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Ch 91 Tondemo Skill de Isekai Hourou Meshi

Chapter 91 -- Oh Lord How More Money Rolls In

At the warehouse door Johan-ojisan was waiting as usual. I wondered idly if he lived there, I'd never seen him anywhere else even within the Guild. We went inside after the Guild Master explained to him that we had dealt with the Wyverns and the Guild was purchasing the materials from the monsters.

"Can you take out just one Wyvern out for now?" the old man asked. I did as he requested and the two of them examined the beheaded Wyvern carefully.

"There's not much damage." Johan-ojisan declared. "Huhu, I'm gonna get a lot of good materials outta it." The old man grinned. "13 Wyverns in all, you say? Are the other 12 like this one?" I nodded and his grin broadened.

"Ummm, thirteen of them, that's maybe too many..." The Guild Master said to Johan-ojisan, looking at the giant body of the Wyvern. It was really very large, a true monster and I'd not even brought out its head -- well, they were all jumbled up in my Item Box, I wasn't sure which head went with which body.

"Yeah, if we took all of them in one go they'd not all fit in here." Johan-ojisan confirmed, looking around. The warehouse was pretty big but twelve more Wyverns were going to fill it right up and then some.

"I guess you're right.  In that case can you disassemble them in two batches?" The Guild Master inquired.

"That's the only way I can do it, Guild Master." He thought for a moment. "I can start with seven of them and then once I'm finished with that lot I can deal with the rest." Johan-ojisan turned to me. "You okay with that, sonny?"

"You're wanting to disassemble them in two batches, is that right? Fine by me." I agreed. Leave it to the expert.

"Now that's settled... You're wholesaling all the Wyvern's materials to us?" The Guild Master asked.

"Well, you can have everything else but I'll hold on to the meat."

"That's fine. Selling the materials from so many Wyverns is going to be very profitable for us. There's always a demand for such items."

Almost all of an S-rank Wyvern's materials are valuable, the Guild Master explained. Not only the meat but also the skin, the fangs, the poison sacs and poison needles are much sought after. There's also a mana stone in such high-ranking monsters, of course. Even without including the meat the materials from thirteen such creatures will sell for a lot.

"The disassembly of all 13 monsters is going to be free of charge for me, right?" I asked. The Guild Master nodded in agreement and I thought for a moment. Right now I've got plenty of money and it's not going to cost me anything for the disassembly so...

"Can I change my mind? I'll wholesale the other materials, the fangs, poison sacs and poison needles from all thirteen monsters but can I hang on to the skins and magic stones from all but five of them?"

"Yes, that's fine." The Guild Master agreed. "Actually it's a bit of a relief if you want to hold on to those materials. We're running low on cash to pay you until we get paid for the other materials you've brought us." He shrugged. "Purchasing the materials from the Wyverns, even without the meat will cost us more than 2,500 gold coins."

More than 2,500 gold coins...? I can understand why they're running out of ready cash... I'm going to buy myself a bath. Will that cost more than 2,500 gold coins? I don't care. I'm going to buy myself a bath. I expected the Guild would pay me in large gold coins given the amount but that didn't matter. Bath store, here I come.

"As S-ranked monsters," The Guild Master explained. "All the materials from Wyverns are exceptionally high quality, especially the skin and the mana stone." It seems the Wyvern skin is highly resistant to magic, thin, durable and light so it is often made into cloaks although the price tag for such a cloak would make your eyes pop out. The mana stones are very large and don't appear on the market very often.

"Thanks to your good self this branch of the Guild is earning its highest-ever profit since it was founded," the Guild Master said with some satisfaction, "but purchasing all the materials from 13 Wyverns in one deal would be difficult for us. You should take the remaining skins and magic stones to the Guild of another city and sell them there."

Oh, other cities have Adventurers Guilds too? Well, of course they do. I could hold on to those items and sell them later at another Guild. Saying that I had more than enough money as it stands. Maybe I could get a cloak made for myself instead. The only outfits I've got are just regular clothing, nothing special. Since it's leather maybe I could ask Lambert-san whether he could make me a Wyvern-skin cloak. Even if he couldn't do it himself he should know someone who could.

"Hey, can you give us six more Wyverns to start with?" Johan-ojisan interjected. "Guild Master, it's gonna take me three days to get through this first lot. Oh, and I'm gonna need the Guild's Mithril knife for this job."

"You're right, Johan." the Guild Master replied as I pulled out six more Wyverns from my Item Box. "It's been a while since I handed out the Mithril knife." Monsters like Wyverns with resistance to magic can't be dismantled without using a Mithril knife. It seems that because it's such a valuable item the Guild Master keeps it under lock and key until it's needed. Without such a knife disassembling the Wyverns would be impossible.

That reminded me about the Mithril Lizard which was still in my Item Box. "Umm, Guild Master, I will give you the Mithril Lizard now if that's OK? The attack of the Wyverns stopped me handing it over earlier."

"Oh yes, that's right. I almost forgot about it." The Guild Master looked embarrassed. "I paid you a lot of money for it, if I didn't get it from you that would be a real problem, ha ha ha."

I pulled out the Mithril Lizard from my Item Box. The Guild master and Johan-ojisan both admired the creature.

"No matter how many times I see it, it's wonderful." The Guild Master said reverently. "Yeah." Johan-ojisan agreed, transfixed by the monster's gleaming skin.

"Right then, I'll come back in three days and hand over the rest of the Wyverns then." I said, impatient to go back to the inn.

"Yeah, I'll be ready for them." Johan-ojisan said, tearing his eyes from the Mithril Lizard's body.

"You truly saved our lives today, Mukouda-sama, and we are in your debt." the Guild Master said, clapping me hard on my shoulder. He may have been an old man long retired from adventuring but he remained strong and the blow hurt. I tried not to grimace. "If there is ever anything we can do for you don't hesitate to ask."

Right then, I said telepathically to Fer and Sui, let's go back to the inn. We got more money today so I'm going to the bath store tomorrow and look at some baths and then if I see one I like then I'm going to buy myself a bath.

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Ch 90 Tondemo Skill de Isekai Hourou Meshi

Ch 90 -- Sorry We're Late, We Stopped To Eat.

When we got back to the Adventurer's Guild we found the Guild Master and his staff, many Adventurers and even the leader of the city's Knights Order wearing full plate armour waiting for us.

"Oh, you're back. We were starting to worry about you. Are you all right?" The Guild Master said, hurrying over to me as we entered.

"Yes, we're all fine." I reassured him. "All the Wyverns have been dealt with too. Isn't that right Fer?"

"Yeah. There's no sign of any Wyverns anywhere nearby so we got all of them." Fer agreed.

"So there-" I began but I was drowned out by a great cry from the crowd standing nearby.

"Hurray! We're saved!" The Adventurers were cheering and slapping each other on the back in relief. Some of them were even crying. Okay, I understand you're all happy the crisis is over but was it really that big a deal?

"Well, we weren't sure you'd return safely." The Guild Master explained. "A few of the Adventurers here said that even a Fenrir couldn't face up to a flock of Wyverns and they were seriously worried. I didn't think that myself, but as time went on and you hadn't returned I was getting worried myself."

Well, of course subjugating the entire flock of Wyverns didn't take THAT long. The meal afterwards, with all the cooking and such... I couldn't tell them we were taking our time eating before we came back. It would be-

"Dealing with the Wyverns was easy." Fer said bluntly. "We were late back as I was eating dinner." I face-palmed. Fer, you shouldn't have said that.

"You stopped to eat dinner afterwards...?" came questioning voices from the crowd around us. Well, no, that is yes, just a snack, um... Well, you guys, don't look at me like that...

Sui jumped out of the bag and bounced around me. "Today's dinner was really really tasty ~" she proclaimed.

"Yeah, today's meal was delicious." Fer agreed.

No, no, let's read the atmosphere you two. Of course Sui's comment was just a telepathic thought between us three but Fer spoke out loud which didn't help. The pressure of the accusing eyes on us increased.

"Uh, you know, we were hungry and..." Luckily for me the Guild Master stepped in.

"Well, you're back now safe and sound." He gestured to the stairs. "Let's go up to my office and discuss the rest of the business regarding the subjugation, shall we?" I nodded and we followed him and the Knights Order's leader, silently thanking him for his timely intervention as the celebrations behind us grew even louder.

* * * * *

In the office I sat down beside the Knights Order's leader, across the table from the the Guild Master.

"First of all, thank you for saving this city." The Guild Master bowed deeply to me.

"I also thank you," the Knights Order's leader said as he also bowed his head. "You succeeded in a task the Knights Order and the Adventurers Guild together should have dealt with. I really appreciate it."

"No no," I waved my hands, "It wasn't me, it was Fer and Sui that did all the work."

"I understand Fer's power, but a Slime..." the Guild Master said, staring at Sui who was sitting on my knee. "It seems that Slime has a strength that you can not imagine from its appearance."

"Yeah..." I said somewhat smugly. "That's because Sui is a special individual, she's quite strong." I'm proud of my Sui-chan.

"As you say. Thank you for dealing with the Wyverns." The Guild Master bowed to Fer who was lying on the floor next to me and then to Sui on my knee. Fer didn't say anything but Sui trembled.

"So, how many Wyverns were there?" The Guild Master asked, moving on to business.

"There were 13 in all." I replied.

"Th-, thirteen you say..." The Guild Master and the Knights Order's leader looked at each other as I answered.

"If there were thirteen Wyverns then," the Guild Master said, white-faced, "if the Adventurers and all the city's Knights worked together to deal with them, half of us would have been killed."

"Guild Master, I do not think it's just half, it's entirely possible all of us would be dead by now." the Knights Order's leader said shakily.

"I see..." Hey, was it really such a big deal? Fer and Sui cut the heads of the Wyverns so easily, I sorta thought it wasn't a big problem like these guys did. Of course when I was attacked personally at the end I was truly a bit scared. A bit. Just a bit. Really.

"It seems we were fortunate." the Guild Master said, glancing at Fer and Sui.

"That may be so, Guild Master." The Knights Order's leader commented. "But we can't rely on luck from now on because we don't know when something like this might happen again."

"Certainly." the Guild Master agreed, his face hardening.

"Most of the time this city is peaceful and the Order of Knights can usually take it easy." The Knights Order's leader went on, his own expression matching the Guild Master's. "When news of the Wyverns reached us some of my subordinates were, ah, reluctant to step forward and volunteer. When they heard that Mukouda-sama had gone off to deal with the Wyverns  by himself they apparently felt relieved..."

"That was the same for the Adventurers who are members of the Guild." The Guild Master said in a dark voice.

"I have decided," the Knight's Order leader said firmly, " that I am going to beat my Order's members into shape." His gauntleted fist smote the table loudly. "I will turn them into a force that can deal with any threat to this city, even one that might appear without warning like these Wyverns."

"That sounds like a fine idea." The Guild Master agreed, nodding. "For myself, I think I need to review just what the Adventurers Guild stands for. I have come to the belief that being an Adventurer isn't just to earn points and increases in rank. A good Adventurer is one who has endured some hardship and perhaps it's time for them all to do so, ha ha ha..." The expression on their faces frightened me even though I knew I wasn't the focus of their displeasure. As for the Knights and Adventurers, uhhh sorry guys, it looks like you're in for a hard time. Good luck and I hope you survive. Me, I just want to go back to the inn soon...

The Guild Master turned back to me. "My apologies, Mukouda-sama, I was distracted for a moment. So you collected all the Wyverns you subjugated?"

"Yes, of course I collected them all." I was relieved they had changed the subject.

"How badly are they damaged?" the Guild Master enquired. I thought for a moment before answering. The Wyverns in my Item Box weren't really beat up as both Fer and Sui had beheaded them cleanly to finish them off.

"The heads were all cut off at the neck," I explained, "so I don't think they're damaged much..."

"T- the Wyvern heads, to cut them off just like that... that's astounding." the Knights Order's leader said.

"Well, Wyverns are magically resistant so doing something like that is a tough job, even with a Mithril sword." the Guild Master added. Fer and Sui hadn't had any problems cutting the Wyvern necks though, I thought to myself but I wasn't going to say anything about THAT.

"So, will you wholesale the Wyvern materials to us?" the Guild Master asked, all business again.

"Yes," I nodded, "Everything except the meat as usual."

"Ok, then then shall we move to the warehouse?" the Guild Master stood up headed for the door.

"Excuse my rudeness," the Knights Order leader said as he stood up, a harsh gleam in his eyes, "but I have to go discuss some, ah, matters with my subordinates and the sooner I get started the better." He shook my hand. "Thank you again, Mukouda-san." I watched the broad armoured back of the Knights Order leader disappear down the stairs in front of me, heading back to the barracks. Please don't kill all of them, Leader-dono, I prayed as the Guild Master and I headed towards the Guild's warehouse, a place I was becoming more than familiar with.

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Ch 89 Tondemo Skill de Isekai Hourou Meshi

Ch 89 -- After a Hard Day's Work, Let's Deep-fry Some Mincemeat Cakes

First up, we dealt with the Wyverns....

"Sui, can you extract all the blood from the Wyverns?" Since Sui was able to suck up the the pools of Bloody Horn Bull's blood I thought she'd be able to do that.

"Yes, I can do it-" Sui agreed.

"Wyvern's blood? What are you going to do?" Fer looked puzzled.

"Well, I think that bleeding the carcasses thoroughly will prevent the meat from rotting or smelling funny, that's all."

"Oh, is that so Aruji-? Sui will suck out all the blood then." If I tell them that the meat they'll be eating will taste better they're all for it, of course.

 A thought occurred to me. "Ah, hold on. Wyverns are poisonous aren't they? Does that poison have any effect on the blood or meat?"

"Wyvern's poison isn't a problem if you watch out for the poison sac in the middle of the tail and the poison needle itself." Fer explained. "You won't contaminate the meat or poison the blood if you're careful."

So that's how it is. "Sui, there's a poison sac in the tail so watch out for that." I cautioned. "Can you drain all the blood anyway?"

"Yeah, I got it-." Sui said as she trembled and burbled. Big Slime? Yep, after she grew in size she split into small Slimes to do the work.

"Everyone, drain the blood of the monsters over there-" Sui ordered the little Slimes. Each of the Slimes headed off to a different Wyvern corpse and latched on to the body's neck stump. As I watched each transparent Slime gradually turned red as they sucked the Wyverns dry of blood. As each Slime completed its task it dropped off the Wyvern's neck stump.

"Aruji, all done-" Sui informed me.

"Thanks, Sui." I stored the blood-drained Wyverns in my Item Box. I wasn't sure what to do with the Wyvern heads but I decided to take them back with me so I stored them too. Maybe the Guild would buy them.

 Right then, food. As I thought about preparing a meal the smell of Wyvern blood all around distracted me.

"Sui, I'm sorry to ask you but can you suck up the Wyvern blood that's lying around here?"

"Yeah, easy -" The small Slimes slowly sucked up the blood pooling on the grasslands nearby, leaving the entire area pristine. Great.

"Thank you, Sui. I will make something delicious for you."

"Yay! I want to eat now-" Sui bounced happily.

"Nnnn, now is good for me too." Fer added.

"Yeah, yeah." Now is always a good time for Fer to stuff himself.

Well, I gave some thought as to what to make and decided quickly that deep-frying was the way to go. Eating fried food under the blue sky, yes! I'd make fried mincemeat cakes. I'd buy ingredients from the Net Super but the mincemeat I'd make from what I had to hand. Hmmm, how about some 100% Bloody Horn Bull mincemeat and some 100% Orc General mincemeat as well as a mixture of the two, I thought to myself? Three different flavours, a nice contrast.

First I chopped a lot of onions up, I'd need them for fried mincemeat cakes. It's like hamburger steak but with breadcrumbs -- oh, I had to buy more breadcrumbs from the Net Super. While I had the menu open I bought some premium beer too because fried food and especially fried mincemeat cakes go well with beer, or is it the other way round? Whatever.

I started off by soaking some dry breadcrumbs in a small amount of milk and then added the chopped meat, a 50/50 mix of Orc General and Bloody Horn Bull, the chopped-up onions, eggs, salt and pepper and mixed it all up thoroughly until it got sticky. I made the mixture into suitably sized balls and then pressed them flat. Since I was still experimenting I made them small enough for me to eat in a single bite. I repeated the steps with the Orc General meat and the Bloody Horn Bull meat, to get a good comparison of the different flavours. I dunked the meatballs in wheat flour then in whisked egg and finally in dry breadcrumbs before deep-frying them in oil.

Gulp... Is there nothing that can't be made tastier by deep-frying it? No sauce, just a single bite and... success. The meat juices oozed out, delicious and flavourful, the breadcrumb coating crispy. Simply fried mincemeat cake with no sauce or other additives, a winner!

"Hey, why're you eating it all? Give some of it to us too." Fer was drooling over my shoulder.

Yeah yeah, hang on. "OK, first of all here's some fried mincemeat cake, it's a mixture of of Bloody Horn Bull and Orc General." I passed the two battle maniacs some samples straight from the frying pot. "Watch out, they're hot."

"Huh, this is hot but delicious. The meat juices are bursting out." Fer said telepathically, his mouth too full to talk.

"Really, this is delicious-" Sui agreed. Both of them gave fried mincemeat cake a thumbs up.

"Well, try these ones. I've added some sauce to them." Worcester sauce is recommended for fried mincemeat cakes.

"Oh, it's even more delicious with this black sauce on top."

"Yes, yes-" Sui agreed. They seem to prefer them with sauce. I got down to business, quickly frying mincemeat cakes of all three types before dishing them out.

"This is fried mincemeat cake made just with Bloody Horn Bull meat." I passed them each a plate. "And these plates are fried mincemeat cake made from Orc General's meat." handing back another plateful each. I kept back my own servings, I remembered the times I'd had little or nothing left to eat myself after the gluttons had done their worst. Never again. The two of them wolfed down their portions.

"So, there were three different types, which one did you prefer?" I asked for future meal planning.

"Well, it's all tasty but I prefer the Bloody Horn Bull meat by itself." Fer said after thinking about it.

"Sui thinks they're also delicious, but I guess this is the one I like best-"  Sui's tentacle pointed to the fried mincemeat cake made just from Orc General's meat.

"Well, my own preference is for the mixed mincemeat cake." I declared. "All three of us like different versions."

"Hey, they're ALL delicious. You should make all of them again." Fer said.

"Sui wants to eat them all again too-"

I'm the one who does all the cooking around here so it's up to me, but I'll make all three types of mincemeat cake again since you asked.

"Fu ~, Sui's tummy is full-"

"Well, I'm stuffed too." Fer chimed in. The gluttons had had enough. Victory!

I fried up a lot more mincemeat cakes for storage, holding out just one portion of mixed mincemeat cakes for myself before I finally settled down to leisurely enjoy the fruits of my labour.

Pssshhhh, glug glug glug. Ha~, beer is delicious. A bite of freshly fried mincemeat cake, mmmm. I put some Worcester sauce on the next piece. Success! The sauce and the meat juices mingled on my tongue. I swallowed and then drank more beer and smiled.

"Hmm, yes, it's the best." I slowly enjoyed the combination of premium beer and fried mincemeat cake.

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Ch 88 Tondemo Skill de Isekai Hourou Meshi

Chapter 88 -- Fer and Sui, Obliterating Wyverns

Wyverns had come to the western grasslands, attacking Adventurers and turning the area into a super-danger zone. I really didn't want to come here with Fer. No, let me emphasise, I really REALLY didn't want to be here.

"Would you look at those assholes? Flying around like they owned the place." Fer muttered.

1, 2, 3, 4 ...... I counted 12 Wyverns in all. They looked big and ugly. Very big and double-ugly. The flying creatures looked more like Pteranodons in dinosaur movies rather than Wyverns in games. Fer, is it really okay?

"Gyaah, gyaah, gyaaaah..." Even the cries they made sounded evil.

Uh oh, are the Wyverns headed straight for me?

"Ah, you noticed?" Fer said casually.

"Th- they're coming straight for us! W- what are you doing to stop them!?"

"Don't panic. You're safe," Fer shook his head. "I've put up a Barrier like I always do."

"No, no, but that's..."

Sui interrupted. "Are we gonna fight those things?" she said as she jumped out of her bag.

"Hey Sui, don't get out of your bag, it's dangerous!" I ordered but she wasn't listening to me.

"That's right, Sui." Fer said.

"Those big flying things, yeah-?" Sui trembled with eagerness.

"I'll show you how to hunt flying prey. C'mon." Fer continued.

"Yeah." Sui said.

"Where are you going? D- don't just go off and teach Sui weird things. " Sui-chan...

"Your Aruji is going to stay here, Sui." Fer shot me a look filled with disgust. "Let's go, Sui."


"W- wait just a-" Without listening to what I said, Sui followed Fer and headed towards the Wyverns who were now gliding at a low altitude straight for us, attacking us head-on.

"Why won't you listen-" I complained as Fer and Sui stopped about 300 meters away, directly under the Wyverns.

"Right then, Sui." Fer lectured. "When going after flying prey you should aim at their head or their wings. If you hit their head it's an instant kill." Sui listened to Fer's advice eagerly, trembling in excitement. "Sometimes though the head is too small a target to hit reliably. In that case aim for their wings. Damage the wings and most flying prey will fall to the ground and then you can hunt them there." I could hear Fer's voice resonating in my head as he taught my darling Sui-chan how to hunt dangerous flying creatures. Fer, how could you-?

"OK, head or wing. Sui'll try it-" W- what's Sui going to do? Huh? Is that a tentacle? Sui extended her body like a long stick towards a Wyvern.

"Gyah, gyaaaah!" One of the flying Wyverns crashed into the grass.

"Ah-, I missed. I was aiming for its head." S- Sui, did you shoot an Acid Bullet from that tentacle? Are you some kind of  sniper?!

"Remember what I said earlier. Since a Wyvern's head is kinda small you might miss it. However it seems that it was quite a good hit anyway, right at the base of the Wyvern's wing so it can't fly anymore." Fer explained.

"Wow, I was praised~. I will hit the next one harder and better, for sure-." Sui started to steadily shoot down the Wyverns with her Acid Bullets.

"OK Sui, you've got enough enemies, it's my turn now." As Fer said that, he fired several volleyball-sized stones and hit three Wyverns simultaneously. These two guys... OK, I knew that both Fer and Sui are strong, but when I saw them shooting down these flying monsters so easily I didn't know what to think.

"Okay, that's all of them shot down now." Fer concluded.

"Yeah-" Sui sounded disappointed, somehow.

"Next thing, we have to finish off the survivors but remember Wyvern meat is delicious so we don't want to mess them up.  The best thing is to cut their head off at the neck like this." Professor Fer continued his how-to-deal-with-terrifying-monsters lecture as Sui listened avidly.

Splat, roll... I guessed that Fer used wind magic. He sliced the Wyvern's neck and the head rolled clean off. F-, Fer, how can you do that so nonchalantly?

"I understand." said Sui. "Sui will try to do it like Fer-ojichan."

"Monsters like these have some resistance to magical attacks so if you're going to cut their heads off with magic, you should put a bit more mana into your spell."

"OK-" Saying that, Sui approached a fallen Wyvern and cut off his head. Was that a Water Cutter?

"Yay! I did it." Sui bounced happily.

"Yes, that was well done Sui." Fer said approvingly. "You've got the knack. I'll help you deal with the rest of them."


The two of them went ahead and cut off the heads of the fallen Wyverns one after another, chop chop chop. Wow, they didn't even hesitate. It was just like Sui-chan was turning into another Fer and that kinda worried me. OK, she was powerful, legendary even (for a Slime) but I'd rather have the cute Sui-chan, the one that trembles and bounces.

"Gyaaaa... Shhhhh..." A blast of wind accompanied the loud cry. Oh shit, another Wyvern was hovering directly in front of me. It looked like we'd missed one, there were 13 of them not 12. Was I going to die?

"Gyaa, gyaa, gyaaaaah!" The Wyvern was seriously pissed off after seeing all his friends killed in front of him.

"Ooooooooooooooooooo, Fer, do something, save meー ー ー ー ー ー !!!"

Chunk, chunk, chunk, chunk! The Wyvern stabbed at me over and over again,  attacking me with the poison stinger in its tail. However thanks to Fer's Barrier spell the strikes bounced off and I was safe somehow.

Chunk, chunk, chunk, chunk!  "Hiiii---" The Wyvern screamed in frustration but didn't stop trying to stab me with its tail.

"Oh, there's one left." came Fer's voice. "Die, asshole." Slash. Suddenly the Wyvern's head fell off and black blood spouted from its neck. Thump! I collapsed sideways as the Wyvern's huge body slumped to the ground in front of me.

"Wow! Fer-ojichan is sooo strong!" A high-sprited Sui jumped around, poing poing.

"I, I'm saved............"

"Of course you're safe so stop yelling. My Barrier wouldn't even get scratched by a mere Wyvern attacking it." Fer pointed out.

"Yabbut, a Wyvern..." I tried to explain. "It scared me, it's such a big monster and it tried to stab me with its poison stinger and..." I gave up under Fer's withering gaze. Monsters such as Wyverns were nothing to him.

"I was hoping for a bigger flock of Wyverns, not this mere handful." Fer said dismissively.  "It was good practice for Sui though."

Fer thought that 12-  no, 13 Wyverns is an insignificant number... I didn't really understand just how strong Fer really is.

"Ok, will we go back to town after I collect up the Wyverns?" I asked.

"No, not yet. We'll go back after we've eaten." Fer announced.

"Sui is hungry, I want to eat dinner too-" Sui-chan chimed in. that's how it's going to be, huh ~. Well, it was the only reason these two battle maniacs brought me along, to cook for them. I figured it was time to get to work and started making dinner.

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Ch 87 Tondemo Skill de Isekai Hourou Meshi

Ch 87 -- Wyvern Attack part 2

There was a group of Guild staff members clustered near the reception desk. "Move aside, move aside!" the voice of the Guild Master separated the group. The figure of a blood-stained man lay on the floor in their midst. From the games I had played I remembered that Wyverns had a poisonous barb on their tail. The man seemed to have been stabbed in the abdomen with that sort of stinger. Blood was flowing from the wound and the skin around the hole was a horrible purple colour.

The Guild Master opened the bottle of Sui's Deluxe High-grade Potion I had given him and sprinkled it on the man's belly wound. The hole where the potion was sprinkled healed up as we watched and even the surrounding skin which had been purple returned to a normal skin color in a few moments.

"Wha, what's this... as soon as the wound heals, even the poisons are counteracted..." the Guild Master said, looking at me. No, I do not want you to look at me. I stared at the Guild Master, feigning ignorance. Don't ask questions, not here where there are so many nosy Adventurers around.

"Well, well, this fellow seems to be healing up. Take him to the aid room and put him in a bed to rest." The Guild Master instructed then called "Listen up!" to the gathered Adventurers.

"Right, as you people know," he loudly announced, "A pack of Wyverns have appeared. All C-rank Adventurers and higher are now conscripted to fight them, no exceptions. This is an urgent quest order from the guild!" On hearing the words of the Guild Master the Adventurers present started muttering to themselves dispiritedly.

"Quiet!" the Guild Master thundered. "I know that the idea of fighting Wyverns worries you, but if you don't fight them now they'll come and attack the town!" His voice softened. "It's what it means to be Adventurers, to fight for others. As Adventurers, let's go and save this town! "

Loud cheers greeted his words, the Adventurers excited by his call to arms. However my mind was still stuck on what he had said earlier, that all C-ranked Adventurers had to go fight the Wyverns? I'm a C-rank, aren't I?

"Wait, you lot." Fer said, having stayed silent until now. Fer's voice over-rode the loud voices filling the Adventurers Guild. Whispers started as they stared at Fer. "It's a Fenrir...?" "You sure, I though it was a Great Wolf?" and so on.

"Let us take care of that pack of Wyverns for you guys." What? What are you talking about, Fer?

"What's the problem?" Fer turned to me. "It will be good exercise for me, and I told you Wyvern's meat is delicious, remember?"

"No no, you didn't tell me." I lied desperately.

Fer turned to the Guild Master. "Hey you, when we deal with the Wyverns will they all belong to us?"

"Of course, of course," the Guild Master said in a relieved voice. "Wyverns that are subjugated belong to the ones who succeed in the task. Besides, if you subdue them we will pay you a subjugation fee too."

"Well in that case I'll go and take care of them right away. It's been a while since I could go all out in a fight." Fer was eager to get started but I wanted him to slow down. If I could have a quiet word before we go haring off...

"Hold on a minute and calm down, Fer." I said telepathically. "It's not for you to deal with these Wyverns, the people here will handle them. Just step back and let them do their jobs."

"Nu..." Fer whined. Whined?

"Are you going to fight, Aruji? Sui will fight too!-" Sui said telepathically as she poked herself out of the bag,

I heard more whispers from the Adventurers, "That, that Slime?" "Can you really have a Slime as a contracted beast?" and so forth.

"Morons. Sui is a Slime, true but if any of you tried to hurt her I'd destroy you all." When Fer spoke, the room went deathly quiet. Hey Fer, I know you're only trying to protect Sui and they all know you're a Fenrir now but maybe that's a bit over the top? Haa~, I suppose it's some kind of miracle that we've kept Fer's identity a secret as long as this. Well, saying that we've still got the letter from the royal palace promising us we won't be bothered. That should keep us out of trouble...

"Fer-sama, please save this town with your power." Saying that the Guild Master bowed to Fer.

"Yeah, I got it." Fer replied, nodding in agreement.

"Thank you Mukouda-san, too." Huh? Guild Master, are you not going to let me refuse? It was an official request now...

The Guild Master turned to the Adventurers in the room. "Let me make this clear to all of you. Do not bother or harrass Fer-sama and Mukouda-san. This country's rulers have proclaimed they are to be left alone, to go where they will and do as they will as long as they wish to stay here. That being the case the Adventurers Guild will offer them any assistance they require." He fixed them with a steely glare. "Understand?" The resulting silence was agreement of a sort. Well, the Guild Master certainly made things clear, didn't he?

"Hey, get on." said Fer.


"We're going to deal with those Wyverns." Fer said exasperatedly.

"No, no, just go by yourself, I'll be waiting here." I countered feebly.

"Idiot. After my exercise I'm gonna be hungry. If you're not around who's gonna cook dinner for me?" What, you want me to go into a danger zone where Wyverns are flying around just so you can eat a hot meal afterwards? "Right then, get on quick."

"Mukouda-san, the entire town is in danger. Please help us." Hey, Guild Master, are you going to sacrifice me too?

"Hurry it up." Fer was getting impatient and grabbed my collar with his teeth. "Whoops-" I fell onto Fer's back as he swung his head.

Hold on tight or you'll be shaken off." Fer warned me.

"Damn, why is it turning out like this-" I wailed silently, clinging to Fer's back for dear life. As we headed for the door I heard some Adventurers mutter things like, "We're saved" and "a pack of Wyverns, even if we were all C-rank, half of us would be killed." and such. Wyverns, are they really that dangerous?

"Well, let's go." said Fer as he dashed towards the gate leading to the western grasslands. Why is this happening to meeeeee--- !!!

Friday, 8 June 2018

Ch 86 Tondemo Skill de Isekai Hourou Meshi

Chapter 86 -- Wyvern Attack part 1

The next morning I went to Lambert-san's shop to deliver the soap, shampoo and hair wraps for sale on a trial basis. As soon as I entered the store Mary-san appeared.

"Mukouda-sama, I have been waiting for you." she said, obviously ready to get started selling.

"I've made up 30 sets of each item to start with, so where do you want me to put them?"

"Can you do put them here?" She pointed to some empty shelves in a corner of Lambert-san's shop. Ah, you already have a sales floor arranged. That was quick.

"I asked my husband to set up an area for sales quickly because I talked about the items to my friends yesterday. I think some people are going to buy some right away." Getting the word out already?

I put the goods on the shelf leaving Mary-san to arrange them nicely. "Yes, this is excellent," Mary-san said, looking at the items. "Now what should go where..."

I was led by an assistant into the back room where Lambert-san was waiting to receive me.

"Mukouda-sama, Thank you for the quick delivery." he said, quickly getting down to business. "As agreed here are 84 gold coins as payment for the goods. Please check." As with the payment for the Black Serpent's skin, he had prepared stacks of 10 gold coins in a row.

"That is correct." I agreed. I had intended to put the coins in my Sand Snake wallet but the money I had received for the Black Serpent skin earlier was still in there, filling it up. I ended up putting the gold coins in a spare cloth bag I had bought for soap.

Having concluded our business Lambert-san went into the store where Mary-san was already dealing with one of her lady-friend customers. Lambert-san and I were surprised at this development.

"I can't even begin to understand how women's gossip can spread so quickly." Lambert-san mused.

"Me too." I commiserated with him. We had told Mary-san to advertise these goods to her friends, but we had no idea there would be customers turning up so soon.

"Please give my best regards to Mary-san. If there are any issues, I will come quickly if you send a message to the inn." Saying that I thanked Lambert-san again and left the store. I wondered what to do while walking down the street. I had been super-busy for so long it was kinda strange to have some free time.

"I'm kinda bored... I don't have anything I need to do right now." I said.

"Well, then let's go hunt." Fer said, perking up.

"Well, it's not something I want to do myself but I suppose so.  I just don't want to go anywhere unpleasant though."

"What do you consider unpleasant?" Fer inquired.

"That goblin village for example." I shuddered. All those green bodies... I had horrific flashbacks of the scenes at the goblin village.

"You're crazy to be so afraid of small fry like goblins." Fer dismissed my fears carelessly.

"Be quiet. It's because of you, Fer that I've got a phobia about goblins." And kobolds, and...

"Fuu, my esteemed lord and master is a coward, is that it?" Fer sneered.

"Hey, I'm not a coward...." I burst out. "It's just that I'm careful, can't you understand that? Anyway, maybe it'd be nice to go hunting but I'd like to understand the risks first, OK?"

"Of course, of course." Fer said sarcastically. Don't snigger Fer, it's not becoming of a level-1000 monster that can destroy a country. Safety first, though, safety always.

"Right then," I decided. "Let's go to the Adventurers Guild and see if there are any subjugation jobs worth accepting." We headed for the Adventurers Guild.

◇ ◇ ◇ ◇ ◇

One of the staff members spoke to me as soon as I entered the Adventurers Guild.

"Mukouda-sama, I was instructed to take you to the Guild Master's office as soon as you arrived. Please follow me." He led me to the office and knocked politely on the door before opening it and announcing me.

"Guild Master, Mukouda-sama is here."

"Oh good, please come in." The Guild Master said.

The Guild Master was seated at his desk writing something on a document. "I'll be finished in a moment, please sit down."

As soon as I took a chair opposite the Guild Master he finished writing and got down to business.

"Firstly, thank you for dealing that Bloody Horn Bull subjugation so quickly." he said.

"It's OK, Fer wanted to eat Bloody Horn Bull meat so he wasn't going to waste time." I explained.

"I see, we're still grateful it was done promptly." He glanced down at Fer who was sprawled on the floor beside my chair.

"So then, I have finally finished my discussions with Earl Langridge. He is very grateful to you for discovering the mithril mine on his lands. Although the Earl wanted to thank you personally I told him that you wished to stay anonymous because you didn't want to stand out too much. He was quite persistent but I showed him the message from the royal palace that ordered that you were not be bothered or inconvenienced even by the nobles and that settled things. He was surprised that it involved the contracted beast Fenrir rumoured to be in the country, however he still insisted I pass on his warmest regards to you."

That means Earl Langridge wasn't going to bother me. Good.

"So, as to the reward," the Guild Master continued. " Earl Langridge has been very generous. The total sum for the suppression of the Mithril Lizard, the discovery of the mithril mine and the purchase of the Mithril Lizard itself is," he paused dramatically, "5800 gold coins."
F- five Th- thousand Ei- eight hundred gold coins? That's weird. I thought I heard him say "5800 gold coins" but did my ears deceive me? "Excuse me, did you just say 5800 gold coins?"

"Yes, that's correct, 5800 gold coins." he said smugly, enjoying my reaction.

............ gold coins, 5800 gold coins... 5800 gold coins, 5800 gold coins, 5800 gold coins... was there an echo in this room?

"Your surprise is understandable but what you achieved is worth every coin." The Guild Master reassured me. I didn't do it, Fer did it, I thought to myself.

"Because it's such a large amount, we will have to pay in large gold coins." Thump, thump, the Guild Master put several heavy cloth bags on the table. When I looked inside they were full of large gold coins. The regular gold coin is about 500 yen in size, but the large gold coin is as big as 1.5 gold coins as its name suggests.

I do not care who actually earned this, but I am going to buy a bath. I want a bath. I put the cloth bags containing the large gold coins in my Item Box. Just as I put away the last one someone banged loudly on the Guild Master's door.

"Guild Master! There's an emergency! W- W Wyverns!" One of the Guild's staff members shouted as they burst into the room.

"Wyverns? Do you mean there's a pack of Wyverns here?" From the way the Guild Master reacted it seemed quite a dangerous situation.

"A- a six-person party of beginner adventurers had gone to the western grasslands after they were re-opened for training  and it seems that Wyverns have suddenly appeared there too... the beginners managed to get away somehow." The official caught his breath. "However, two of them are seriously injured. One of them is being treated and will live but the other is badly scratched and suffering from being poisoned by the Wyverns..."

"We'd heard rumours about sightings of a single stray Wyvern, was it carrying out a reconnaissance?" The Guild Master said. "They probably came to the grasslands planning to hunt the Bloody Horn Bulls but since they had been subjugated the Wyverns went after the adventurers instead. Damn it!"

Oh? Maybe it would have been better to leave the Bloody Horn Bulls alone? However they've already been subjugated so it's pointless to speculate. More importantly, from what he said it seems that Wyverns were poisonous in some way...

"What's wrong with the poison antidote?" the Guild Master asked.

"Well, unfortunately we don't have any at the moment." the Guild official admitted.

The Guild Master swore. "A high-grade potion then? If you use a high-grade potion it won't eliminate the poison but it will give us time to get hold of some poison antidote."

"Yes, that would work but... we've got plenty of intermediate grade potion in stock but we're all out of high-grade potions too."

The Guild Master banged on the table. "Why have we run out of poison antidotes and high-grade potions right when we need them?"

"Sorry, sorry..." the Guild official apologised.

"Go ahead and use an intermediate potion anyway, it might help a bit." The Guild master ordered.

Potion?... Ah! "Wait, I have a high-grade potion you can use." I took out a bottle containing some of Sui's Deluxe High-Grade Potion. Thankfully I had put it in a bottle I had bought in a grocery store, decanting it from the PET bottle it had been in before. Actually I had five of Sui's Deluxe High-Grade Potions, ten intermediate potions and ten lower-grade potions in total, all in locally-bought bottles ready for use. Safety first, remember?

The Guild Master stared at the bottle I passed to him. "You're a remarkable man, to own such a high-grade potion... I'm sorry, I will pay you any price you ask for this." The Guild Master ran from the room carrying the bottle of Sui's Deluxe High-Grade Potion, followed by the Guild official who had interrupted us. Fer and I tagged along since there was no-one else left there.