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Ch 158 Tondemo Skill de Isekai Hourou Meshi

Chapter 158 -- Sui's Special Elixir (Degraded Version)

Once we got out of earshot of the others back in the clearing I stopped.

"Sui, can you make something for me please?"

“Whaaaat?-" Sui inquired.

"It's this..." I gulped, then took two items from my Item Box. One was a bottle of blood from the Earth Dragon, the other was the glass jar that held the half of the Earth Dragon's liver that I hadn't sold to the Guild. Elland-san had told me that Dragon's blood and Dragon's liver were a powerful panacea, able to prevent disease. Maybe, if Sui could combine them she could make a new sort of medicinal potion to treat serious diseases. Of course it wouldn't be Elixir, I didn't know how to make that and anyway I probably didn't have all the ingredients but a powerful recovery medicine might be possible.

"This is the blood and liver of the Earth Dragon." I explained to Sui-chan. "They seem to be medicines that treat various diseases and injuries. I want Sui to make a medicine with both of them to cure a serious sickness. Can you do it?"

Sui-chan jiggled for a bit, obviously thinking hard. "Well, I'm not sure if I can do it, but Sui will try-"

"Thank you, Sui. Don't worry if you can't manage it." I took a deep breath. "Well then, let's get started shall we?"


I handed Sui the bottle containing about a litre of the Earth Dragon's blood. I then opened the glass jar and cut a piece of liver, about a quarter of what remained and handed that to Sui too. She slowly ingested them, making "Ummm" noises telepathically.

I sat down beside Sui, observing her carefully. Was it possible the Dragon blood and liver were too powerful for her to cope with? Could they hurt her, was this a bad idea? But she could handle magical materials like Mithril easily, surely... I clamped down on my imagination and waited as patiently as I could.

After about 5 minutes, Sui suddenly spoke. "I was able to do it-"

I grabbed an empty bottle from my Item Box and held it out to Sui.

“Well, can you put it in here?”

"Yes, I understand-" A translucent reddish-purple liquid gurgled into the bottle from the tip of Sui's tentacle.

"Yeah, that's fine, Sui. The bottle is just about full." I said as the liquid reached the neck of the bottle.

“Aruji, there’s about two more-” Sui said. Still more to come? I quickly got two more empty bottles from my Item Box and held them out one after the other as Sui filled them with the mysterious liquid. Finally I had three bottles of translucent reddish-purple liquid, corked and safe. Now to Appraise them.

[ Sui's Special Elixir (degraded version) ]
A lesser version of Elixir, unable to extend life. Effective cure for all diseases.

"Cough, cough, splutter!" I nearly dropped the bottle I had been Appraising. It really was Elixir?

"Aruji, are you alright-?" Sui-chan asked worriedly, tugging at my trouser leg.

“Cough cough…" I took a deep breath. "Yes, I'm okay.” I said, reaching down to pat her reassuringly.

…Elixir, Sui-chan really did it. She's truly amazing. Okay, it's a degraded version, not the true Elixir but my Appraisal said it's a cure for all diseases. 'A lesser version of Elixir, unable to extend life' -- did that mean that the true Elixir would extend someone's lifespan or even grant them immortality? Unbelievable.

I never thought Sui-chan could make Elixir with the Dragon blood and liver but even this lesser version should be able to cure any disease, and that's what I wanted to start with so it's a success. Now Darryl and Eris's mother will be fine. I just had to find some way to get it to her. I decided in addition that making an easy-to-digest dish for an invalid would be good, so I'd make some rice porridge with eggs.

"Sui, can you wait for a moment? I'm making something to eat for Darryl and Eris’s mother.”

"Yes, that's okay-"

Being well away from the clearing it was safe for me to open Net Super and buy eggs. I figured the small boost in status eating other-world food granted would help the kids' mother as well. There were seasonings to hand, some cooked rice too, yosh, that would be fine. I added water to the cooked rice in the pot and brought it to a boil on the Black Magic Cooking Stove. I added soup stock and soy sauce then I broke a couple of eggs into the pot and beat them into the mixture while turning down the heat. I tasted it and thinking it was a bit lacking I added more soy sauce and some salt. It was maybe a bit thicker than real rice porridge but I figured it would be OK so I left it like that.

The pot was an old one, not from the Net Super so I could just give it to Darryl as it was. He had said he had an Item Box and even if it didn't work like mine to keep things hot the rice porridge was a simple dish to re-heat. I shut off my Black Magic Cooking Stove, put everything away and we headed back to where everyone was waiting for us.


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