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Idle Talk 8 - Tondemo Skill de Isekai Hourou Meshi (post Ch 91)

Idle Talk 8 -- Strange Cravings of the Goddesses

A number of Goddesses were gathered in the temple of the Wind Goddess Ninril. The mistress of this temple, Ninril-sama was a slender beautiful woman with clear blue eyes and long white hair. Beside her stood the Earth Goddess Kishar, a voluptuous beauty with an hourglass figure, dark brown eyes and long golden hair. On her other side was the Fire Goddess Agni, golden-eyed and dark-skinned, her fiery red hair pulled back in a ponytail. Almost hidden by the other Goddesses was the diminutive Water Goddess Rusalka, a pretty child-sized girl who appeared to be seven or eight years old, with green eyes and shoulder-length hair of a deep blue colour.

The four Goddesses were gathered around Ninril-sama's scrying pool gazing at a certain party residing in the world below.

"Other-world-guy-kun, when are you planning to make an offering?"

"Really, he's a bit late."

"Do we totally need to send him an oracle?"

"... (nods silently without saying anything)"

The goddesses were getting impatient. It seems that not only Ninril-sama but also the other Goddesses had become captivated by the sweet offerings of the other world.

"Agni, you just said we should send him an oracle so go ahead and do it."


"...(silently nods)"

The Goddesses figured that Agni-sama should do it since she had been the first one to suggest it. Agni-sama disagreed.

"H- hey, why should I be the one to do it? No chance. Sending an oracle to the world below, other Gods and Goddesses might pick up on it and then our secret would be revealed. Besides, if the God of Creation finds out what we're doing He'll get angry again and I'll be the one that gets the blame."

"It'll be OK, just this one time. I've done it twice before and I haven't been caught." (thinks: lucky for me)

"Oh yeah, it's bound to be OK if you do it just this one time." (thinks: besides if it does go wrong I won't get the blame)

"……All right" (thinks: I don't know if it's actually a good idea but I'll deny everything if I'm asked)

Goddesses can be quite ruthless and unfeeling, especially if they want to avoid the wrath of the God of Creation.

"Guhhh... It was my suggestion to send an oracle so it can't be helped. But... since I'm the one taking the risk I'm gonna get something I want. We agreed that asking for booze was a bad idea but that's what I want from the other-world-guy and I'm not gonna send him an oracle unless I can ask him for some alcohol."

"Ummm..." (thinks: Alcohol, that's going to attract those troublesome Gods but without an oracle I won't get anything I want...)

"Alcohol, is it?...." (thinks: That means those troublesome Gods will turn up but if it's only one or two of them, would that really be a problem?)

"............" (thinks: The booze-loving Gods are bound to come around but I don't care because I don't drink)

The three other Goddesses thought that Agni's request for alcohol was worth agreeing to since they wanted to receive their own offerings as soon as possible. Goddesses can be quite self-centred and greedy too.

"Hey, what are you lot thinking about?" asked Agni-sama as the three other Goddesses looked hesitant. "Are you up to something behind my back?"

"It's just, if we're sending him an oracle we can maybe ask for other things at the same time, you know." (thinks: Sweets, of course. I'll ask for more sweets this time around when Agni sends her oracle. She's very persuasive and this time the other Goddesses won't get a share of the extra sweets. Fufufu...)

"Other-world-guy-kun's forgetfulness in not delivering our offerings on time is inexcusable, isn't it? One or two cans of beer is the minimum he can offer you to make up for his lapses, yes?" (thinks: If she falls for that and agrees then I'll ask for something special myself. I totally want that soap, shampoo and conditioner he's selling down below and the only way I'll get them if other-world-guy-kun offers them to me. Maybe I can sneak in a request while he's praying to us...)

"...I think that's fine." (thinks: If you're going send a special oracle to other-world-guy-kun then, well sweets are nice but that food he made looks delicious. I want to eat that food too)

The three Goddesses agreed, seeming quite reasonable on the face of it but their hidden desires were another story. There were few chances to acquire things from the World Below after all, even for Gods and Goddesses.

"However, just a couple of cans, no more."

"Yeah. More than that and Those Guys will definitely turn up."

"...(nods vigorously)"

The other three Goddesses knew that once Agni-sama started drinking she wouldn't stop since she was a real booze-hound so limiting how much alcohol she could ask for was their only hope of keeping the secret from leaking out.

"I got it," Agni agreed, obviously annoyed. She turned to the scrying pool again. [Hoy, other-world-guy-kun, can you hear me? Send us offerings and be quick about it.] It was a very Agni-sama-like oracle in its own way.

Thus the hidden desires of the three other Goddesses were made plain to other-world-guy-kun.

(Sweets, sweets, lots of sweets just for me! Dorayaki is the most important thing, lots of dorayaki, you know!)

(I want soap and shampoo and conditioner, oh and those hair wraps too. I can't wait to try all of them)

(Food, food, food, food, food)

The Goddesses took the opportunity to demand things of the different world that other-world-guy-kun had come from a little time ago.


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