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Ch 50 Tondemo Skill de Isekai Hourou Meshi

Ch 50 -- The Awesome Adventurers Guild

It was agreed we would accompany the merchant Lambert-san to his home town of Carerina. It would take two days to get there according to him.

Lambert-san was sitting on the front bench of the wagon driving the horses with Rashu, the leader of 'Phoenix' beside him. A member of 'Phoenix' was escorting the wagon on each side.

All eight surviving bandits were tied by a rope in two rows to the back of the wagon, walking behind it. A member of 'Phoenix' was walking on each side of them to keep an eye on them. We were following behind the two lines of bandits.

Of course, I was riding on Fer's back and Sui was in her usual place in her bag.

It appeared these bandits were going to to be handed over to the Knights of the town of Carerina.

The chief bandit was killed in the fight and it wouldn't have been a problem if the other bandits had been killed too when they had attacked Lambert-san and 'Phoenix'. However since there would be a reward, the thieves who survived were taken along to be handed over to the Knights.

They told me to accept the reward since the bandits were actually defeated by Fer and Sui. Mr. Lambert said that it was the correct thing to do since we had saved his life and the members of 'Phoenix' were not able to fulfill the responsibility of the escort mission properly.

I appreciate the reward money so I decided to gratefully accept it. It's a pain that we have to drag the bandits along with us like this though.

Incidentally all the members of 'Phoenix' were big strong-looking men like Rashu-san. Even though they're trying to whisper they're kinda loud since they're so big. I could hear what they were saying to each other.

"Leader said it's a Fenrir but is it really? The rumour I heard was that it's a Great Wolf."

"I don't know but if Leader says it's a Fenrir, well..."

"Would such a legendary Demonic Beast become a contracted monster though?"

"To tell the truth it was Sandra-chan who told me it was a Great Wolf."

"Sandra-chan? That's Sandra, the Guild employee you're sweet on?"

"Ahh. Y'see, the Adventurers Guild's got these magic tools that can send messages between the guild houses. There's all sorts of information gets passed back and forth but it can get messed up sometimes. Maybe it came out 'Fenrir' when they meant to say 'Great Wolf'. Where Sandra-chan works most folks think it can't be a Fenrir so they decided it must be a Great Wolf after all."

"Well, yeah, that's what I'd say too."

"Yeah but, Leader has said he's sure it's a Fenrir. I'm sure I'd die if I went up against him whatever he is so..."

"We definitely don't want him as an enemy. Even a Great Wolf is a Rank A monster after all."

"Absolutely. Luckily for us he's a contracted monster and quiet as a lamb. Let's not provoke him though, huh?"


That was what I overheard. Thinking about it I had been wondering how the rumours about Fer had spread so far so fast in a world without telephones and the like. Was the magic tool they mentioned something like telportation? The Adventurer's Guild is awesome.

Saying that it's clear the rumours about Fer were from someone in the Guild leaking that information. I suppose the Guild's got all sorts of people working for it, good and bad.

Rashu-san is convinced Fer is a Fenrir but the other members of 'Phoenix' aren't so sure. That might be down to their individual levels.

Werner of 'Iron Will' identified Fer as a Fenrir when he first saw him and he's a C ranked adventurer. The ojisan at the Adventurer's Guild in Fariel did so too and he was a B or C ranked adventurer even though he was retired. The other members of 'Phoenix' seem to be in their early twenties so I'd guess they're D and E ranked. So given that, it's likely any C rank or better adventurer can recognise Fer as a Fenrir...

For the moment Fer can pretend to be a Great Wolf and we can only hope anyone else gets confused.

People able to see clearly that he's actually a Fenrir tend to be of a high level and not stupid so when they realise what sort of Demonic Beast he really is they're not going to start anything because they know they'd lose.

Raashu-san also seems to have warned his party members "Don't mess with him unless you're totally ready to die."

The biggest problem we face is the local nobility and the Kingdom itself. We came here because it's supposed to be a relatively free country without discrimination but I don't want to be pressured by the rulers because of who we are.


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  4. The author hasn't covered the usual common sense rules that the gatekeepers and guild have when applying questions. It's illegal to lie to them. So telling the official gatekeepers of the city falsehoods about the cargo or identity should have been a problem. But this author is writing an easy-going story, so gatekeepers, guild staff, nobles, and government officials don't seem to mind lies being told to them by the MC.