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Ch 175 Tondemo Skill de Isekai Hourou Meshi

Chapter 175 -- Announcing Our Departure

Having decided we would leave Doran tomorrow we went the Adventurers Guild to let them know we were heading off to the next destination in our itinerary, the city of Neihof. Of course when Fer, Dora-chan and Sui heard we were leaving they started badgering me to dive into Doran's dungeon just one more time but I put my foot down and said no. We had already conquered this dungeon and we didn't have the time to do it again if we wanted to get to Neihof any time soon. After Neihof of course was our final stop, the seaport of Berleean with its promise of seafood. After that, well, back in Carerina Lambert-san the leather goods store owner was making a Wyvern-skin cloak for me and I'd have to return for that once it was ready, another thing to consider.

Fer, Dora-chan and Sui grumbled and moaned at not taking a second trip through Doran's dungeon. I pointed out this country had other dungeons we hadn't visited yet which cheered them up a little. I didn't tell them I had no intention of going into any of those other dungeons though...

"Welcome Mukouda-san." Elland-san said, meeting me at the Guild's reception desk. I noticed Ugor-san hurrying to meet us, no doubt intent on preventing the Guild Master doing or saying something stupid.

"Mukouda-sama, welcome." Ugor-san said, a little out of breath. "Shall we go up to the Guild Master's office?" They prepared to lead the way but I demurred. My business today was only a minor matter after all.

"No, I just stopped by to let the Guild know I was intending to leave Doran tomorrow morning." I said.

"Eh, are you going already?!" Elland-san exclaimed. "Won't you stay here until I'm free to accompany you? I want to travel with Dora-chan." His eyes were fixed on the Pixie Dragon hovering beside me.

"Something about that guy creeps me out." Dora-chan said telepathically as he moved behind me to get out of the Dragon-obsessed Elf's line of sight. Are you telling me you're intending to ditch your important business trip to the Royal capital and come with us to Neihof, Elland-san? I was amazed just how irresponsible he could be, at least when Dragons were involved.

"Haaa," Ugor-san said as he shook his head wearily, "Don't talk nonsense, Guild Master." He turned to me and said "Just ignore the Guild Master's fantasies, please. Oh, and let me take the opportunity to thank you for the delicious cake. My wife and children and I enjoyed it thoroughly. It was a real treat, something we had never tasted before, so sweet." Ah good, I was glad the pound cake had been a success. It seemed there was nothing quite like it in this world.

"Oh, that cake." Elland-san said. "I had some of it when I got home and it was truly delicious." He sighed. "I'm extremely fond of sweet things so I ate all of it in just two days." Really, Elland-san? Maybe all that sugar explained why he was always so hyper...

"Those sweet cakes are made in a small country far away and I just happened to get some by chance. I'm glad you liked them." This was the same excuse I had used on Arend-san the dwarf to explain where the whiskey I had bribed him with came from. It seemed to work well in this world.

"Ehhh, is that so?" Elland-san said eagerly. "It was really delicious and I was looking forward to getting so more. Is there any chance-" Ugor-san's look of exasperation brought Elland-san back down to earth.

"I would like to thank you most sincerely for the valuable items you sold to the Guild." Ugor-san said, bowing politely to me.

I waved my hands. "No no, I'm grateful to both of you for all you've done for me while I've been staying here in Doran." Elland-san was a bit weird but he had disassembled the Earth Dragon for me, and Ugor-san had been the perfect Deputy Guild Master, helping me out with the Merchants Guild as well as restraining the flighty Guild Master when necessary.

I bowed to them, saying "I wish you both the best in the future." before turning to leave but Elland-san interrupted.

Please don't forget your promise, Mukouda-san.'' My promise?

Elland-san's face fell as he caught my look of puzzlement. "Did you forget already? If you capture another Dragon you promised to bring it here?" Oh, that's right. I did sort-of say I would do that, didn't I? Ah well, I knew Elland-san could expertly disassemble a Dragon so if I, well, if Fer caught another Dragon then bringing it back to Doran would be the obvious thing to do, I supposed.

"Yes, I remembered..." I thought for a moment. "But we're heading for Berleean and we're intending to catch a Sea Serpent there. Could you disassemble something like that for us?" Wasn't a Sea Serpent a bit like an aquatic Dragon? I didn't know much about such things.

"Oh, a Sea Serpent?" Elland-san brightened up. "I've disassembled a Sea Serpent before, I'm sure I could do that job perfectly for you." He looked at Fer who was standing beside me. "Leviathan too. If you can subjugate Leviathan I'll disassemble that monster for you as well."

Isn't Leviathan the absolute boss of the sea monsters? It seemed an impossible task but it would be up to Fer, not me. "Fer, could you actually subjugate Leviathan?" I asked him.

"Idiot. They're really rare, I've only ever encountered three of them in my life." Well, that settled it, no Leviathan- "And defeated one." Fer looked up at Elland-san's excited face. "If I run into another one I'll defeat it and we'll bring it back here for you to dismantle." So you've actually subjugated Leviathan before now, Fer? I sighed. Just when I started to think I know him...

"Really?!" Elland-san said excitedly. "Please do so!"

"W- well, as Fer said Leviathan is not that common." I tried to downplay Elland-san's expectations. "Please don't get your hopes up." Elland-san's head was full of images of Leviathan though and he wasn't listening to me. Instead he turned to the deputy Guild Master with an excited look on his face.

"U-, Ugor-san, can I go with..." Ugor-san made a chopping motion with his hand, cutting off yet another anguished plea to accompany us from Elland-san.

 "Haa-, please take no heed of this idiot's ravings, Mukouda-sama."

"Uh, well... We'll be off now. Thank you both for all you've done for us." I bowed respectfully and, with Elland-san staring off into the distance and dreaming of Leviathan we left the Adventurers Guild.


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