Wednesday, 23 October 2013

Sometimes I wonder...

...why I bother with this blog. I come back to it, promise myself I'll keep it more up to date and then I wander off again. This time, maybe for sure...

 Anyway this time it's for a new scanlation release, Nozomu Nozomi chapter 2. Have a picture.

 Nozomu Nozomi volume 1 chapter 2 [Mediafire]  (36 MB)

 I've been busy while I've been away and if you missed it elsewhere here's chapter 10 of Balance Policy which I released a few months ago.

 Balance Policy chapter 10 [Mediafire]  (21 MB)

 Things are a bit confusing over at Shonengahosha, the publishers of the Change H! anthology series but it looks like they are relaunching a new TS/TG anthology under the title "Trans Switch" and it appears from the advertising material that Balance Policy is going to continue there. The first new volume should be out end of November 2013 and I'll be ordering a copy.

 Other small projects I did include an omake from the rather odd possession/horror/comedy manga Teizokurei Monophobia.

 Teizokurei Monophobia omake [Mediafire]  (4 MB)

 The Word of the Day is NAI!

Tuesday, 5 February 2013

More Stuff

 I finally got my finger out and finished stage (chapter) 6 of Twinkle Twinkle Idol Star, the second chapter of the "Marimo in Danger!" storyline. Yay for me! Have a picture.

Twinkle volume 1 stage 6 [Mediafire] (12.0 MB)

 That leaves one more chapter to go in this volume. Things may go a bit easier as I may have located a source of scripts for Twinkle, however that may be counterbalanced by more stuff arriving on my plate, which brings me to my next release, a scanlation of the first chapter of Nozomu Nozomi by Nagatsuki Misoka. This release is a bit of a bodge since the first half of this chapter was released in a Change H! anthology and scanlated by the now-defunct group WOW!Scans. More chapters were released and then collected in a tankobon. Unusually this is a full-colour production which means it's more difficult to edit and typeset than regular greyscale manga. Have a (colour) picture.

 Sorry, no cup.

Nozomu Nozomi chapter 01 [Mediafire] (36 MB)

 Finally here's a HQ raw scan of the fifth and final volume of Boku no Futatsu no Tsubasa (My Two Wings) by Toshiki Yui. It's a bit big so I had to break it down into two separate zipfiles. Have a (not 600dpi) picture.

Boku no Futatsu no Tsubasa volume 5 raw HQ part 1 [Mediafire] (122 MB)
Boku no Futatsu no Tsubasa volume 5 raw HQ part 2 [Mediafire] (112 MB)

 This series has already been completely scanlated but the last volume was a rush job done from poor quality Chinese scans by an ad-hoc group. If anyone wants to rework this volume and would like to use my 600dpi raws then contact me; my gmail account is albedo404.

 The Word of the Day is OTO-SAN.

Thursday, 17 January 2013

More RAW manga

 Here's a RAW scan of one of the Amazume stories from Change H! Orange, the restarted TG/TS anthology series that now carries Balance Policy. This one's a bit unusual even for Amazume-san as its genderbending aspects involve the peculiar Japanese cosplay concept of masking, that is full-body costuming plus headmasks. These costumes are often manga and anime-based with the facial features such as eyes stylised and exaggerated, but always feminine. Have a picture.

 Masking by Amazume Ryuuta [Mediafire]

 Speaking of Amazume-san, Vexed Scans has released a scanlated version of My Beloved Sempai which also appeared in the Change H! Orange anthology although it had previously been published in Gekkan Young King magazine. The third Amazume story in Change H! Orange is the final chapter of the Boy Meets Girl Girl Meets Boy series which someone scanned in from the magazine publication a few months ago. Have a picture.

 Boy meets Girl Girl Meets Boy final chapter [Mediafire]

 It's still not been scanlated but I have it in my queue as a possible project if no-one else steps forward any time soon.

 The Word of the Day is ONNANOKO.

Monday, 7 January 2013

Balance Policy Chapter 9

 As expected the Change H! anthology series restarted in December and I got hold of a copy of the new volume, Orange, at great expense. Also as expected it had chapter 9 of Balance Policy which also also as expected I've now scanlated. Have a picture.

  Balance Policy chapter 09 [Mediafire]

You can find all the other chapters of Balance Policy in the folder here.

  Balance Policy folder [Mediafire]

 I'm also releasing these chapters at the online manga reader site Batoto and the scanlation download site Manga Traders when I get around to it.

 I also got the first tanko volume of Balance Policy along with Change H! Orange but there's no extra content from the magazine chapter releases apart from a couple of illustrations and an author afterword. I may put together a volume download later. I'll be doing more scanning and raw releases of the Change H! volume  -- there's a new Amazume story in there as well as other interesting stuff.

 The Word of the Day is MOE.