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Idle Talk 6 - Tondemo Skill de Isekai Hourou Meshi (post Ch 60)

Idle talk 6 - Three Heroes

"Hero Summoning"

Recently my younger sister has gotten into reading light novels and that phrase appears in a lot of them. I read them as well to kill some time but they're pretty crappy stories. Ordinary school students and 'salaryman' office workers are summoned into a parallel world and given magical cheat powers and are acclaimed as Heroes and they go out to defeat the Demon King while building a harem in the process. The contents of these novels were so bad they were laughable.

However I or rather we have actually been brought to a parallel world by a "Hero Summoning".

I'm Saitou Kaito and I attend the same high school as Oono Kanon and Yoshida Rio, that makes us three "ordinary school students". I've got no idea who the salaryman is though.

Kanon and Rio and me were in the same class two years ago and we became good friends. We live close by each other and we usually went home together and today was no exception. We were waiting at a crossing for the light to go green and chatting and there may have been a salaryman in a suit behind us, I'm not sure. Then suddenly our surroundings started to glow... And before we realised it here we were.

"Brave Heroes-" A beautiful girl with blond hair and blue eyes and dressed like a fairytale princess smiled at us.

At our feet was a magic pattern in a circle with a man and a woman wearing robes to either side of us. Knights in armour lined the sides of the room. It was just like an illustration from those crappy light novels my sister loved to read.

"What's this, is it a Hero Summoning? What the-" I was stunned, was this really happening? But it truly was a Hero Summoning ceremony. However the ceremony should have Summoned three people and there were four of us.

It was deemed necessary to conduct something called a "Status Appraisal" so I was examined by some kind of magical spell.

[Name]  Kaito  .  Saitou
[Age] 17
[Type] A Hero from another world
[Level] 1
[Fitness] 800
[Magical Power] 769
[Attack power] 772
[Defense force] 759
[Agility] 746
[Skill] Appraisal, Item Box, Holy Swordsman, Fire Magic, Water Magic, Earth Magic, Wind Magic, Light Magic, Lightning Magic, Ice magic

So according to this Status Appraisal I'm a Hero. It turned out Kanon and Rio were also Heroes with similar stats. After seeing our stats it was clear we really were Heroes. I used to laugh at those light novels I borrowed from my little sister but somehow it might not be bad to be called a Hero, no to actually be a Hero and we're all Heroes together which makes me feel a bit better.

Oh, and there's the salaryman guy whose Status Appraisal was just "A person from a different world who got dragged in by mistake". His status levels were considerably less than ours and the only skills we had in common were Appraisal and Item Box. He's definitely not a Hero but apparently everyone Summoned from another world will get Item Box and Appraisal. He got only one extra Unique Skill which is "Net Super." What the heck is that? We were Summoned to be Heroes so they needed people with strong skills, and "Net Super" is really funny.

After all the status Appraisals were completed we had an audience with the King. It turned out they summoned us as Heroes since the Demon King had been attacking this country. They had managed to drive him off but they dodn't think they would continue to succeed so they conducted a Hero Summoning with great difficulty. They begged us to help them.

It felt good to be asked this by the King and I figured I would do as he requested but I didn't know about the others.

"What will you do?" I asked Kanon and Rio.

"Well, we can't go anywhere else and only the Demon King knows how to return us to Japan so I'll go along with you." said Kanon.

"I agree with Kanon. We're powerful, we can help those who are suffering at the hands of the Demon King can't we?" said Rio.

When we announced our decision the King, the Queen, the princess and all the courtiers were delighted. It made me feel even better about accepting the role of Hero.

The salaryman, however refused. "I'm not a Hero and I'd only get in your way if I stay here. I can find something else to do though. If I can get some money to live on for two or three months then I can find a job somewhere, I think." he explained.

That made sense, his status was terrible and he couldn't fight so he wouldn't be any help.

After the salaryman left, Kanon and Rio and I had a discussion with the others in the room.

"The first thing you need to do is gain more power." said the head of the Knights. "You should all register as adventurers and devote your efforts to levelling up as soon as possible." We were introduced to three Knights who would assist us.

I was surprised, I'm 180cm tall and they tell me my face is good enough to get me into a talent agency or even a boy band. Kanon has beautiful eyes and long black hair and she is tall and slender too. Rio's a bit small but she's pretty enough that people think she's a pop idol. I thought we stood out but these three Knights were something else.

"My name's Leonard Hume. Pleased to make your acquaintance." Leonard was taller than I am, handsome with a princely air, an urbane blonde ikemen type with green eyes. Rio stared at Leonard-san, her face red, obviously having fallen in love at first sight.

"Aaron Barrera is my name. I'm looking forward to working with you Heroes." Aaron was also taller than me, with brown eyes and bright red hair, a fierce-looking guy. Oh, he winked at Kanon... but that didn't seem to bother her for some reason.

"My name's Louise Winkler. Let's get on well, Hero." Louise was  the only woman in the group of Knights. Louise, how to describe her... I was fascinated by her on first sight. She resembled a Hollywood actress I had a crush on. She was maybe 165 cm tall with honey-blonde hair and blue-green eyes and a slender figure. Her hair was trimmed neatly to shoulder-length, her features sharp and with a pleasing expression. Just thinking of her being near me made me excited.

Although it seems we'll have to register as adventurers first, this looks like it's going to be quite enjoyable.


  1. His novel selection must be too few considering a lot of novels include betrayal or decieved heroes.

    1. It was his sister who was reading , he only read a few of them.

      And the ones where the heroes are betrayed aren't necessarily that many, and they might not necessarily actually be her taste. And then they're further divided into when, how and why they're betrayed

    2. This also makes him contrast Mukouda, who states he did read a lot of web novels of the 'Hero Summoning' type before being summoned. Meaning he has seen different concepts of the story.

      Which is probably why he quickly realizes that the king is just using the summoned heroes by observation. Thus he's smart to get out and do something else, and ends up better off for it.

    3. As for hero Saitou Kaito commenting that most of his light novel reading experience is about summoned heroes being betrayed or misled, I think the author is deliberately setting up a flag.

  2. Thanks for the chapter. He just read one few from a TONS of concepts for Hero Summoning; know wonder he got bad impressions and few gist about transfer from the Another World. And because they are Adventurers, they can heard the rumours about "Fenrir" tamer or Should we say Fenrir's Nanny...

    1. They say that the mythical Fenrir can be encountered in the company of a renowned gourmet chef...but never in the same place....

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  3. This idle talk took place almost at the beginning of the story.
    Thanks for the treat.

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    God, I'm not looking forward to more of this side plot to be honest. Maybe it starts going in a different direction quickly but reading about these guys getting so easily swept up in things (despite how that's what would probably actually happen) won't be fun. The 3 knights that were obviously chosen to be attractive and make sure the heroes stick around weren't great in that regard.

  5. *Well, we can't go anywhere else and only the Demon King knows how to return us to Japan so I'll go along with you." said Kanon*

    did anyone read that and say buillshit the king Summoning and they can go back i am 50% sure the Hero going to be betrayal by the king buuuut this not kind of novels so i am not sure it going to happen :|

    1. Yeah, it didn't even occur to them that the demon king won't tell them even if he/she knows out of spite.

    2. The summoners don't care about that. They just want the summoned heroes to encounter the Demon King and kill him off in order to get an opportunity to take over lots of the Demon kingdom lands and their resources. Since the summoners put the ball into the Demon King's court by saying they need to ask the Demon King, I hope that the heroes twist the plot around by doing just that. "Let's ask the Demon King politely without killing the demons off." But apparently, the summoners will make sure that hostilities start so that the heroes are politically unable to ask the Demon King.

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  7. I've been wondering for quite a while what happened to these guys after the MC departed for his world tour (and what kind of face they would make when they heard that the "useless guy" just made fortune selling top quality salt, tamed a fenrir and" obtained a divine protection all thanks to his "useless skill) I'm 100% sure these guys are just being used (I'm also following the manga and in the manga the MC noticed the king is living in quite a luxurious state despite "being threatened by the demon king") so I'm looking forward for when they discover that the MC is living far better than them

    1. Well it's pretty obvious ..
      It's the Same thing that happen in Konjiki no word master as well .Ifnu read it of course.

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