Thursday, 25 January 2018

Idle Talk 5 - Tondemo Skill de Isekai Hourou Meshi (post Ch 60)

Idle Talk 5 -- I can SEE you, I can SEE you...

Ah, I ate too much because it was so delicious, you know. I finished off the other-world guy's offerings in just three days but I couldn't help myself, I'm like that.

Come on other-world guy, hurry up and pray to me and make your offerings again. If he's late again I'll have to consider sending him an oracle this time regardless.

It's all I can think of as I watch the world below in the scrying pool.

Mumu-, at last! The other-world guy is finally praying and making offerings.

"Wind Goddess Ninril-sama, please accept my offering as thanks for your continued protection now and in the future."

[Oh, I've been waiting! I'd have sent you an oracle if you'd been any later.]

What are you saying, other-world guy? Eating sweets will make me fat?

[I- I, I, I won't get fat, truly. G- Goddesses like me are always beautiful you know.]

Deities like me can't get fat and I'm always beautiful, that's just how I am. Naturally.

What do you mean, "I stutter"?

[B- B- Be quiet, you! Those cakes and puddings were very tasty but we've not eaten any for the last three days, I'll have you know.]

It's totally not my fault they're all gone. It's just the cakes and puddings were so delicious. The other-world guy is thinking "Eating all that in just three days you're bound to get fat, aren't you?"  He's being snarky even though I've told him I'm eternally beautiful and not scared of getting fat which totally won't happen anyway.

[Gumumumu, let's move on to more important things. What sort of sweet things are you offering me this time?]

That's right, stop distracting me. Sweets, that's what I want you to talk about.

Uh, that's not a nice thing to think about me, other-world guy.

"[What? They're only sweets, you know! You fool! Sweets aren't that great, huh?]

It seems the other-world guy has figured out I can know what he's thinking and he's calling it a violation of his 'right to privacy'.

[Hah, what 'right to privacy'? I'm a Goddess, you know. There's nothing you can keep secret from a deity like me. I can see what you do, hear what you think in your whole life from beginning to end. You might want to remember that clearly, you know. Anyway, I'm a Goddess, don't forget it. I'm all-powerful and that's why you should show me some respect, you know.]

Huh, I'm a Goddess after all, you know. I'm all-powerful.

Nu-? A- A deplorable Goddess, am I? M- Me?

[Nuuu, I am so totally not deplorable, you know!] This other-world guy is mega-!

"Well, this time I chose some Japanese sweets, that is sweets from the country I came from." he said. " Ninril-sama requested anpan and dorayaki and there's a sweet that's got a lot of 'anko', the same filling inside them."

[What'd you say? That 'anko' pastry? That subtle sweetness is so delicate, you know.] I started drooling as I remembered the taste of 'anko'.

A certain person is thinking unkind thoughts about a certain Goddess. Again.

"And as you can see, I've also prepared an offering of dorayaki." he prayed. There's dorayaki too?

[Ohh, dorayaki. Great job, you.] Time to transfer his offering to the world of the Gods... aaaand done.

[Muho-, there's a lot this time. You've done well my disciple.]

Lots and lots, oh there's so much this time... isn't it great?

[I'll eat a dorayaki straight away. Mm-mm-mm- muhaha, delicious as ever, hah!]

It's been so long since I tasted such sweetness. It's delicious, it's delicious.

This time I'll be careful and not eat too much. I swear.

But, just a single piece more... yeah, that's fine.

'Castella', it's a square cake, the top and bottom are dark and the thick middle is a yellowish sweet filling.

 Just a mouthful then, munch. Mmmm-, it's fluffy and sweet and soft and its taste is unbearable, you know- Sooo good, munch munch munch. Oh, it's all gone.

I should really stop eating now, shouldn't I? Yes, I should stop now, don't do what I did last time.

Uuuuh, but can I resist, can I...?

The figure of a woman watches from the shadows as Wind Goddess Ninril-sama wrestles with her conscience and loses to the sweetness arrayed before her.

I wondered why she was being so secretive, the hidden woman thought to herself. She shouldn't be selfish, such delicious food is meant to be shared. She hurried off to immediately inform the other Goddesses.


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