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Ch 45 Tondemo Skill de Isekai Hourou Meshi

Ch 45 Tondemo Skill de Isekai Hourou Meshi

Ch 45 -- Sui's Deluxe High-grade Potion

"Sui, will you stop for a moment while I tell you something?" I said as Sui bounced happily around me.

"What is it?" said Sui telepathically as she stopped in front of me.

"Sui, you got a new skill, restorative medicine creation. Can you use it?"

"Uhn? I don't quite understand, but I will try."

Sui made a groaning grunting sound as she concentrated on making restorative medicine.

"Oh I can. Aruji, I can make it!"


"Yeah, watch..."

Sui pushed out a tentacle and a liquid dripped from the end.

"Oh, hang on a moment." I said. I quickly retrieved an empty bottle from my Item Box.

"Please put it in this." I put the plastic bottle close to the tentacle tip. A clear bluish liquid collected in the PET bottle.

"This is all I can make just now, Aruji."

"Oh, I see. Thank you."

The bottle's half full of a liquid that's probably a restorative medicine made by Sui. Is it really a restorative medicine? I sniffed it but it seems to be odourless. I used Appraisal on the bluish liquid in the plastic bottle.

【Sui's Deluxe High-grade Potion】

Eh? What's this...? Sui's medicine is a deluxe high-grade potion? Explain this to me, Sui-chan.

"Sui, this is called a Sui Deluxe High-grade Potion but do you know why?"

"Because it's made by Sui. Also it's a medicine that will cure a lot of pain very quickly."

Is- is that so?

"Can you make other medicines?"

"Well, I can make a medicine that will cure some pain and another medicine that will cure a small amount of pain."

Potions that can cure mid-level pain are middle level, and medicine that cures a bit of pain is a lower-level potion. I wonder what effect each of the upper, intermediate and lower classes have...
"Sui, do you know how effective the medicine is?"

"Ummm, a high-grade medicine cures a lot of pain, a medium medicine cures medium pain and the low-grade medicine heals a little pain."

Obviously it was a mistake to ask Sui. Is there any other way I can check its effectiveness?

And how does Sui make the restorative medicine in the first place? Sui can make acid bullets as well as restorative medicines, that makes Sui absurdly strong.

"I've lived for a long time but it's the first time I've ever seen a Slime produce a restorative medicine." Fer interjected. This is a first for a fellow who's over a thousand years old?

"I'd say Sui is a very special individual." I said.

"There's no doubt she's special, she has a very high intelligence for a Slime after all. That makes her quite unique." Fer's long experience probably means Sui really is a special case.

You can't think of Slimes as small fry if you look at Sui. Whoever decided Slimes were only ever small fry anyway?

Bouncing around, Sui jumped up to my chest saying "Aruji-". I caught her, of course. Sui is cute. Sooo healing-.

"How much Sui Deluxe High-Grade Potion can you make in a day, Sui?" I asked.

"Uh, I don't know." You don't know?

"Well, can you make the same medicine as before until the bottle's full?" I held out the PET bottle which was half-filled with Sui's Deluxe High-grade Potion.

"Uh, I'll try." Sui produced more Sui's Deluxe High-grade Potion and it didn't take long for the bottle to be filled.

"That's it full, Sui. Thank you." I'm all set. I've got healing mushrooms, I've got Sui's Deluxe High-grade Potion, I won't die too easily.

I never thought she'd produce restorative medicine. Sui-sama!

"Hoi, let's get going right now." Fer growled.

"Ah, sorry sorry. Come here Sui-" I put Sui in her bag and climbed up on Fer again.

"Right, we're off."


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