Wednesday, 23 October 2013

Sometimes I wonder...

...why I bother with this blog. I come back to it, promise myself I'll keep it more up to date and then I wander off again. This time, maybe for sure...

 Anyway this time it's for a new scanlation release, Nozomu Nozomi chapter 2. Have a picture.

 Nozomu Nozomi volume 1 chapter 2 [Mediafire]  (36 MB)

 I've been busy while I've been away and if you missed it elsewhere here's chapter 10 of Balance Policy which I released a few months ago.

 Balance Policy chapter 10 [Mediafire]  (21 MB)

 Things are a bit confusing over at Shonengahosha, the publishers of the Change H! anthology series but it looks like they are relaunching a new TS/TG anthology under the title "Trans Switch" and it appears from the advertising material that Balance Policy is going to continue there. The first new volume should be out end of November 2013 and I'll be ordering a copy.

 Other small projects I did include an omake from the rather odd possession/horror/comedy manga Teizokurei Monophobia.

 Teizokurei Monophobia omake [Mediafire]  (4 MB)

 The Word of the Day is NAI!