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Ch 21 Sakyubasu ni Tensei Shita no de Miruku o Shiborimasu (Because I Reincarnated as a Succubus, I’ll Squeeze Out Milk)

Ch 21 -- My Landlady is a Pervert

~ What has gone before ~

·  The protagonist finally saw his/her face in the mirror.
· After that they prepared to take a bath with the older sister.

* * * * *

"Bathing together, no, I can't do that!" I protested.

"Oh, why are you facing away from me?" Sumirena-san said, puzzled.

"I'd see you naked and you're a woman and... it's not right!" I heard Sumirena-san's long dress fall to the floor behind me, joining the apron she had taken off previously. Looking away didn't help because of the large mirror on the wall. Whether I faced one way or the other I couldn't avoid seeing Sumirena-san's nakedness. Embarrassed, I closed my eyes.

"Hey, Richy-chan, can I ask you about something else?" Sumirena-san enquired.

"What is it!? I'm at my limit here!"

"Richy-chan, before you were reincarnated, were you a young boy by any chance? Seeing your reaction, I don't think you're behaving like a girl would."

"You just figured that out?! I still think I'm a boy even now!" I exclaimed. "I'm only a year older than Erim and battling my way through puberty. Of course I'd be embarrassed about seeing Sumirena-san naked, I'm shy about such things!"

"Oh dear, you really were a boy. I should have realised earlier, you kept using "ore" talking about yourself. That's not a good way to try to hide that you're a boy, you know?"

"Well I'd be grateful if you didn't tell anyone else!" I begged her. I had missed my chance to explain things to Erim but I hadn't really intended to conceal the fact I was really a boy from him. It was probably best to keep it from him now, I decided, he was easily confused at the best of times.

"My my, this girl is really too cute," Sumirena-san mused.

"You're saying I'm cute again!?" I burst out. "You think it's funny, knowing I'm a man inside, are you just saying that to make me feel bad?"

"Well, hold on." Sumirena-san raised her hand. "It's not like Richy-chan is a perverted old geezer inside that girlish body intending to hide the fact from everyone, is it? You've admitted who you are to me. If I thought you were being sneaky and maybe planning to hurt other girls, well," she cracked her knuckles, "things would become unpleasant for you. However..."


"You've got the mind of a pure unsullied boy and the body of a beautiful girl and that just makes you twice as desirable in my eyes. That's my opinion anyway." she finished.

"For me suddenly becoming a girl is a major event that has changed my life around 120 degrees," or was it 180? I wasn't sure, "It's like a bad storyline from a gag manga!" Manga? Would they know what that was in this world? "Don't say things like that!"

"Girls are like food in a way." Sumirena-san went on, ignoring my protests. "Because, you see every girl has a special little bean that-"

"Stoooop!! The perverted old geezer is inside you, Sumirena-san! Please put your clothes on quickly! The idea of seeing a woman in just her underwear is giving me the wrong idea!"

"Richy-chan, you're a bit late." Sumirena-san replied.

"Late, how?"

"I'm already naked. I'm not wearing any underwear now. See?"

"Have you taken everything off!? Enough! I am leaving!" I'd have to open my eyes to find the door though, and Sumirena-san was in the way, I think and...

"No. I will not let you leave here." Sumirena-san said firmly.

"Why are you pushing me so far, Sumirena-san? Please let me go!"

"Oh, hearing a girl desperately pleading to escape my clutches, somehow it feels terribly erotic, you know." Sumirena-san was definitely a pervert, I decided.

"Please don't say such things!"

"You dislike the idea of sharing a bath with me so much?" she asked in a voice full of disappointment.

"It's not that I think you're disgusting, it's just... well, the idea's just unbearable to me." I tried to explain.

"...I see. Well, if you say that, it can't be helped." Sumirena-san said with a sad catch in her voice. I heard the sound of her putting her clothes back on. She had finally given up, it seemed. Sumirena-san's suggestive and occasionally outright lewd speech and behaviour was getting to me and I was thankful she had stopped for now.

I had been lonely for so long, shunning company and I felt awkward being around someone so forthright and pushy like Sumirena-san but I had to be firm with her and not let her play with me like I was some kind of toy for her amusement.

"You can open your eyes now." she said.

"...Sumirena-san, ummm, I want to thank you Sumirena-san, I'm really happy that..." I opened my eyes. "'re still naked! AAAAAAAAAAAAH!" I screamed, a high-pitched girlish scream.

"Uhufu, fooled you!" Her cheeks dimpled in a smile. "I didn't say I was going to dress myself again though." Flaunting her nakedness Sumirena-san posed, lifting her modest breasts in her hands. My eyes! I saw it! For the first time ever I saw a real woman's naked everything... I clamped my eyes shut again but the afterimage burned in my brain.

"Oh no... I was showing you my body, why have you closed your eyes again? It's just us girls here, you can look as much as you want, surely?"

"It's impossible! If I did that, I will pass out for sure!"

"Get used to seeing it." Sumirena-san said coldly. "It might be shocking for you right now but you need to get over it, Richy-chan. You're a girl too, after all."

"Yes but," I scrabbled for an excuse, anything... "Taking a bath together is a step too far!" If I let her get away with this... uh, what is that soft feeling?

"Well, if I stand around like this much longer I will catch cold so I want to get in the bath right away." Her hands fumbled at the hem of my one-piece dress. " If you say you won't strip yourself then I'll do it for you. I won't delay any longer."

"Strip me, what? Stop it, please wait! Wait! Don't pull!!"

"Ah, this is fun. I can't forcibly strip ordinary girls since it would be criminal of me but since it's Richy-chan there isn't a problem, right?"

"I think there is problem, a big one! Stop..., Hu, Sumirena-san, you're so strong..." I couldn't stop her...

"I'm Level 8," Sumirena-san said as she tugged at my dress again. "I think that's average for women." Level 8? That's stronger than Erim!

"Right then, let's get you out of that dress now. Although I could just leave you with your head and arms trapped inside like that." she laughed. She had pulled the hem of my dress up over my head leaving me naked below. "I could just tie a knot on top, you'd be helpless."

"No please, I don't want that! Oh, aaaah..." I begged in a muffled voice.

"Very well then, it's all coming off. Next time, though, let's do it that way." she said, continuing to pull ruthlessly until my one-piece dress, my last defence against exposure, came off over my head and I was naked before her gaze.

"Wow. On close inspection the important parts of your body are truly impressive. Moreover, the color and shape are superb. They're so shockingly perfect I want to say "Pow!" or something like that. Gulp." Sumirena-san said somewhat incoherently. What's with the sound effect? Pow? What was going on? I was keeping my eyes tightly shut, afraid to look but I knew I was now naked in front of, of, of a... woman, and, and, I was a woman myself and, and naked too and... Open your eyes, I told myself, until you do that you've got no idea what you really look like, but somehow my eyes wouldn't open.

"Richy-chan, you're only covering your crotch with your hands, if you really want to make a show of preserving your girlish modesty then you should cover your chest as well next time." Sumirena-san offered me some more unwelcome advice.

"What do you mean, next time! There isn't going to be..."

"Uhu, you're a girl," Sumirena-san interrupted. "but that gesture is so boyish." She paused. "Myself, I find it kinda endearing..." There was definitely a screw (or three) loose in my landlady's head, I decided listening to what she was saying about me. I needed some help here but who could I turn to? Erim? He was the one that had brought me here in the first place and he was Sumirena-san's younger brother and very much under her thumb. Who else? There was nobody...

"Get in, get in." I felt a push on my back, propelling me forward.

"Don't push me! I hate it! And I'm not going in the bath with you!"

"Oh, hearing the protests of a blubbering girl being forced into a bath with me against her will is soooo stimulating." 

 Did she really understand how her words made me feel? "Sumirena-san, please give some consideration to my feelings!"

"Yes, of course I will. Later." she said firmly. "Let's get your back washed first though." she said as she kept pushing me towards the bath. I couldn't use force against a woman, I was a man after all but even if I had tried to oppose her I knew Sumirena-san was stronger than me by far. I had run out of ideas and and I gave in, letting her direct me limply to the bath. However, as a last concession Sumirena-san permitted me to make a blindfold for myself with the towel I had wrapped around my left arm earlier.

"Blindfolding, that's SM play too!" Sumirena-san said. My landlady is a pervert.

"First of all, I'll wash Richy-chan's back." I was guided to sit down on a low stool in the bathroom. "Please be gentle..." I begged her. I heard a shower spray noise and felt warm droplets of water on my skin. It seemed that hot water was created by fire magic in this world and so it was readily available in most homes. I was impressed by the clever use of magic for this purpose.

"Ah, Richy-chan, you're soooo attractive... oh, your wings are lovely. Can I lick them a bit?"

"What do you mean, lick? My wings? I don't get it." Where had that request come from?

"Well you see, a Succubus' wings are supposed to be erogenous zones. Wouldn't you like to find out if it's true for yourself?" Sumirena-san said, her eagerness to experiment in her voice.

"Absolutely not. I forbid it." I said firmly. I felt the hot water of the shower around my neck and running down my back while I hoped Sumirena-san wouldn't take liberties with my... wings? Well, yes I had wings now, and horns too since I was a Succubus. I wasn't just a girl now, although that was distracting enough, a beautiful girl too if the mirror hadn't lied to me, I had been reincarnated in this world as a monster of sorts, with wings and such. I didn't want first-hand knowledge whether those wings were indeed erogenous zones. At least, not so soon. I had to get used to the "being a girl" thing first.

I felt Sumirena-san's hand touch the towel I was using as an emergency blindfold. "I'm sorry, but I can't wash your back properly unless I use this towel."

"Isn't there something you can use to wash your body other than a towel in this world?" I wondered.

"Well there is Richy-chan, but I'd like to use this towel anyway."

"Don't do that, use another towel please." I said. "Why do you want to use this particular towel to wash my back?"

"Because it would be fun." Sumirena-san is the sort that won't take no for an answer when they get excited. I heard her giggle again as she started to wash my back with what felt like a towel. Another towel, to my relief.

"...That sounds like you're enjoying yourself anyway."

"I am enjoying myself." Sumirena-san confirmed. "To tell you the truth I always wanted a younger sister. A younger brother isn't the same thing."

"Erim would cry if he heard you say that." Poor Erim, his sister didn't want him. How cruel could she be?

"I also love Erim but he's my younger brother." Sumirena-san protested. "For that reason I couldn't share a bath with him like I am doing with you right now, could I?"

"Well, yeah but why do I have to share a bath with you in the first place...?"

I heard Sumirena-san sigh. "From now on you have to live as a girl, don't you? That's why there is no problem with us sharing a bath, you silly Succ- girl." I wondered if all women were like this, always flirting and being suggestive or whether Sumirena-san was an outlier, really a pervert.

"...Can I ask you something?"

"My erogenous zones?" She giggled again. "My third most sensitive place is my ears but the second and first place are secret for a reason. I want Richy-chan to find them for himself." My landlady was definitely a pervert.

"I wasn't going to ask that and I'm not going to look for them anyway." I was able to declare that calmly since I was blindfolded and I couldn't see her distracting naked form any more. She wasn't a woman to me, I erased the vision that had seared itself into my memory... well, actually I saved it in a folder in a corner of my brain just in case I needed to look at it again for some reason.

"Why did you trust me so much so quickly?" I went on. "You're treating me like part of your family. Why?"

Sumirena-san's examination of my underwear, her pantymancy, was incomprehensible and I still didn't know how she had found me acceptable after that. I wasn't wearing any panties at all, wouldn't that be regarded as more obscene than any kind of underwear no matter how risque or alluring? When she flipped up the hem of my skirt I was sure she would denounce me or beat me up or at least throw me out.

"Truthfully I was rather surprised when I saw you weren't wearing any underwear like a proper girl would." Sumirena-san said. "However, my reason for trusting Richy-chan, do you really want to hear it?"

"Yes, please tell me, I have to know." I begged. Something like trust and faith in a person aren't normally that easy to cultivate. I couldn't remember doing anything that would make Sumirena-san believe I was a good person. I didn't want to doubt her kindness but I had known her for less than a day and I had learned over the years of my hikikomori existence to be cautious around other people, possibly to excess.

Sumirena-san, Do you truly, really, trust in me? My mind wouldn't be at rest until I knew if she did, why she did. Sumirena-san stopped rubbing the towel across my back and I felt the tension rise.


  1. Thank you for the chapter.
    Hmmmmm. Has Sumirena been Reincarnated or does she know of somebody who has? Are gender bent reincarnations common in that world?

    1. Going from the manga, she does not know any reincarnator bu she does know a succubus, but given that she trusted the MC before knowing any of those facts, most likely it's something ridiculous like "I wanted to eat you up".

  2. Thank you for translating this novel and please continue.