No no, you didn't tell me." I lied desperately.

Fer turned to the Guild Master. "Hey you, when we deal with the Wyverns will they all belong to us?"

"Of course, of course," the Guild Master said in a relieved voice. "Wyverns that are subjugated belong to the ones who succeed in the task. Besides, if you subdue them we will pay you a subjugation fee too."

"Well in that case I'll go and take care of them right away. It's been a while since I could go all out in a fight." Fer was eager to get started but I wanted him to slow down. If I could have a quiet word before we go haring off...

"Hold on a minute and calm down, Fer." I said telepathically. "It's not for you to deal with these Wyverns, the people here will handle them. Just step back and let them do their jobs."

"Nu..." Fer whined. Whined?

"Are you going to fight, Aruji? Sui will fight too!-" Sui said telepathically as she poked herself out of the bag,

I heard more whispers from the Adventurers, "That, that Slime?" "Can you really have a Slime as a contracted beast?" and so forth.

"Morons. Sui is a Slime, true but if any of you tried to hurt her I'd destroy you all." When Fer spoke, the room went deathly quiet. Hey Fer, I know you're only trying to protect Sui and they all know you're a Fenrir now but maybe that's a bit over the top? Haa~, I suppose it's some kind of miracle that we've kept Fer's identity a secret as long as this. Well, saying that we've still got the letter from the royal palace promising us we won't be bothered. That should keep us out of trouble...

"Fer-sama, please save this town with your power." Saying that the Guild Master bowed to Fer.

"Yeah, I got it." Fer replied, nodding in agreement.

"Thank you Mukouda-san, too." Huh? Guild Master, are you not going to let me refuse? It was an official request now...

The Guild Master turned to the Adventurers in the room. "Let me make this clear to all of you. Do not bother or harrass Fer-sama and Mukouda-san. This country's rulers have proclaimed they are to be left alone, to go where they will and do as they will as long as they wish to stay here. That being the case the Adventurers Guild will offer them any assistance they require." He fixed them with a steely glare. "Understand?" The resulting silence was agreement of a sort. Well, the Guild Master certainly made things clear, didn't he?

"Hey, get on." said Fer.


"We're going to deal with those Wyverns." Fer said exasperatedly.

"No, no, just go by yourself, I'll be waiting here." I countered feebly.

"Idiot. After my exercise I'm gonna be hungry. If you're not around who's gonna cook dinner for me?" What, you want me to go into a danger zone where Wyverns are flying around just so you can eat a hot meal afterwards? "Right then, get on quick."

"Mukouda-san, the entire town is in danger. Please help us." Hey, Guild Master, are you going to sacrifice me too?

"Hurry it up." Fer was getting impatient and grabbed my collar with his teeth. "Whoops-" I fell onto Fer's back as he swung his head.

Hold on tight or you'll be shaken off." Fer warned me.

"Damn, why is it turning out like this-" I wailed silently, clinging to Fer's back for dear life. As we headed for the door I heard some Adventurers mutter things like, "We're saved" and "a pack of Wyverns, even if we were all C-rank, half of us would be killed." and such. Wyverns, are they really that dangerous?

"Well, let's go." said Fer as he dashed towards the gate leading to the western grasslands. Why is this happening to meeeeee--- !!!

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Ch 86 Tondemo Skill de Isekai Hourou Meshi

Ch 86 -- Wyvern Attack part 1

The next morning I went to Lambert-san's shop to deliver the soap, shampoo and hair wraps for sale on a trial basis. As soon as I entered the store Mary-san appeared.

"Mukouda-sama, I have been waiting for you." she said, obviously ready to get started selling.

"I've made up 30 sets of each item to start with, so where do you want me to put them?"

"Can you do put them here?" She pointed to some empty shelves in a corner of Lambert-san's shop. Ah, you already have a sales floor arranged. That was quick.

"I asked my husband to set up an area for sales quickly because I talked about the items to my friends yesterday. I think some people are going to buy some right away." Getting the word out already?

I put the goods on the shelf leaving Mary-san to arrange them nicely. "Yes, this is excellent," Mary-san said, looking at the items. "Now what should go where..."

I was led by an assistant into the back room where Lambert-san was waiting to receive me.

"Mukouda-sama, Thank you for the quick delivery." he said, quickly getting down to business. "As agreed here are 84 gold coins as payment for the goods. Please check." As with the payment for the Black Serpent's skin, he had prepared stacks of 10 gold coins in a row.

"That is correct." I agreed. I had intended to put the coins in my Sand Snake wallet but the money I had received for the Black Serpent skin earlier was still in there, filling it up. I ended up putting the gold coins in a spare cloth bag I had bought for soap.

Having concluded our business Lambert-san went into the store where Mary-san was already dealing with one of her lady-friend customers. Lambert-san and I were surprised at this development.

"I can't even begin to understand how women's gossip can spread so quickly." Lambert-san mused.

"Me too." I commiserated with him. We had told Mary-san to advertise these goods to her friends, but we had no idea there would be customers turning up so soon.

"Please give my best regards to Mary-san. If there are any issues, I will come quickly if you send a message to the inn." Saying that I thanked Lambert-san again and left the store. I wondered what to do while walking down the street. I had been super-busy for so long it was kinda strange to have some free time.

"I'm kinda bored... I don't have anything I need to do right now." I said.

"Well, then let's go hunt." Fer said, perking up.

"Well, it's not something I want to do myself but I suppose so.  I just don't want to go anywhere unpleasant though."

"What do you consider unpleasant?" Fer inquired.

"That goblin village for example." I shuddered. All those green bodies... I had horrific flashbacks of the scenes at the goblin village.

"You're crazy to be so afraid of small fry like goblins." Fer dismissed my fears carelessly.

"Be quiet. It's because of you, Fer that I've got a phobia about goblins." And kobolds, and...

"Fuu, my esteemed lord and master is a coward, is that it?" Fer sneered.

"Hey, I'm not a coward...." I burst out. "It's just that I'm careful, can't you understand that? Anyway, maybe it'd be nice to go hunting but I'd like to understand the risks first, OK?"

"Of course, of course." Fer said sarcastically. Don't snigger Fer, it's not becoming of a level-1000 monster that can destroy a country. Safety first, though, safety always.

"Right then," I decided. "Let's go to the Adventurers Guild and see if there are any subjugation jobs worth accepting." We headed for the Adventurers Guild.

◇ ◇ ◇ ◇ ◇

One of the staff members spoke to me as soon as I entered the Adventurers Guild.

"Mukouda-sama, I was instructed to take you to the Guild Master's office as soon as you arrived. Please follow me." He led me to the office and knocked politely on the door before opening it and announcing me.

"Guild Master, Mukouda-sama is here."

"Oh good, please come in." The Guild Master said.

The Guild Master was seated at his desk writing something on a document. "I'll be finished in a moment, please sit down."

As soon as I took a chair opposite the Guild Master he finished writing and got down to business.

"Firstly, thank you for dealing that Bloody Horn Bull subjugation so quickly." he said.

"It's OK, Fer wanted to eat Bloody Horn Bull meat so he wasn't going to waste time." I explained.

"I see, we're still grateful it was done promptly." He glanced down at Fer who was sprawled on the floor beside my chair.

"So then, I have finally finished my discussions with Earl Langridge. He is very grateful to you for discovering the mithril mine on his lands. Although the Earl wanted to thank you personally I told him that you wished to stay anonymous because you didn't want to stand out too much. He was quite persistent but I showed him the message from the royal palace that ordered that you were not be bothered or inconvenienced even by the nobles and that settled things. He was surprised that it involved the contracted beast Fenrir rumoured to be in the country, however he still insisted I pass on his warmest regards to you."

That means Earl Langridge wasn't going to bother me. Good.

"So, as to the reward," the Guild Master continued. " Earl Langridge has been very generous. The total sum for the suppression of the Mithril Lizard, the discovery of the mithril mine and the purchase of the Mithril Lizard itself is," he paused dramatically, "5800 gold coins."
F- five Th- thousand Ei- eight hundred gold coins? That's weird. I thought I heard him say "5800 gold coins" but did my ears deceive me? "Excuse me, did you just say 5800 gold coins?"

"Yes, that's correct, 5800 gold coins." he said smugly, enjoying my reaction.

............ gold coins, 5800 gold coins... 5800 gold coins, 5800 gold coins, 5800 gold coins... was there an echo in this room?

"Your surprise is understandable but what you achieved is worth every coin." The Guild Master reassured me. I didn't do it, Fer did it, I thought to myself.

"Because it's such a large amount, we will have to pay in large gold coins." Thump, thump, the Guild Master put several heavy cloth bags on the table. When I looked inside they were full of large gold coins. The regular gold coin is about 500 yen in size, but the large gold coin is as big as 1.5 gold coins as its name suggests.

I do not care who actually earned this, but I am going to buy a bath. I want a bath. I put the cloth bags containing the large gold coins in my Item Box. Just as I put away the last one someone banged loudly on the Guild Master's door.

"Guild Master! There's an emergency! W- W Wyverns!" One of the Guild's staff members shouted as they burst into the room.

"Wyverns? Do you mean there's a pack of Wyverns here?" From the way the Guild Master reacted it seemed quite a dangerous situation.

"A- a six-person party of beginner adventurers had gone to the western grasslands after they were re-opened for training  and it seems that Wyverns have suddenly appeared there too... the beginners managed to get away somehow." The official caught his breath. "However, two of them are seriously injured. One of them is being treated and will live but the other is badly scratched and suffering from being poisoned by the Wyverns..."

"We'd heard rumours about sightings of a single stray Wyvern, was it carrying out a reconnaissance?" The Guild Master said. "They probably came to the grasslands planning to hunt the Bloody Horn Bulls but since they had been subjugated the Wyverns went after the adventurers instead. Damn it!"

Oh? Maybe it would have been better to leave the Bloody Horn Bulls alone? However they've already been subjugated so it's pointless to speculate. More importantly, from what he said it seems that Wyverns were poisonous in some way...

"What's wrong with the poison antidote?" the Guild Master asked.

"Well, unfortunately we don't have any at the moment." the Guild official admitted.

The Guild Master swore. "A high-grade potion then? If you use a high-grade potion it won't eliminate the poison but it will give us time to get hold of some poison antidote."

"Yes, that would work but... we've got plenty of intermediate grade potion in stock but we're all out of high-grade potions too."

The Guild Master banged on the table. "Why have we run out of poison antidotes and high-grade potions right when we need them?"

"Sorry, sorry..." the Guild official apologised.

"Go ahead and use an intermediate potion anyway, it might help a bit." The Guild master ordered.

Potion?... Ah! "Wait, I have a high-grade potion you can use." I took out a bottle containing some of Sui's Deluxe High-Grade Potion. Thankfully I had put it in a bottle I had bought in a grocery store, decanting it from the PET bottle it had been in before. Actually I had five of Sui's Deluxe High-Grade Potions, ten intermediate potions and ten lower-grade potions in total, all in locally-bought bottles ready for use. Safety first, remember?

The Guild Master stared at the bottle I passed to him. "You're a remarkable man, to own such a high-grade potion... I'm sorry, I will pay you any price you ask for this." The Guild Master ran from the room carrying the bottle of Sui's Deluxe High-Grade Potion, followed by the Guild official who had interrupted us. Fer and I tagged along since there was no-one else left there.

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Ch 85 Tondemo Skill de Isekai Hourou Meshi

Ch 85  -- Sweet and Sour Chinese Miso Stir-fry with Eggplant

I bought cloth bags and bottles at a general store before I returned to the inn to start fulfilling Lambert-san's wholesale order for delivery the next day.

Once I got back to my room I opened Net Super and started buying soap, 10 packs of 3 cheap soap bars and 10 packs of 3 rose-scented soap bars. After that I bought 10 large refills of rinse-in shampoo, 10 large refills of regular shampoo and 10 large refills of conditioner. Each refill pack would fill three of the glass bottles I had bought from the store. I also bought hair wraps. Each pack of hair wraps would fill two jars so I bought 15 packs. I had to buy 30 jars from the Net Super to put the hair wraps in.

I put all of the items in my Net Super cart and clicked on "Buy". The total came to about 30 gold coins. Once I had fed the required coins into the Net Super screen a large cardboard box appeared in front of me.

I started with the cheap soaps, removing each bar from its other-world packaging and putting it in a cloth bag, 30 pieces in all. I did the same with the rose-scented soap. After that came the rinse-in shampoo, decanting each refill pack into three of the glass bottles I had bought from the local store before corking each one. That made 30 bottles of rinse-in shampoo. I did the same with the shampoo and conditioner refills.

"Fuuu, thank goodness that's finished." I muttered, looking at the 90 bottles and 60 cloth bags lined up in front of me. I looked in the box again and noticed there was still more items left. "Oh, there's still the hair wraps to do." I opened the packs and put four hair wraps in each of the 30 glass jars I had purchased from the Net Super.

"Well, I finally finished." I sat back, relieved. "The smell of soap and shampoo though, it makes me want to take a real bath, not just wipe myself down like I've been doing since I got here." When we got paid for the Mithril Lizard's subjugation I was going to buy a bathtub and have a proper Japanese soak.

Looking out of the window, I saw it was began to get dark. "Is it that time already?" Dinner, I decided. I picked up Sui's bag and headed down to the beast stables.

* * * * *

I was in the mood for a feast. I decided to start off with ground meat, an easy and tasty dish. Going to Net Super I bought tubes of the sweet-and-sour Chinese miso that I've used before, that's what I needed for Chinese-style sweet and sour stir-fried ground meat. Oh, and eggplant too.

I cut up the eggplants about 2cm square in their skins then fried them in a pan until well-done. I added the minced meat (three parts Bloody Horn Bull beef and seven parts Orc General pork) and kept frying until it browned nicely. Cooking for Fer and Sui I added lots of ground meat. I put sweet-and-sour Chinese miso in a small amount of water and mixed it thoroughly then added potato starch to thicken it before adding it to the contents of the frying pan.

Really tasty. I served up Fer and Sui's portions over rice because it's especially delicious when you eat it that way.

"Here you are." I put the bowls out.

"Well, that smells good," said Fer, drooling.

"It really does -" Sui-chan agreed. The two of them started to eat.

"It's delicious when it's sticky like this..." Fer mumbled.

"Yes Yes-" Sui agreed. The potato starch makes the sauce thicker, you see.

Watching them gobble down the sweet and sour stir-fry I'd made I realised it wasn't going to be enough for those two. What else... hmmm, I had some cheese-filled chicken cutlets ready in my Item Box.

"Still hungry? Here, eat this." I passed over some chicken cutlets.

"Oh, it's the tasty food with white stuff in the middle. Sui likes the white stuff-" Sui seems to like cheese, doesn't she? I decided I'd cook more dishes using cheese when I got the time.

"Seconds." ordered Fer as he finished his stir-fried sweet-and-sour Chinese miso ground meat over rice.

"Sui also wants more-." Oh, Sui-chan, too? I fed them some more cheese-filled chicken cutlets while I made another two servings of sweet spicy Chinese miso stir-fried ground meat rice bowl.

"They're ready." I said, handing over the the freshly-cooked stir-fry. While they were eating that I made some more Chinese sweet-and-sour miso stir-fry just for myself, cutting back on the amount of meat to just a cup-full.

I took a mouthful... the fried meat with sweet and sour sauce plus the eggplant made a delicious combination.

"Seconds here." Fer ordered. Shouldn't that be thirds? Whatever. Okay then, I pulled out some more cheese-filled chicken cutlets from my Item Box.

"Sui wants to eat something different this time, the ground-up fried meat filled with white stuff-"

"That's hamburger with cheese in. Is Sui wanting to eat that?"

"Yup. It's delicious, full of white stuff-" Sui really likes cheese.

"Well, just a little." I fried up some cheese-filled hamburger for her.

"Thanks, Aruji-" Sui-chan is definitely cute. Of course when Fer smelled the cheese-filled hamburger I cooked for her he wanted some too so I had to do it all over again and then when I smelled it myself... I made mine with ketchup, mixing it in the frying pan with the juices from the hamburger then I took a bite. Cheese-filled hamburger truly is Justice! Gulp.

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Ch 84 Tondemo Skill de Isekai Hourou Meshi

Ch 84 -- How 3 pieces of soap worth one copper coin was converted into 4 silver coins

I sat down with Lambert-san and Mary-san in the drawing room at the back of the store. It seemed that Mary-san was determined to be part of the discussion.

I listened as Lambert-san made it clear he wasn't going give in completely to his wife's wishes. He had decided he would give her a small area on the main shop, about two tatami mats in extent for her sales floor.

"I think that it should be larger, my esteemed husband doesn't understand it's the only place in town these goods will be on sale..." Mary-san says sorrowfully. However I understand Lambert-san's thinking. They are new products, totally different to the leather goods his store has been selling until now. It's a good idea to start small and see how they sell.

"Well, if the sales area is going to be so small does that mean you should limit the goods you sell too?" I suggested. I said that perhaps it would be better to agree to sell just three different things at first. I listed the possibilities -- two kinds of soap, the rinse-in shampoo, the shampoo plus conditioner and the hair wraps. What did they think would be the best ones to offer for sale, at least to start with?

"No, we shouldn't limit the number of items. We should sell all of them. " Mary-san leaned forward, speaking emphatically. "Don't you think so, dear?"

Pressured by Mary-san, Lambert-san could only reply "Ummm."

"Mukouda-san's goods are a woman's dream come true. I can't think of any woman who wouldn't want them." Mary-san said confidently, like a lady who is sure of her facts. "I've actually used them myself. I will promote them to my friends although when they see how I look they're going to ask me straight away how my hair achieved this smoothness and lustre, ho ho ho." Saying that, Mary-san stroked her hair again and again. Yeah yeah, I know, your hair is wonderful.

"That's why I believe that I should sell this soap for 4 silver coins." Mary-san said, pointing to the cheapest soap.

Huh? Mary-san, three pieces only cost me one copper coin, I thought to myself.

"Mary, is that not too expensive?" Lambert-san asked.

"You think so? I tried washing my hands with this soap. It foams up well and I think that smell is good if not so good as the scented soap I used in the bath." Mary-san tapped the package with the cheap soap on the table. "Recall the sort of soap we have used until now, dear. Even though it doesn't foam and its smell was unpleasant, it still cost three silver coins. "

"Oh, is that so?" I said, amazed.

"That's right. Considering how much better it is, I think that this product can sell for four silver coins. Really I think it's cheap at that price."

"Well, I suppose so..." Lambert-san was being completely overwhelmed by Mary-san's enthusiasm but he hesitated. "Of course, the price we sell for will depend on the price Mukouda-san will wholesale it to us. What are your thoughts on the subject, Mukouda-san?"

Huh? You're asking me? The wholesale price is up to me? Well I don't really know about that kind of thing but maybe 50% of the selling price is about right?

"Well, how about 2 silver coins?" I asked tentatively.

Lambert-san was surprised at my offer. "No no no, you mustn't give us preferential treatment. How about two silver coins and five copper coins? That's a wholesale price which is still very favorable to us."

What? Is it okay getting that much? If 3 pieces of soap bought for 1 piece of copper can be sold for 2 silver coins and 5 copper coins then I'm not going to complain.

"Well then, we'll settle on that." Two silver coins and five copper coins for three bars of cheap soap, wow. Easy money. Mary-san moved on to the scented soap.

"This soap is really fragrant and using it means you don't have to wear perfume afterwards. I think Mukouda-san said it costs a bit more. We should sell it for six silver coins. What do you think? "

"Well, for this soap, as Mary says, six silver coins looks to be a good price." Lambert-san agreed, staring at the soap on the table. "This pleasant scent adds value and besides it's the sort of thing nobles will want."

I thought that the rose fragrance soap would be a luxury item but it still only cost me 3 copper coins for three pieces. Could they really sell it for six silver coins?

"What would you want for the wholesale price for this soap, Mukouda-san?" Lambert-san inquired.

I thought quickly. Considering the price for the cheaper soap... "Well, how about 3 silver coins and 5 copper coins?"

"Is that enough profit for you?" Lambert-san asked in reply. Turning three copper coins into three silver coins and five copper coins was definitely profitable enough for me.

When I nodded "Yes" Lambert-san said "Thank you so much". Did Lambert-san think I was giving him preferential treatment even at that price? I wasn't sure but I decided to just let it go.

We settled on a wholesale price for the rinse-in shampoo of 4 silver coins with the selling price to be 7 silver coins. The shampoo and conditioner were to be sold as a set since they needed to be used together. The selling price was to be one gold coin, the wholesale price 6 silver coins. The customers would pay extra for the bottles the first time they bought it and then bring them back for a refill afterwards. Mary-san said she would add the price of the bottle, at cost, to the initial purchase. I bought these bottles locally so the extra cost didn't add to my profit margins but I was making so much anyway...

Mary-san held up the small jar with the hair wraps. "This particular item, I'd like to introduce it to only those who purchased the shampoo and conditioner set in order to make an extra rather than selling it separately. Having used it this way," she stopped to stroke her hair again, "It really makes my hair look beautiful like magic. With this effect in mind, I'm thinking about a price of 2 gold coins."

Cough cough... I nearly sprayed the tea that I had just drunk. She said "two gold coins"? I bought a pack of hair wraps for 8 copper coins and put them in two jars I got from the Net Super. So one jar and 4 copper coins of hair wraps and she's intending to sell that for 2 gold coins? Only I know how much they really cost but isn't that too much regardless?

"I know how effective these are in making hair beautiful so two gold coins is a good price." Mary-san emphasized. Still, two gold coins?

"This is a very special item, and this container is also wonderful with such clear glass which is included in this price." She went on, holding the glass jar up to the light. Oh I see, but the jars were cheap on the Net Super too. I decided to just accept her thinking and we decided that the wholesale price, including the Net Super jar would be a gold coin and two silver coins for each one.

"Let's sell these goods on a trial basis for the time being." Lambert-san announced once the wholesale prices had been agreed. Lambert-san intended to purchase larger amounts after seeing how they sell in his shop but for the time being he was going to buy 30 of each item (the shampoo and conditioner as a set) to begin with.

"Oh, Lambert-san and Mary-san, if possible, I'd like you to keep quiet about who you get these things from." Although I'm OK with selling them to Lambert-san I don't want to be bothered by other merchants and even noblemen if they found out who he got them from. That would be a pain.

"Of course, of course." Lambert-san reassured me. "I'm sure that these products will sell well. As long as you can wholesale them to me on an exclusive basis I'm not going to tell anyone else who I get them from."

"I see, a good supplier is a valuable asset for a merchant. I won't sell these items to anyone else." This arrangement would be good for both of us. I suddenly thought of something else.

"One thing, I won't always be in this town, is that going to be a problem? If I'm going to travel around I'll deliver as many products as possible before I go." Fer wants to go to the sea so I'll probably be leaving soon.

"That's fine." Lambert-san reassured me. "I'd only be buying these goods from you a few times a year. If you can let me know in advance when you're leaving I'll place an order beforehand." Lambert-san bought leather in bulk several times a year in the same way, placing orders and arranging collection well in advance. Planning ahead was a thing good merchants did as a matter of course.

"Well then, I'll go get your initial order ready and deliver it tomorrow." I said.

"Thank you." Lambert-san and Mary-san chorused as I left the shop.

Well, time to get busy, I thought to myself. I had to prepare the initial wholesale order for Lambert-san's shop. I wondered if I could supply the liquids in big bottles for delivery and they could refill the small bottles at the shop as trade picked up. Since bottles are to be priced separately, I felt it would be OK if I asked Lambert-san to do it that way. It would save me a lot of time and effort.

For the hair wraps, they were a special item so I  didn't think there would be that many to do... If I was in a hurry I could just put them all into a big jar and ask the Lamberts to refill the original hair wrap jars too. I still had to get that first wholesale order sorted out though. I'd talk to Lambert-san and Mary-san about how to speed up later deliveries after they had started selling the first batch.

On my way back to the inn I needed to drop by a grocery store and buy some more bottles.

Wednesday, 2 May 2018

Ch 83 Tondemo Skill de Isekai Hourou Meshi

Ch 83 -- Lambert-san's Wife

Fer, Sui and I were having a relaxing breakfast in the courtyard of the inn when the landlady brought a boy aged about 13 or so to us.

"You have a visitor from Lambert Company." she said. I recognised the face of the boy when I looked closely, it was the lad I had seen assisting Lambert-san with his wagon on the way to Carerina.

"You see, the owner is waiting at the store ..." the boy seemed distracted by something. What's up? You're drooling, kid. I wondered if he was remembering the meal he had enjoyed while returning to town as he watched us eat. Okay then, growing kids have healthy appetites so your sempai here will treat you to breakfast.

"It's maybe a bit much for breakfast, but since you're young I think it'll be good for you." I said as I quickly grilled some Orc General meat pickled in miso, made a dish of Orc General miso-yaki-don, and passed it to him. The boy looked between my face and the miso-yaki-don, back and forth.

"Someone as young as you are will never get enough of something like this." I reassured him.

"Oh, it's that good, is it?" He was still unsure.

"I made it for you." I pushed the bowl at him.

"Oh, thank you!" The boy began gulping down Orc General Miso-yaki-don.

"Oh, it is tasty ..." he said, eating it with a happy face. Once he finished the bowl I gave him some roasted green hot tea. I warned him to blow on it before drinking since it was something he hadn't encountered before.

"The food was very delicious and this tea is also delicious. Thank you so much." the boy bowed to me in thanks. Yeah yeah, he's a pretty polite kid. Having to work for a living when you're his age, this other world is a tough place to grow up in. Work hard, kid and don't give up.

"Oh, the store owner is waiting for you..." the boy suddenly remembered why he had been sent to meet us.

Of course, Lambert-san wants me to call on him. I accompanied the boy to Lambert-san's store along with Fer and Sui.

* * * * *

Lambert-san hurried out to greet me as soon as I entered his store.

"Mukouda-san, you finally came, I'm saved..." he blurted, a relieved expression on his face. A woman suddenly appeared from behind Lambert-san. She was about 30 years old, a determined-looking beauty with long olive-brown hair put up in a complex style.

"Dear, you promised to introduce me," she said, elbowing him in the ribs.

"Oh, ah... Mukouda-san, this is my wife..." he stuttered. Pushing past Lambert-san, his wife took over.

"I am Lambert's wife, Mary. I am very pleased to make your acquaintance." she said, curtseying in her long skirt in a very refined manner.

"I owe much to Lambert-san so I am similarly pleased to meet you too." I replied, rather flustered as Mary-san slowly approached me, silently staring into my eyes.

"What is it?" My heart pounded as such a beautiful wife came close to me.

"You see, these items are..." She held out a basket containing the soap and rinse-in shampoo I had given to Lambert-san yesterday to try out. It turned out that Mary-san had noticed a nice smell from Lambert-san after he had a bath last night. Lambert-san had tried to conceal his use of the soap and shampoo because he was planning to surprise her with them on their wedding anniversary, but Mary-san would not be deterred from discovering the truth. Truly a determined lady.

"The fragrance of the soap the master of the household used while bathing was astounding." she explained. "There are no issues with hair loss in our family line so I said that I was fine with trying the hair treatments. I hadn't really bothered with taking care of my hair before now,  but when I saw how clean and glossy my lord and master's hair was after his bath I couldn't wait to try it. As you can see my hair is smooth and glossy too." She looked down shyly but I wondered, given her forcefulness and assertiveness before whether it was only an act. Her "lord and master" was clearly under her thumb... "I don't believe there is a woman anywhere who wouldn't wish for such hair too."

So it seemed I had guessed correctly, women liked such scented things but as a result of Mary-san's sensitive nose Lambert-san's plans were uncovered.

"I was really surprised when I tried the soap my husband had used." Mary continued excitedly. It seems the cheap soaps I bought at the Net Super were like high-class soaps in this world, they foam up well and leave a smooth feeling in the skin and the scent is superior too. The shampoos do a better job of cleaning and treating hair than just soap and water, the usual way to wash hair in this world.

Mary then held out a small jar, the one with the hair masks. "But this product is the truly amazing one." She stroked her long hair tenderly.

"When I heard that Mudouka-san told my lord and master that this item 'makes any type of hair look beautiful just like magic', I just had to use it immediately. After all the soap and shampoo were so wonderful how could I resist? When I actually used it..." She stroked her long hair repeatedly.

"Before, my hair had been dry and stiff and a great problem for me but now it is smooth and shiny and soooo soft..."

Mary-san was dreamily stroking her hair over and over again ...Mary-san, do you love your hair that much now?

"I was also surprised at this," Lambert-san explained, looking at his entranced wife with tender eyes. "Mary's hair has become impossibly smooth and glossy and it smells so wonderful too. She is even more beautiful than I could wish for."

Mary-san punched Lambert-san's arm lightly, saying "My darling..." and his cheeks reddened.

............ Normies, go figure.

"So then, actually..." Lambert-san seemed distracted by his affectionate wife cuddling up to him. I guessed I had a sale. So how much soap and shampoo and hair treatments will you buy for your wife then?

"Mukouda-san, will you please let me sell these items in my store?"

Huh...? Did Lambert-san just ask to sell these things in his own store? I blinked, had I misheard him? Lambert-san owns a leather goods shop, it's not somewhere that you'd expect to sell soaps and shampoos and the like.

"I understand your surprise Mukouda-san, I wasn't sure myself whether it was a good idea but..." Lambert-san looked over at his wife.

"You are still worried about that?" Mary-san interjected. "You don't understand. These items will be very popular and you're a merchant, aren't you? Are you going to let another shop get all the profits from their sale?"

She poked him in the arm again, all business now. "If you sell these items in the store all the aristocratic ladies as well as my friends and ordinary women and girls will come to buy them here." She stroked her hair again. "No woman who sees my hair could resist buying such items."

"But, we sell leather goods..." Lambert-san muttered.

"Yes dear, the store specialises in leather goods but you can allocate a small area to showcase Mukouda-san's goods. You don't have to have all of the stock on display at one time after all." Mary-san explained.

"Yes, that's true..." Lambert-san said, obviously thinking hard about it.

"If you don't want to sell them yourself, dear I will deal with those customers personally." Mary-san went on, pressing her attack.

"No, no, that's not it, ummm." Lambert-san sighed and then gave up, overwhelmed. "Very well, we'll do it your way. Mary, I entrust the selling of Mukouda-san's goods in our store to you."

Mary muttered "Heh heh heh, just watch me." as a greedy expression crossed her face. M-, Mary-san?

Lambert-san coughed. "Mukouda-san, will you please wholesale these goods to me?" Thank you Mary-san, I didn't want to sell these items to people directly. I don't have a shop and I didn't want to do any complicated customer service.

"Of course I will." I bowed to Mary-san. "I would appreciate it very much if you would sell my goods in your husband's shop."

"Thank you very much! It is very kind of you to agree!" Mary said happily. I couldn't refuse, could I, in the face of a woman's obsessive desire for beauty. To say no was, well, unthinkable.

"Well then, let's discuss the details in the back room." Mary-san said commandingly and Lambert-san and myself followed her there like obedient servants.


[A short digression on plumbing in this world]

"Lambert-san, how do you drain the bath after use?" I was puzzled about how this world dealt with such things.

"The drainage is dealt with by a tank under the bathroom, buried in the ground." Lambert-san explained. "There is a magic tool inside the tank to purify the water held there. After the water is clean it is released through a drain pipe out into the river."

"Oh, so they have things like drain tanks and drains in this different world too..." Mukouda-san thought to himself.

"It's advisable to hire a user of earth magic to deal with such things when installing a bath in your home." Lambert-san went on.

"Oh, earth magic. Isn't it expensive if it's for that sort of complicated work, tanks and drains and such?"

"Yes of course. I hired an earth magic user to install the tank and its purifying magic tool. The final total including the bath itself was more than 500 gold coins..."

"500 gold coins, really?" I was amazed.

"Yes, it was a lot to spend but I have worked hard to provide such things for Mary, the love of my life."

"Ah, of course." I murmured. It probably will not be so expensive for me because I have Sui who has water magic and purifying water should be a snap for her especially since she's a Slime. Hooray for Sui-tan!

Tuesday, 24 April 2018

Ch 82 Tondemo Skill de Isekai Hourou Meshi

Ch 82 -- It Seems Baths Are On Sale

"Hello. My name is Mukouda, is Lambert-san available to speak to me?"

I went to Lambert-san's shop but unfortunately today Lambert-san was not in the shop that day. I spoke to one of his employees who seemed to recognise me. He immediately went off to call Lambert-san.

Lambert-san came from the back of the store. "Mukouda-san, welcome."

"I've brought the Black Serpent's skin that you wanted, Lambert-san." I got right down to business.

"Oh, that is excellent news." Lambert-san said with a smile on his face. "Please, this way."

I followed Lambert-san into a reception room at the back of the store. A maid brought tea as soon as I was shown to a chair. The tea smelled and tasted like oolong.

"So may I show you the skin of the Black Serpent?" Lambert-san nodded so I extracted the Black Serpent skin from my Item Box and displayed it to him.

"Ho ho, this seems to have few scratches. It is in wonderful condition." said Lambert-san, examining the skin minutely. "Truly wonderful". It seems that skins with only small amounts of damage are rarely available.

"Because this is such a good skin I will make a good offer... hmmm, how about 50 gold coins?"

Huh? 50 gold coins for just the Black Serpent's skin? Lambert-san explained his thinking to me.

"As I said before, this skin has only a few scratches. Scratched or torn parts of a skin can't be used to make high-quality leather items such as bags. This skin is almost undamaged so I'll be able to use more of it than usual."

I see. Still 50 gold coins seemed a lot. It is an unexpected extra income but welcome all the same.

"Very well, I agree, 50 gold coins it is."

When I said that, Lambert-san went off to a back room and returned with 50 gold coins and stacked them on the table before me, five stacks of ten coins each.

"50 gold coins, please check the total." said Lambert-san.

"Yes, I have received 50 gold coins." I said formally, completing the deal. I carefully put the 50 gold coins in the Sand Snake skin wallet I had bought in this shop earlier.

"Oh, that's from our shop." said Lambert-san appreciatively, noticing the wallet.

"Yeah, I've been a little hesitant to use it but since this money was earned at Lambert-san's store, I thought it appropriate to start keeping coins in it from now on."

"Heh, I hope that you use it profitably for a long time to come." Lambert-san said. A Sand Snake skin purse with 50 gold coins made me feel rich somehow even though it's a small part of my entire fortune.

I remembered I wanted to consult with Lambert-san about selling goods so I put a serious expression on my face and sat up straight.

"Well, I'd like to discuss some other business with Lambert-san if I may...."

"Discuss busniness with me?"

"Yes, but before we begin... I got hold of a lot of Bloody Horn Bulls so I felt I should share the bounty." I brought out the Bloody Horn Bull's skin Johan-ojisan had disassembled for me and presented it to Lambert-san.

"Are you sure?" he said, admiring the skin.

"Of course it is. As I said, I got a lot of them." It's easier to ask someone to do you a favour if they feel they're indebted to you because of something you gave them. It's not a bribe, honest. Since Lambert-san seemed ready to accept my 'gift' I continued with my explanation.

"You see, I'm also registered in the Merchants Guild." I showed him my iron ranked guild card.

"Ah, that's unusual. Few people join both the Merchants Guild and the Adventurers Guild."

"What I'd like to consult with you about is some goods I have, whether you think they would sell and what sort of price I should ask for them." I brought out the soap, rinse in shampoo and other items I had prepared.

"This soap, for example..." I took some of the cheap soap out of its bag and showed it to Lambert-san. "This other soap, however is scented and I'd expect to charge a bit more for it." Lambert-san sniffed the scented soap with some interest. I continued with the shampoo and conditioner, showing him the bottles I had filled earlier.

"This liquid is used to wash your hair. Your hair will be smooth and shiny after you use it. Women will especially like this, I'm sure."

Lambert-san picked up the bottle containing the rinse-in shampoo and pulled out the cork stopper to sniff the scent. I showed him the regular shampoo and conditioner bottles.

"These are also for washing your hair but they're better than the first one. I'd hope I can charge more for these for that reason." I held out the shampoo bottle. "You use this one to wash your hair," and then I presented him with the conditioner bottle. "And then you rinse your hair with this one afterwards." I put the two bottles down, side by side on the table. "It leaves the hair glossy and beautiful, admired by everyone who sees it."

Lambert-san checked the scent  of the shampoo and conditioner, pulling out the cork stoppers. I finished up by showing him the hair wraps in their small jar.

"This last item is special," I explained, "after washing your hair, you put it on and leave it for a while. It makes any type of hair look beautiful just like magic."

Lambert-san opened the jar and sniffed the scent as he had all the other items then he sat back, eyes closed, obviously thinking hard. His ferocious concentration made me nervous, then he opened his eyes again.

"Mukouda-san." he paused, then continued. "It's been a great pleasure for me to become acquainted with you, Mukouda-san." he said earnestly. "You see, it will be my wedding anniversary in two weeks time but I've been fretting over what sort of present to give to my wife..."

He explained that he usually gave her something like a bag or other leather accessory for obvious reasons but his wife had not-so-subtly hinted that she would like something different this year, saying she had as many items like that as she'd ever need so he had been worrying about what to give her as a gift this time.

"My lovely wife adores soap, and indeed she worries a lot about how her hair looks, so if I could gift her with these items, Mukouda-san I'd be very much relieved!" He lined the bottles and bags up on the table before him, muttering something like "I'm saved..." Couples are bad news, I thought but I kept that to myself. 

Something in Lambert-san's words caught my attention. "If your wife loves soap, does that mean you have a bath?" Lambert-san's store was obviously a high-class establishment but I had thought that only the mansions noblemen lived in had baths.

"Yes," he said with a smile, "We have a bath. My wife demanded we buy one." So they did have a bath. I really wanted to see what a bath in this other world is like, and find out if I could buy one as well.

"Oh, I'm sorry to be rude but could you possibly show me your bath?" Although it might be a bit weird to just up and ask someone to show them the bath they have in their home I couldn't stop myself, I wanted to see it.

"Yes, that's fine." he said, surprising me with his prompt agreement. He led me into the house attached to the store and guided me to his bathroom. The bath there was like an enlarged washbowl made of brown pottery but it was definitely a bath. I'd fit in it easily, no problems.

"We're really proud to have this in our home." Lambert-san said boastfully. It seems that it's a mark of success in business for a merchant to have a bath at home. "A wonderful bath, isn't it?" I agreed wholeheartedly and Lambert-san told me more. It was made of pottery with specially treated ground-up mana stones kneaded into the clay before it was fired and glazed and that made it very expensive. The crushed mana stones in the pottery kept the water at just the right temperature all the time with no need to heat it and it never cooled down. Lambert-san's simple brown-coloured bath apparently cost him 350 gold coins when he bought it. Other baths with nicer colors and with decorations were more expensive.

Th- three hundred and fifty gold coins, boy that was pricey. But thanks to Fer I had money burning a hole in my pocket so... Basically, I wanted a bathtub, big time. Just seeing this one only increased my determination to get one for myself.

First up I asked Lambert-san where I can buy a bath. It turned out that Irario Company owned a large shop that was the only place you could buy a bath in this town. It seems that shop was their head office but they had branches in other cities as well. I really wanted to buy a bath, so I planned to go there and check them out later. I had to conclude my business with Lambert-san first though. I needed to reassure him that the soap and hair treatments were safe and suitable to give to his wife as a present.

When we returned to the meeting room I indicated the bottles and bags on the table. "Lambert-san, please try all these items for yourself. If you're fine with them I'll bring you more so you can give them to your wife on your wedding anniversary."

"Well, yes," Lambert-san said, "I'd be in serious trouble if I gave her something that did strange things to her hair and skin without testing it myself first after all." Lambert-san, I don't want you to get into trouble...

"Could you give me some guidance about setting the price for such goods if you're happy after trying them out?"

"Certainly." Lambert-san smiled. "Solving this problem which was worrying me more than anything to do with business is definitely worth a little advice." I thanked him profusely and left Lambert-san's shop.

Once I know what sort of prices I can charge I could start to figure out how much I can sell. The soaps, shampoo and treatments have all sorts of fragrances so I could change the prices around for the different types and of couse there's the fashionable 'organic' versions too. There's no doubt that these sorts of things were a better sales prospect than simple salt and pepper. I was looking forward to seeing what Lambert-san would say about them.

Saturday, 14 April 2018

Ch 81 Tondemo Skill de Isekai Hourou Meshi

Ch 81 -- Soap, Shampoo and Conditioner

Next day I went to the Adventurers Guild to collect the Bloody Horn Bull meat and the Black Serpent's meat and skin.

Johan-ojisan came out when I announced myself at the Guild's purchase counter and I followed him along with Fer into the warehouse, a place I had become familiar with. Sui was in her new bag as usual. It seems that she found this bag  quite comfortable.

"Well, the Guild Master hasn't come back yet, he's still talking 'bout the Mithril Lizard thing with Count Langridge-dono so I can't help ya with that." Johan-ojisan shrugged. "I can sort out the Bloody Horn Bull subjugation reward right now."

If the Guild Master was still in discussions with the Count that sounded like it was going to be a problem. Higher-ups and nobles are always trouble. I listened carefully as Johan-ojisan started explaining the payments he was making today.

"First of all, there are 324 gold coins for the subjugation itself. Then there's the purchases -- we're buying the Bloody Horn Bull horns, that's two horns each for 58 monsters at one and a half gold coins per horn, making a total of 174 gold coins. Then there are 57 skins since ya kept one, ummm they're eight gold coins each so that's 456 gold coins. You're lettin' us buy half the meat this time round, ten gold coins for each monster carcass so that makes 290 gold coins." Johan-ojisan scatched his bald head. "And I'm forgettin' something... ah. That other Black Serpent you brought it, you're keeping the meat and skin but the poison sacs, liver, fangs, eyeballs and its mana stone are worth 79 gold coins. That's a grand total of 1323 total gold coins. "

Bloody Horn Bull horns are used to make magical tools and it seems the leather is popular as a material for bags and shoes. Coincidentally, there was a bag made from Bloody Horn Bull leather in Lambert-san's shop. The meat is a bit high-priced but it's still popular and always in demand. Selling this many Bloody Horn Bulls at one time wasn't going to depress the market and hence reduce the price paid by the Guild.

"The Guild here has been making big profits since you came to town, kiddo." Johan-ojisan looked sad though. Why? "Problem is," he continued, "we've got a cash flow problem, paying out so much to you in one lump is a stretch. If you could just wait for a few days..." My face fell. I'm sorry, I'm causing you problems, I'm sorry. Of course I'll wait...

Johan-ojisan suddenly grinned. "Just kidding, sonny. We can pay you right now."

Thump, thump, thump, thump, thump, Johan-ojisan dropped five heavy cloth sacks on the work table.

"There's 300 gold coins in each big bag and another 123 coins in this little one." He tapped a smaller sack to the left of the four big ones. 1323 gold coins ... ....

The money we're earning is just incredible. Well, the money Fer's earning is incredible, I should say. Of course we've still to receive the money from the Mithril Lizard subjugation as well.

"Oh, yes, there was a message from the Guild Master." Johan-ojisan said. "The disassembly cost for the monsters you sell to the Guild here is still free since you're selling us so much, sonny. Anything you catch while you're staying in this city counts."

So they still won't charge for dismantling? Great, but right now we have plenty of meat and there's no need for Fer to go hunting right now. Fer's been complaining about a lack of exercise though and if he does go off and hunt something then I'll happily sell it to the Guild, minus the meat of course.

"Now that's out of the way, here's the Bloody Horn Bull meat and Black Serpent meat and leather you wanted to keep." I got the meat of 27 Bloody Horn Bulls and the meat and skin of the Black Serpent from Johan-ojisan and put it all in the Item Box. That was a lot of meat. I mean, really a lot of meat. A mountain of meat.

Right then, time to go. Saying goodbye to Johan-ojisan I left the Adventurers Guild with Fer in tow and headed back. On the way I bought some things I needed from a general store.

"I'm going back to the inn after this to get some things ready and then I'm going to Lambert-san's store. What do you want to do, Fer?"

"I'm bored hanging around in that beast stable. I'll go with you."

"I understand. Well then I'll be busy in the room for a while so just hang around for a bit." I said to Fer and then went back to my room.

* * * * *

"Well, I've been spending all my time at the Adventurer's Guild in this town up till now. I'm also a member of the Merchants Guild so I think I need to do a bit of selling too." was my thinking. It had taken me some effort to get into the Merchants Guild and I'd paid the membership fees so it seemed a good idea to earn some money that way. My plan was to buy some things from the Net Super and resell them here.

I took a look through the Net Super, wondering if this or that would be sellable but I had no real idea of what anything was worth in this world. I wanted to talk to Lambert-san about that, since he seems to be a top-ranking merchant.

To start with I bought some things I used myself from the Net Super. I bought 3 pieces of basic soap for 1 copper coin and 3 pieces of rose-scented soap for 3 copper coins. Next up I purchased 4 assorted refills of rinse-in shampoo, regular shampoo and conditioner for 4 copper coins total. I figured this would sell well here. It came to a bit over 8 copper coins since I added a pack of hair wraps to the order at the end. I bought the shampoos and conditioner in refill packs since I thought I'd sell them here as special items and I couldn't do that if they were in plastic bottles.

I started by taking the bars of soap out of their other-world packaging and putting them into individual small cloth bags which I'd bought at the general store earlier. Since soap seems to exist in this world, I figured selling soap bars would be easier than trying to sell liquid soap and body wash. I'd price the rose-scented soap a bit higher than the basic soap since I thought it would be a luxury item here.

"Well, let's put the shampoo and such into the bottles I bought at the general store."

I decanted the rinse-in shampoo and regular shampoo and conditioner from their refill packs into longnecked bottles sealed with a cork. I filled three bottles of each. The rinse-in shampoo would be OK for everyday use (although it appeared that in this world baths weren't that common among ordinary folks, richer people would bathe every day). The separate shampoo and conditioner are intended as luxury goods. The shininess of someone's hair is improved if they use shampoo and conditioner properly and it feels better to the touch.

I put the hair wraps I bought as an afterthought into a small wide-mouthed jar I purchased from the Net Super. Since the wraps were an other-world item they might make someone's hair beautiful by magic and I could sell them at a high price too.

So, that's all there was to it. Although this stuff was likely to sell well here I didn't know what price to ask for them. I wanted to consult with Lambert-san about that. I should use any connections I have, I think, to make things easier for myself. I don't know what the people in this world might think of shampoo and conditioner -- surely they've got some kind of hair cleaning products of their own? Anyways I'd take these with me tomorrow and talk to Lambert-san to see what he thinks.

Aaaand, I'm going to take a bath... Although I'm getting used to just wiping my body with a wet towel, I'm Japanese after all and I'd really like to take a bath.

I want a bath.