Wednesday, 8 June 2011

Still Alive

Been busy with real-world stuff over the past couple of months and I've only just got back to Twinkle as an on-going project. While that's been happening other interesting TG/TS manga such as Ame Nochi Hare has been piling up on my to-do list but I'm going to hammer on with Twinkle at least until this chapter is done before I consider switching focus.

Pardon me while I philosophise... I'm a one-man band when it comes to scanlating, have been for some time now. A couple of times I've had project titles taken away from me by other groups, hot young go-getters with a team of specialist translators and editors who can pump out the product machine-gun style and who figure I'm too slow for their tastes. And then the team falls apart, they lose their (only) competent translator or the guy who owns the website disappears one day taking the passwords with him and the manga languishes untranslated. I'm looking at one title I started recently which is now in that situation (Balance Policy) and if I can get hold of raws I'll probably continue with it given the mess the takeover group (Wow! Scans) seems to be in right now.

I've also got a couple of older TG mangas on the back burner and I'm keen to get to work on them but I don't want to put Twinkle down either. There are ten volumes in the Twinkle series, about 70 or 80 chapters worth so I'm only at the beginning of the grind there.

So I'm looking for some help if anyone wants to offer. I could really use a translator who can give me scripts from RAWs rather than me generating them myself. I know I'm doing a half-assed job as my grasp of Japanese is very limited and it takes me a long time to translate manga using on-line language and dictionary tools etc. so I'd be looking for someone who can improve the product as well as saving me editing time. If you are willing to step forward then my gmail account name is albedo404. Thanks.

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