Wednesday, 29 December 2010

Twinkle Twinkle Idol Star - volume 1 stage 3 in progress

 So I sort of stumbled over the first page of Stage 3 thinking I'd get started scanlating this chapter in the new year, sometime when I felt like it, you know how it is... and when I looked up again there were four pages done and dusted. Ah well. Here, have a picture...

 Earlier in this chapter the manga makes the point that both Marimo and Ayumi are 16 years old. I somehow suspect that what they're drinking is not grape juice. Japan, it's a whole different country, I tell you.

 The Word of the Day is PLATINUM.

Wednesday, 15 December 2010

Twinkle Twinkle Idol Star - volume 1 stage 2

 Finished and available for download.

EDIT: Mediafire upload completed after some problems so link added.

Twinkle volume 1 stage 2 [4shared] [Mediafire]  (15.0 MB)

 The Word of the Day is SUPER TOUGH.

Friday, 3 December 2010

Twinkle Twinkle Idol Star - volume 1 stage 2 in progress

 Just an update to let everyone (Anyone? Hallo? Is there anyone out there?) know that I've started scanlating stage 2 (that is, chapter 2) of Twinkle... 3 6 11 13 15 21 23 pages down out of 28 completed. Now it spends 24 hours in the quarantine section of my hard disk as a sanity check so that I can QA it with a fresh eye before it escapes into the wild. Some odd phrases and bits of colloquial Japanese made this tough to translate at times, but it's done now.

This chapter is a bit wordy so it will take me a while to scanlate and edit the rest of it. It's good Japanese language study practice -- I've already taken the training wheels off on a couple of occasions when the speech balloons were particularly uncomplicated instead of automatically resorting to Google Translate and other online tools.

 Word of the Day is RATINGS.

Friday, 26 November 2010

Blue Drop - Tenshi no Bokura revised ch 7 plus omake

 This is an old project revisited, one of my earliest fumbling attempts at scanlation as compared to my most recent fumbling attempts... Long story short, this manga was published in magazine format before being collected into book form. The scanlators worked from the magazine scans but for some reason chapter 7 of the twelve chapter story was missed out during the first run. Eventually someone released a scanlation of chapter 7 (taken from the volume 2 tanko, I think) but the scans were atrocious, really really bad I mean diabolically bad. A while later I got hold of decent raws of the chapter and edited and released my own version of this which sank without trace as the first bad version was already circulating and nobody seemed much interested in exchanging their original poor-quality scans for my better ones.

 I now have a hard copy of both tanko volumes and I found there was an omake (extra) chapter at the end of volume 2, not something the magazines would ever have printed. I've just finished scanlating that and then for completeness sake I went back through my original version of chapter 7 and cleaned it up, retexted all the speech bubbles etc. to make it look better. I've also added scans of the dustjacket, the book covers and the author's note at the end of the book (although I've not translated that).

Blue Drop - Tenshi no Bokura ch 7 plus omake and illos [4shared] [Mediafire] (18 Mb)

 I repeat - this download only contains my version of chapter 7, the first chapter in volume 2 plus the scanlated omake at the end and the volume illustrations, cover artwork etc. and the author's note page (untranslated). If you want the entire set of 12 chapters you can find them on scan aggregator sites although there's a chance they have the old bad-quality chapter 7. There's also my 4shared account which has the 12 individual chapters stored there.

Saturday, 20 November 2010

Brocken Blood V Omake

 This is a short 4-page full-colour omake of the Brocken Blood V manga that appeared in Change H! Blue. The mangaka is Shiono Etorouji who also created the Bloomed in Action manga being published in the Change H! anthologies.

There wasn't a lot of text to translate but cleaning it and rebuilding the backgrounds was a pain and I gave up after a while and bodged it. Sorry about that.

Brocken Blood V omake [4shared] [Mediafire] (2.0 Mb)

Saturday, 13 November 2010

Twinkle Twinkle Idol Star - volume 1 stage 1

Finally done and dusted, chapter one of the old classic crossdressing idol series. Who knows, some decade or other I might release chapter 2...

Twinkle volume 1 stage 1 [4shared] [Mediafire] (14.7Mb)

Tuesday, 26 October 2010

Twinkle Twinkle Idol Star - new project

 A new scanlation project and something that should keep me busy for a few decades.

 Twinkle Twinkle Idol Star is a manga from the early 90s during the Japanese boom in idol singers and especially girl duos. Meet Ayumi on the left and Marimo, right. They won a talent contest and are now the idol singer duo "Twinkle", rising rapidly in the charts and destined for stardom. The driving force is Marimo who came up with the idea of entering the contest in the first place, dragging her friend Ayumi reluctantly along in her wake. That's her boyfriend, Ayumi... cleans up nicely, doesn't he?

 I got hold of some scrappy raws of this series last year. Frustrated at the quality of the scans I bought the complete series of ten published tankos from the original German scanner and started scanning them myself with the plan of  publishing decent raws a chapter at a time. Of course at that point someone else stepped in and released volume 1 as HQ raw scans. I put the books away, expecting Mr. Anonymous to continue scanning the rest of the books without me. Of course Mr. Anonymous didn't but the impetus was lost and I moved on to other things such as the Change H! series and some of the stories therein.

 Now I'm back at the coalface, planning to scanlate rather than simply producing raws. Cleaning is a bitch as these are old books and the paper is fading and spotchy. Lots of Zipatone splattered here and there, careless editing (there's at least one blank speech balloon that made it past the editor) and complicated backgrounds over double-page spreads make it WORK rather than a pleasure, but it's something to do. I'll now find out someone else is doing this series behind my back...

 Current status: 5 11 13 19 26 pages out of 28 done and dusted. (as of 12 November)

Tuesday, 19 October 2010

Girls Sanctuary Chapter 3

 Girls Sanctuary Chapter 3, in which Yuuki is kyuute! Nozomi (on the left) is evull and Sakurai is confused (so what else is new?). The Word of the Day is SKINSHIP.

Girls Sanctuary chapter 3  [4shared]  [Mediafire] (4.5Mb)

Bundle of chapters 1-3     [4shared]  [Mediafire]  (11.5Mb)

 That's all there is of this series for the moment. As soon as more gets published and I can get hold of raws or  the original manga to scan it in I will continue with it, if nothing else to find out where the Sakurai-Yuuki relationship is going (and what Nozomi can do to encourage it or derail it...)

Sunday, 10 October 2010

Girls Sanctuary Chapter 2

 Girls Sanctuary chapter 2 wherein Yuuki (on the right) tries to persude Sakurai (on the left) that she really is a girl who just happens to dress in boy's clothing a lot. The Word Of The Day is SQUISH.

Girls Sanctuary chapter 2  [4shared]  [Mediafire]

Friday, 8 October 2010

Girls Sanctuary Chapter 1

 Girls Sanctuary is a short manga starting in Change H! Pink. Unusually it's in full colour.

"Sanctuary" is a top-class cafe close to a lot of girls schools and is open only to females. That doesn't stop boys trying to sneak in to try to pick up girls or just to enjoy the delicious cakes on offer. Manager-san though is always on guard and he can spot an impostor at a glance. Or can he?

 Girls Sanctuary chapter 1  [4shared]  [Mediafire]

 This chapter was translated by me from anon scans of the first anthology, Pink. I've scanned the next two chapters HQ from my own copies of Blue and Yellow and I will get round to doing them when I get round to doing them. They're short chapters which compensates a little for the problems of editing all-colour pages.

Thursday, 7 October 2010

Balance Policy Chapter 1

 Balance Policy is about Masaomi, a young boy who is trying to restore his friendship with Kenji-kun, a boy who has been changed in an unspecified manner into a girl in order to help maintain the human population after some kind of fertility failure worldwide resulting in the birth of few girl babies. It's by Yoshitomi Akihito, the creator of the weird collection of short series, Blue Drop set around the invasion and conquest of Earth by the Arume, a strange all-female alien race. Blue Drop - Tenshi no Bokura was a gender-bender storyline which is similar to the setup of this series with another boy's best friend changed somehow into a girl, this time by alien tech.

  Balance Policy is running in the Change H! TS/TG anthologies. At the moment I don't have raws for the second chapter which was published in Green, the fourth volume. Balance Policy is listed as one of the stories in the forthcoming fifth anthology, Purple so I expect that will be the third chapter. This series will eventually come out as one or more tankos but that won't be for a while.

 Balance Policy chapter 1  [Mediafire]  [4shared]

Monday, 4 October 2010

First Post!

 Jumping right in, I've released the first two chapters of Hashiru Kakeru Subaru! from the change H! anthologies.

 Honda Subaru (don't laugh) is the premier street-fighter in town. Subaru is unbeatable when the fists meet but a secret lurks beneath the gakuran (boy's school uniform) he always wears. Well, two secrets actually...

 There's a blogsite by the creator (in Japanese) here

Hashiru Kakeru Subaru! chapter 1  [Mediafire]  [4shared]

Hashiru Kakeru Subaru! chapter 2  [Mediafire]  [4shared]

CURRENTLY: working on translating the three chapters of Girl's Sanctuary from Change H! I've got raws for before editing them then it's back to scanning in the rest of Change H! Yellow