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Ch 63 Tondemo Skill de Isekai Hourou Meshi

Chapter 63 -- Refusing To Accept What I Show Them

Hey, Johan, are you around?" Apparently the tough old ojisan with the bald head from yesterday is named Johan.

"What brings you here, Guild Master? Yesterday you said..."

"Johan, I'm sorry to ask you to do this but could you close the door and make sure no-one else comes in? I don't want anyone else finding out about this."

Responding to the serious tone of the Guild Master's words Johan didn't hesitate and immediately closed the warehouse door.

"Right, this is fine." I said. "I'll get everything out now." The Guild Master had said he wanted to see everything I wanted to sell so I started pulling stored monsters out of my Item Box. First out were the Orthros and Chimaera which I had planned to keep there forever. Next was the Blue Ogre and four regular Ogres, the Orc King, the Metal Lizard and the Lake Shark. Today's haul from the goblin village massacre followed, a Goblin King, three Goblin Generals, two Goblin Mages and seven Goblin Soldiers aaaand... I felt around in the Box. No more monsters.

"That's the lot." I finished. The Guild Master and old man Johan were stunned.

The Guild Master finally unfroze. "...Ah, forgive me but... it's just amazing to see..." Pardon me, but you did want me to get everything out so I did.

Johan came back to life, his eyes remaining fixed on the monsters on display before him. "Guild Master... for me, this is the first time in my life I have ever seen Chimaera and Orthros..."

It's too late now but perhaps I shouldn't have brought them out...?

"Myself," the Guild Master replied, "I once saw an Orthros subjugated nearly forty years ago. Back then I remember it took three Adventurer parties, all of whom were rank A and rank S."

Three parties of entirely rank A and rank S Adventurers... that just shows how strong Fer is now, I suppose although right now that supposedly invincible Fenris was lying on the floor and yawning.

The Guild Master got down to business. "We can't purchase the Chimaera or the Orthros from you, the Guild simply doesn't have that much money. Even the Blue Ogre, Orc King, Metal Lizard and Lake Shark will be a big problem for us to pay for but the Chimaera and the Orthrus, I'm afraid..." he shook his head.

So they can't take them off my hands? Oh well, I had originally planned to just keep them tucked away forever anyway so it can't be helped.

"Well, please purchase the rest then." The rejected Chimaera and Orthros went back in my Item Box. Sleep well.

"To think I'll get to disassemble a Blue Ogre with my own hands..." Johan's eyes sparkled with the lust of a true craftsman. I listened closely as he eagerly explained that a Blue Ogre was a special variant of Ogre, several times stronger and usually rated as an S-ranked monster. I looked down at the animated rug sprawled at my feet. Fer, you hunted something like this for the fun of it? That's terrifying, kiddo.

I asked him about the other monsters the Guild Master had made a fuss about earlier.

 Johan-ojisan went on to explain that the Orc King rates about rank A by itself but since it's a King monster it's usually surrounded by hundreds of regular Orc followers so that makes it a class S opponent in reality.

A Metal Lizard is a monster of rank A but physically attacking it directly is pretty much useless since its skin is as hard as steel. Normally to subdue such a monster Adventurers would trap it in a pit and cast fire spells or drown it in water. However to succeed in doing something like that a considerable number of wizards would be needed as support so a Metal Lizard rarely appears on the market unless it is the result of an emergency subjugation request.

The Lake Shark is even rarer, ranked S but incredibly difficult to subdue since it can swim around freely in its lake to avoid attacks. Mostly it seems Lake Sharks are only seen when a drought dries up the waters they live in.

Fer, you really defeated all these monsters like it was nothing? Truly terrifying... The animated rug was snoring now.

"You caught the Goblin King, Mages, Generals and Soldiers today?" the Guild Master inquired.

"Yes, we, ah, ran into a goblin village earlier."

"Ah, so there was a village?" He explained the Guild had noted an increase in the number of goblins in the eastern forest and they had planned to investigate whether there was perhaps a goblin village there.

"There's a reward due to you for subjugating the goblin village, you know." Eh, a reward? That's good to hear. Fer forced me to into attacking the village but if we get paid for destroying it then that makes up for it, a bit anyway. Lucky!

"Dealing with the goblin village single-handed truly demonstrates Fenrir-sama's incredible fighting power. Of course he has already proven his capabilities by subduing the Chimaera and Orthros so it's not too surprising."

Hearing the Guild Master's words Sui suddenly trembled in her bag and protested to me telepathically.

"It wasn't just Fer-ojichan, Sui pew-pewed a lot of the green guys dead-!" she complained.

I comforted Sui and reassured her with a "Of course Sui killed a lot of goblins. Sui's amazing!" before I explained what had happened to the Guild Master.

"Fer dealt with the top goblin monsters but Sui and I killed all the ordinary goblins." I ducked my head a bit. "Although to be truthful I only managed to kill a few of them."

"Ah, I hadn't realised that. So your Slime is really that strong, is it?" Absolutely, Sui is really strong and she can make recovery medicines too. She can do so much.

"Guild Master?" Johan interrupted. "This young feller here already gave me a bunch of disassembling to get through to deliver to him tomorrow. If I push on and work really hard I think I can get the rest of these done too by then." He grinned. "Say the word and I'll show you what a craftsman with this sort of a challenge facing him can achieve." Johan's impatience to start disassembling the monsters piled up in front of him was clear.

Please work hard disassembling, Johan-ojisan. Oh, and remember to save the edible meat for me.

"Well now that's agreed will you come back tomorrow? We'll have your C-ranked Guild card ready by then and of course I can explain the high-ranking requests to you then."

"That sounds okay. I'll return tomorrow." It looked like our worries about the King and the nobles in this country were at an end, but now we have a high-ranking request to deal with. Well, it's actually Fer who'll be handling the request of course but I'm sure he'll do his best.

"Hoi, I'm hungry." The animated rug had woken up. Yeah yeah. "Remember our agreement?" What agreement was that?

"We'll only stay here in this city if you supply me with delicious meals." Fer reminded me. Oh, that agreement.

"You remember now. Good. Hurry up and make me a delicious meal." Yeah yeah. Let's go back to the inn then.


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