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Ch 62 Tondemo Skill de Isekai Hourou Meshi

Chapter 62 -- C-rank Adventurer

"To move on, sir," the Guild Master continued, "I presume that presenting all those goblins ears as proof of subjugation means that you want to improve your rank?"

Oh, I nearly forgot about that. Well, it's because of a certain someone who took me to a goblin village that I collected that many goblin ears in one request.

"If that's so then I can raise you to C rank using my authority as Guild Master." he went on.

"Eh? I'm ranked G at the moment and I only really wanted to go up to F rank so I could move around without getting demoted out of the Guild altogether after a month. Jumping straight up to C rank, is that really OK?"

"It's not a problem, any Guild Master such as myself can do so in exceptional circumstances. The bigger problem for us is that someone who has contracted with a Fenrir is only rank G."

I'd planned to rise from rank G to rank F but I'm suddenly going to become C-ranked. If I'm rank C then I'm safe from demotion for six months even if I don't complete any requests.

"Even if you decide not to rise to rank C there are some requests we would like you to consider."

Ah, it's like that is it? I wouldn't need to be rank C to do these 'requests'?

"Ummm, I'd be inclined to turn the requests down, I must admit." However there was another party involved. "Fer?"

"You're wanting to go up in rank, right? So what's the problem?"

"Well, it's a pain..."

"The requests, there's no problem taking them as I'd help you get them done quick."

"Pardon me for interrupting but since the requests would actually be of rank A or even rank S difficulty, in reality we would be asking Fenrir-sama to carry them out for us." the Guild Master said to Fer.

Ah, that's where he was going with this. I understand now. "Fer, you OK with this?"

"Huh, I don't understand this A or S stuff but there ain't anything that can beat me after all." he said matter-of-factly. Of course he'd say something like that...

"Oh, that's very good. You see, high-ranking requests don't appear often. If you became an A rank or even S-ranked Adventurer then the number of requests that are worthy of your attention is very limited. Usually such high-ranking Adventurers are only called upon specially when an emergency arises. Other than that then they are free to do as they please."

So there are only a few really high-ranked Adventurers and they don't have to grind the levels like other people to maintain their rankings? Of course if the Guild needs an A or S-ranked Adventurer in a hurry they can't always guarantee having any of them around. The Guild Master went on to explain.

"So that's why, if you're travelling around, we'd appreciate it if you could let the Guild offices in any city you're in know that you're available if a high-ranked request turns up."

Well, we'd be visiting the Adventurers Guild anywhere we went just to get meat so it seems OK for me to go up to rank C thanks to the Guild Master using his authority. One moment though, is it fine for me to accept rank A requests as a rank C adventurer?

"Is rank C really sufficient?" I inquired.

"Ah, that's not a problem. Each Guild office in this country will be contacted and the situation explained to them. Any such requests they might want you to take would come directly from the Guild Master so your rank would not be relevant."

I see. "Fer, you good with this? If we're travelling around then we're gonna have to ask the Adventurers Guild to do the dismantling if you want meat."

"Yeah, of course. I'm fine with it. Besides I enjoy a good fight every now and then. I get kinda flabby if I don't exert myself properly once in a while."

"Sui will fight as well-" Sui piped up telepathically, having been following the discussion quietly until then.

Ah, right right.  I patted a trembling Sui to calm her down.

"That seems OK then." I agreed.

"Oh, we're extremely grateful. I'll get in touch with the other Guild offices at once to inform them. The Adventurers of this country know each other quite well and the news will spread quickly, I believe. I will also order them to not bother you or get in your way."

Thanks. This Guild Master really knows his business. That should solve a lot of problems.

"So if I go through the high-ranking requests we have and narrow them down, can I give you a request tomorrow perhaps?"

Tomorrow I had planned to go to Lambert-san's shop and visit the Merchants Guild too but I'd be coming to the Adventurers Guild as well to collect the meat and sell the other items. Since the Guild Master helped us out then I'll visit the Adventurers Guild first thing tomorrow.

"Okay, I'm planning on coming back into the Guild tomorrow anyway in connection with some purchases." As I spoke I had a sudden thought. If everybody's going to know about Fer being a Fenris then I don't have to be quite as secretive as I've needed to be until now, and my Item Box is full of monsters like Orc King and Blue Ogre which I thought I'd have to hide forever.

"Ummm, would it be OK if you bought some other monsters from me?"

"Eh, more monsters? There shouldn't be a problem." The Guild Master still looked puzzled so I explained further.

"You see, I thought they would cause us trouble if I tried to sell them and we wanted to avoid notice so I've kept them tucked away instead. Since the Guild Master has come to an arrangement with Fer and the fact he's a Fenris will be widely known soon then I figure it should be OK to sell them now..."

"I see. So what sort of monsters do you have?" He leaned forward, obviously interested.

"Eh, well there's a Chimaera and an Orthros. In addition there's an Orc King and a Blue Ogre and-"

The Guild Master's face froze as I spoke. "W- w- wait, did you just say 'Chimaera'. A- a- and 'Orthros'?" He put his head in his hands as if he was close to fainting. Ah, maybe I had said the wrong thing but after a second or two the Guild Master stood up shakily.

"Please follow me, I wish to confirm this." I picked up Sui's bag and then Fer and I followed him out of his office and down to the Guild's warehouse where I had been the day before.


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