Sunday, 24 May 2020

Idle Talk 10 - Tondemo Skill de Isekai Hourou Meshi (post Ch 176)

Idle Talk 10 -- Darryl and Eris, afterwards

"We're home." we announced together as we opened the door, but our mother was asleep. When she first got sick she couldn't sleep at all but recently she's been sleeping lots and lots.

"Brother, give her the medicine quick." Eris urged.

"Yeah." I called out to my sleeping mother. "Mother, I've got medicine for you. Open your mouth and drink it."

Mother heard me and she opened her mouth a little. I took the medicine I got from Uncle-san out of my Item Box and let mother drink it, a little at a time. After she had drunk all the medicine in the bottle her body started to glow with a white light.

"Brother..." Eris clutched at me in surprise.

"It's okay, I think." I didn't know why but I trusted Uncle-san. "It's definitely okay." The medicine that Uncle-san gave me would definitely work and it would definitely cure my mother. I waited for the light from mother to die down as Eris hugged me.

"...N ...Darryl, Eris?" Mother's eyes opened.

"Mother!" we both shouted.

"Darryl, Eris, I'm sorry I've been ill all this time." she said.

"Guuuah, motheeer, gwahhhh..." Eris clung to her mother and began to cry. She was so relieved to see our mother wake up. After a while Eris fell asleep, tired out from crying. Well, today we had walked deep into the forest away from the city and been chased by Orcs so it was no wonder she was tired.

"Oh, Eris fell asleep." Mother said, patting Eris' head.

"How are you feeling, Mother?" I asked.

"Ehh, I'm feeling a lot better." she told me. "Maybe this rest has done me good. I'm still a little sluggish but nothing more." She smiled. "I'll be able to work again tomorrow, I think."

"Ah, can you eat some food now?" I asked.

"Yes, I'm a little bit hungry." she said.

I put the food I got from Uncle-san in a bowl and gave it to my mom.

"Oh, this smells good. Where did you get this?" she asked.

"Someone who helped me today gave me this food for you." I said. "Eat it before it gets cold."

Mother started eating slowly but she kept going until the bowl was empty. It's been a long time since my mother had a good appetite. If she could eat this much in one go then she was going to be fine. I was relieved from the bottom of my heart.

"Eris and me, we'll eat later." I told her. "Lie down and sleep some more right now." She wasn't ill any more but she was still tired. After mother lay down again I carried Eris, still asleep, to our bed on my back.

"Mother's illness has been cured... The medicine really worked..." When no-one could hear me, I cried. When Mother got sick she lost her appetite and couldn't eat. Now she had eaten all the food Uncle-san had given me and not left anything. If she could eat that much then she had to be fine now. It was all thanks to Uncle-san. He gave me that medicine and it cured my mother's illness.

I'm not stupid, I know the medicine that Uncle-san gave me was amazing stuff. Mother was terribly sick and couldn't be cured. I was told that only a high priest from the royal Capital could cure her... Uncle-san saved Eris and me when we were being chased by Orcs and even after that, I was so desperate to save Mother that I was rude to him. Even so he treated Eris and me to a meal and Uncle-san's Big Wolf and Small Dragon and Slime were really nice to us.

So I'm not going to tell anyone about the medicine, and I'll tell Eris to stay quiet about it too. Mother wasn't really awake when I gave her the medicine and I don't think she'll remember taking it. I definitely won't tell anyone about getting the medicine from Uncle-san because that medicine is amazing and I think it's very valuable. Uncle-san is a kind man, he helped us when we were in trouble and he gave us this expensive medicine for free, almost.

But what if everyone knew Uncle-san had a valuable medicine like that? Someone might attack Uncle-san to steal it from him. I know there are bad people like that out there. My friend Stefan's father found some treasure in the dungeon but on his way home with money from the Adventurers Guild he was killed by bad people. I've heard other stories like that too. So I won't tell anyone anything about Uncle-san. I don't want bad people to go after him.

As I told Uncle-san, I'll definitely pay him back. I'll have my own shop someday and take care of mother and Eris and make them happy but I'll also repay my debt to you, Uncle-san. Thank you, thank you Uncle-san.


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