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Ch 91 Tondemo Skill de Isekai Hourou Meshi

Chapter 91 -- Oh Lord How More Money Rolls In

At the warehouse door Johan-ojisan was waiting as usual. I wondered idly if he lived there, I'd never seen him anywhere else even within the Guild. We went inside after the Guild Master explained to him that we had dealt with the Wyverns and the Guild was purchasing the materials from the monsters.

"Can you take out just one Wyvern out for now?" the old man asked. I did as he requested and the two of them examined the beheaded Wyvern carefully.

"There's not much damage." Johan-ojisan declared. "Huhu, I'm gonna get a lot of good materials outta it." The old man grinned. "13 Wyverns in all, you say? Are the other 12 like this one?" I nodded and his grin broadened.

"Ummm, thirteen of them, that's maybe too many..." The Guild Master said to Johan-ojisan, looking at the giant body of the Wyvern. It was really very large, a true monster and I'd not even brought out its head -- well, they were all jumbled up in my Item Box, I wasn't sure which head went with which body.

"Yeah, if we took all of them in one go they'd not all fit in here." Johan-ojisan confirmed, looking around. The warehouse was pretty big but twelve more Wyverns were going to fill it right up and then some.

"I guess you're right.  In that case can you disassemble them in two batches?" The Guild Master inquired.

"That's the only way I can do it, Guild Master." He thought for a moment. "I can start with seven of them and then once I'm finished with that lot I can deal with the rest." Johan-ojisan turned to me. "You okay with that, sonny?"

"You're wanting to disassemble them in two batches, is that right? Fine by me." I agreed. Leave it to the expert.

"Now that's settled... You're wholesaling all the Wyvern's materials to us?" The Guild Master asked.

"Well, you can have everything else but I'll hold on to the meat."

"That's fine. Selling the materials from so many Wyverns is going to be very profitable for us. There's always a demand for such items."

Almost all of an S-rank Wyvern's materials are valuable, the Guild Master explained. Not only the meat but also the skin, the fangs, the poison sacs and poison needles are much sought after. There's also a mana stone in such high-ranking monsters, of course. Even without including the meat the materials from thirteen such creatures will sell for a lot.

"The disassembly of all 13 monsters is going to be free of charge for me, right?" I asked. The Guild Master nodded in agreement and I thought for a moment. Right now I've got plenty of money and it's not going to cost me anything for the disassembly so...

"Can I change my mind? I'll wholesale the other materials, the fangs, poison sacs and poison needles from all thirteen monsters but can I hang on to the skins and magic stones from all but five of them?"

"Yes, that's fine." The Guild Master agreed. "Actually it's a bit of a relief if you want to hold on to those materials. We're running low on cash to pay you until we get paid for the other materials you've brought us." He shrugged. "Purchasing the materials from the Wyverns, even without the meat will cost us more than 2,500 gold coins."

More than 2,500 gold coins...? I can understand why they're running out of ready cash... I'm going to buy myself a bath. Will that cost more than 2,500 gold coins? I don't care. I'm going to buy myself a bath. I expected the Guild would pay me in large gold coins given the amount but that didn't matter. Bath store, here I come.

"As S-ranked monsters," The Guild Master explained. "All the materials from Wyverns are exceptionally high quality, especially the skin and the mana stone." It seems the Wyvern skin is highly resistant to magic, thin, durable and light so it is often made into cloaks although the price tag for such a cloak would make your eyes pop out. The mana stones are very large and don't appear on the market very often.

"Thanks to your good self this branch of the Guild is earning its highest-ever profit since it was founded," the Guild Master said with some satisfaction, "but purchasing all the materials from 13 Wyverns in one deal would be difficult for us. You should take the remaining skins and magic stones to the Guild of another city and sell them there."

Oh, other cities have Adventurers Guilds too? Well, of course they do. I could hold on to those items and sell them later at another Guild. Saying that I had more than enough money as it stands. Maybe I could get a cloak made for myself instead. The only outfits I've got are just regular clothing, nothing special. Since it's leather maybe I could ask Lambert-san whether he could make me a Wyvern-skin cloak. Even if he couldn't do it himself he should know someone who could.

"Hey, can you give us six more Wyverns to start with?" Johan-ojisan interjected. "Guild Master, it's gonna take me three days to get through this first lot. Oh, and I'm gonna need the Guild's Mithril knife for this job."

"You're right, Johan." the Guild Master replied as I pulled out six more Wyverns from my Item Box. "It's been a while since I handed out the Mithril knife." Monsters like Wyverns with resistance to magic can't be dismantled without using a Mithril knife. It seems that because it's such a valuable item the Guild Master keeps it under lock and key until it's needed. Without such a knife disassembling the Wyverns would be impossible.

That reminded me about the Mithril Lizard which was still in my Item Box. "Umm, Guild Master, I will give you the Mithril Lizard now if that's OK? The attack of the Wyverns stopped me handing it over earlier."

"Oh yes, that's right. I almost forgot about it." The Guild Master looked embarrassed. "I paid you a lot of money for it, if I didn't get it from you that would be a real problem, ha ha ha."

I pulled out the Mithril Lizard from my Item Box. The Guild master and Johan-ojisan both admired the creature.

"No matter how many times I see it, it's wonderful." The Guild Master said reverently. "Yeah." Johan-ojisan agreed, transfixed by the monster's gleaming skin.

"Right then, I'll come back in three days and hand over the rest of the Wyverns then." I said, impatient to go back to the inn.

"Yeah, I'll be ready for them." Johan-ojisan said, tearing his eyes from the Mithril Lizard's body.

"You truly saved our lives today, Mukouda-sama, and we are in your debt." the Guild Master said, clapping me hard on my shoulder. He may have been an old man long retired from adventuring but he remained strong and the blow hurt. I tried not to grimace. "If there is ever anything we can do for you don't hesitate to ask."

Right then, I said telepathically to Fer and Sui, let's go back to the inn. We got more money today so I'm going to the bath store tomorrow and look at some baths and then if I see one I like then I'm going to buy myself a bath.


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