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Ch 88 Tondemo Skill de Isekai Hourou Meshi

Chapter 88 -- Fer and Sui, Obliterating Wyverns

Wyverns had come to the western grasslands, attacking Adventurers and turning the area into a super-danger zone. I really didn't want to come here with Fer. No, let me emphasise, I really REALLY didn't want to be here.

"Would you look at those assholes? Flying around like they owned the place." Fer muttered.

1, 2, 3, 4 ...... I counted 12 Wyverns in all. They looked big and ugly. Very big and double-ugly. The flying creatures looked more like Pteranodons in dinosaur movies rather than Wyverns in games. Fer, is it really okay?

"Gyaah, gyaah, gyaaaah..." Even the cries they made sounded evil.

Uh oh, are the Wyverns headed straight for me?

"Ah, you noticed?" Fer said casually.

"Th- they're coming straight for us! W- what are you doing to stop them!?"

"Don't panic. You're safe," Fer shook his head. "I've put up a Barrier like I always do."

"No, no, but that's..."

Sui interrupted. "Are we gonna fight those things?" she said as she jumped out of her bag.

"Hey Sui, don't get out of your bag, it's dangerous!" I ordered but she wasn't listening to me.

"That's right, Sui." Fer said.

"Those big flying things, yeah-?" Sui trembled with eagerness.

"I'll show you how to hunt flying prey. C'mon." Fer continued.

"Yeah." Sui said.

"Where are you going? D- don't just go off and teach Sui weird things. " Sui-chan...

"Your Aruji is going to stay here, Sui." Fer shot me a look filled with disgust. "Let's go, Sui."


"W- wait just a-" Without listening to what I said, Sui followed Fer and headed towards the Wyverns who were now gliding at a low altitude straight for us, attacking us head-on.

"Why won't you listen-" I complained as Fer and Sui stopped about 300 meters away, directly under the Wyverns.

"Right then, Sui." Fer lectured. "When going after flying prey you should aim at their head or their wings. If you hit their head it's an instant kill." Sui listened to Fer's advice eagerly, trembling in excitement. "Sometimes though the head is too small a target to hit reliably. In that case aim for their wings. Damage the wings and most flying prey will fall to the ground and then you can hunt them there." I could hear Fer's voice resonating in my head as he taught my darling Sui-chan how to hunt dangerous flying creatures. Fer, how could you-?

"OK, head or wing. Sui'll try it-" W- what's Sui going to do? Huh? Is that a tentacle? Sui extended her body like a long stick towards a Wyvern.

"Gyah, gyaaaah!" One of the flying Wyverns crashed into the grass.

"Ah-, I missed. I was aiming for its head." S- Sui, did you shoot an Acid Bullet from that tentacle? Are you some kind of  sniper?!

"Remember what I said earlier. Since a Wyvern's head is kinda small you might miss it. However it seems that it was quite a good hit anyway, right at the base of the Wyvern's wing so it can't fly anymore." Fer explained.

"Wow, I was praised~. I will hit the next one harder and better, for sure-." Sui started to steadily shoot down the Wyverns with her Acid Bullets.

"OK Sui, you've got enough enemies, it's my turn now." As Fer said that, he fired several volleyball-sized stones and hit three Wyverns simultaneously. These two guys... OK, I knew that both Fer and Sui are strong, but when I saw them shooting down these flying monsters so easily I didn't know what to think.

"Okay, that's all of them shot down now." Fer concluded.

"Yeah-" Sui sounded disappointed, somehow.

"Next thing, we have to finish off the survivors but remember Wyvern meat is delicious so we don't want to mess them up.  The best thing is to cut their head off at the neck like this." Professor Fer continued his how-to-deal-with-terrifying-monsters lecture as Sui listened avidly.

Splat, roll... I guessed that Fer used wind magic. He sliced the Wyvern's neck and the head rolled clean off. F-, Fer, how can you do that so nonchalantly?

"I understand." said Sui. "Sui will try to do it like Fer-ojichan."

"Monsters like these have some resistance to magical attacks so if you're going to cut their heads off with magic, you should put a bit more mana into your spell."

"OK-" Saying that, Sui approached a fallen Wyvern and cut off his head. Was that a Water Cutter?

"Yay! I did it." Sui bounced happily.

"Yes, that was well done Sui." Fer said approvingly. "You've got the knack. I'll help you deal with the rest of them."


The two of them went ahead and cut off the heads of the fallen Wyverns one after another, chop chop chop. Wow, they didn't even hesitate. It was just like Sui-chan was turning into another Fer and that kinda worried me. OK, she was powerful, legendary even (for a Slime) but I'd rather have the cute Sui-chan, the one that trembles and bounces.

"Gyaaaa... Shhhhh..." A blast of wind accompanied the loud cry. Oh shit, another Wyvern was hovering directly in front of me. It looked like we'd missed one, there were 13 of them not 12. Was I going to die?

"Gyaa, gyaa, gyaaaaah!" The Wyvern was seriously pissed off after seeing all his friends killed in front of him.

"Ooooooooooooooooooo, Fer, do something, save meー ー ー ー ー ー !!!"

Chunk, chunk, chunk, chunk! The Wyvern stabbed at me over and over again,  attacking me with the poison stinger in its tail. However thanks to Fer's Barrier spell the strikes bounced off and I was safe somehow.

Chunk, chunk, chunk, chunk!  "Hiiii---" The Wyvern screamed in frustration but didn't stop trying to stab me with its tail.

"Oh, there's one left." came Fer's voice. "Die, asshole." Slash. Suddenly the Wyvern's head fell off and black blood spouted from its neck. Thump! I collapsed sideways as the Wyvern's huge body slumped to the ground in front of me.

"Wow! Fer-ojichan is sooo strong!" A high-sprited Sui jumped around, poing poing.

"I, I'm saved............"

"Of course you're safe so stop yelling. My Barrier wouldn't even get scratched by a mere Wyvern attacking it." Fer pointed out.

"Yabbut, a Wyvern..." I tried to explain. "It scared me, it's such a big monster and it tried to stab me with its poison stinger and..." I gave up under Fer's withering gaze. Monsters such as Wyverns were nothing to him.

"I was hoping for a bigger flock of Wyverns, not this mere handful." Fer said dismissively.  "It was good practice for Sui though."

Fer thought that 12-  no, 13 Wyverns is an insignificant number... I didn't really understand just how strong Fer really is.

"Ok, will we go back to town after I collect up the Wyverns?" I asked.

"No, not yet. We'll go back after we've eaten." Fer announced.

"Sui is hungry, I want to eat dinner too-" Sui-chan chimed in.

...so that's how it's going to be, huh ~. Well, it was the only reason these two battle maniacs brought me along, to cook for them. I figured it was time to get to work and started making dinner.


  1. That's one way to do it.

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  2. Attention, it's time for Fer's "How To Kill A Flying Food" training lesson.
    Step 1: Aim for the head for instant kill or base of the wings to bring them down.
    Step 2: If you went with the second method and brought them down, cut their heads off to preserve the meat.
    Step 3: Enjoy, If you went with the first method omit step 2 to and enjoy then.

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    2. Considering his experiences so far.

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    5. I assume the author is deliberately stretching out the amount of chapters with the cowardly MC in order to save character development. That way, there will be many volumes of LN he can write later on where the MC has slow growth into becoming a super merchant and super fighter. The more LN books that can be written, the more money there is to make.

    6. Man y'all gonna hate OG (Overgeared) cuz his char dev took a LOOOOOOONG ass time although both his former and present personalities were entertaining and nice. This MC though is too cowardly, but atleast he is not wimpy enough to start skedaddling despite having the beejibbies scared outta him. I think of him more as a carefree, minimalist(simple) yet honest lad (cuz he ain't a man yet, fooking laddie too damn whiney sheesh). It would explain why he is quite ignorant yet self sufficient, why he is cowardly yet reckless/brash enough to diss a deity, and also have the leeway to take in a slime just cuz he thought it looked like a cutie patootie.

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    1. You know that some people get frightened just by watching a scarry movie right... it's not like he has the willpower of a superhuman.... he might have magic and fel's barrier but he is still learning magic and the barrier is invisible, if I were in his shoes.. I might not be as frightened as him but I will have forgotten about the barrier and would have done something... maybe... hard to tell...

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