Tuesday, 30 August 2011

Further Displacement

I did say I was easily distracted, didn't I?

I'm moving ahead with the first chapter of Nana-chan but as I warned you it's over fifty pages. I'm now about halfway through it so I think I've earned a little side trip. It appears WOW!Scans have either totally disintegrated or at least are having a quiet time in the rubber room before coming back to the scanlation business sometime in the future. Because of that I'm going to be releasing Balance Policy chapter 5 using the WoW! script and my own scans which I judge to be better quality than the ones they offered me (but I would say that, wouldn't I?) It shouldn't take too long as Yoshitomi-san is sparing with the text-over-graphics stuff that takes an age to clean up and the speech balloons are minimal. Only sixteen pages and I've already got the first four done and dusted which is a good start. Have a picture:

In other news I've continued working with Reaching You scans to get the last chapter plus omake of volume 2 of Ame nochi Hare finished and out the door. Plans are afoot to get started on the third volume with me doing most of the translation and maybe providing usable raws for the team. Coincidentially the fifth volume's release date (October 2011) has just been announced on Amazon.co.jp.

The Word of the Day is: REGENERATION

Thursday, 11 August 2011

Look! Over There! (Scurry scurry scurry...)

I get bored waaay too easily, and distracted even... what was I saying just now? Ummm, so, displacement activity, it's what's for dinner! And the result of my getting a trifle bored with scanlating Nana-chan was to go off and scanlate something else. And so, here's My Senpai by Amazume Ryuta from the TS anthology Change H! White, the most recent (and possibly last) volume in the Change H! series.

I had been waiting for another scanlation group to do this short four-pager story but when it hadn't appeared several months after White was published and I managed to get hold of a copy of that volume I decided to at least scan it in and publish the raws. Problem was I now had a short 4-page untranslated TS manga sitting on my hard drive while I was staring down the barrel of the next fifty pages of the first chapter of Nana-chan which was itself displacement activity from the next two chapters of Twinkle Twinkle Idol Star and I had finished the displacement work I had been doing for Reaching You Scans on Ame Nochi Hare and so... Have a picture.

My Senpai [4shared] [Mediafire] (16.7 MB)

Now to get back to work on the stuff I should be doing, like Balance Policy chapter 5 -- no, that's not right is it? It's just I have the raw scans of that chapter sitting on my hard drive and... help?

The Word of the Day is BRASSIERE

Tuesday, 9 August 2011

Grind Grind Grind

Still working away at scanlation; the primary manga on my joblist is now Nana-chan to Ore... because I've got the bit in my teeth now. I'm still assisting Reaching You scans with the last bit of volume 2 of Ame Nochi Hare and I'm manfully resisting the temptation to scanlate my raw scans of a short Amazume one-shot from Change H! White which WOW!Scans have not yet done anything with. It's only four pages which is good but full-colour which is a lot of work to clean and edit. I'll try to resist a bit more (but it's an Amazume transgender story, always interesting and twisty and the artwork's sooo nice...), at least while I get a serious chunk of Nana-chan out the door -- chapter 1 is 55 pages long, a bit of a handful. Here, have a picture:

Gravity sucks, doesn't it?

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