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Ch 53 Tondemo Skill de Isekai Hourou Meshi

Ch 53 -- Having to re-register at the Adventurers Guild

So we went with the members of 'Phoenix' to the Adventurers Guild in the city of Carerina. The reception counters weren't busy since it was getting late in the day. I approached the counter next to where the members of 'Phoenix' were standing. The few people in front of me were dealt with quickly and it was my turn.

"Excuse me, I've got a purchase request." I offered my Adventurers Guild card.

"Yes, we're buying." the receptionist said as she took my Guild card. As she examined it her face tightened.

"This card, it has been deregistered. Mukouda-sama, you were rank G, weren't you, and you didn't complete a request within one month?"

...Ah, that's right, if you don't complete a request within a month you get deregistered from the Adventurers Guild. Well I was kind of busy so I forgot about that.

"To tell you the truth various things happened, you see..."

"Rank G disqualification is the shortest period so it does happen sometimes." As she explained, the idea is that G rank adventurers should level up to F rank as soon as possible by accepting suitable low-level requests and then they have three months to get more lucrative requests and start earning money properly.

Is that so? I hadn't been told that. I'd forgotten the G rank period was the shortest.

"Can't I just pay the registration fee again?" I have to be registered with the Adventurers Guild to get the best-quality monster disassembly service otherwise it would be done badly.

"Yes, paying five silver coins for the registration fee is fine. Since Mukouda-sama was the lowest G rank you can use your guild card as it is."

"Oh, and will there be a problem re-registering the beasts I already have contracts with?" I asked the receptionist when she looked at Fer behind me. Although she looked surprised she said "There is no problem."

Okay then, I'll reregister. I handed over five silver coins to complete the deal.

"I've got another contracted beast to register too."

"A new contracted beast?"

"Yes, here it is." I took Sui from my bag and showed her to the receptionist.

"It's a S- Slime?" the receptionist looked confused. Hey, don't laugh at Sui. Unlike other slimes our Sui is insanely strong.

"It's a very special individual, very strong." I boasted but the receptionist looked disbelieving. Ha. She didn't know Sui.

Once Sui's registration as my contract beast was completed, I asked about purchases.

"If you're buying, I have some orcs and other monsters to sell, please."

"In that case please go to the purchasing window." So selling monsters gets done at that big counter like before?

"Makouda-san, are you finished?" It's Rashu-san, the leader of 'Phoenix'.

"Yes. I had forgotten the request deregistration period and I had to apply to re-register." I explained.

"That's a big problem, isn't it?" he said.

"To tell you the truth, I don't want to be a real adventurer, or rather I'm not that keen on it."

"Is that so?"

"Well, as you well know my contracted beast is a big eater. Fer can catch monsters so that's not the problem, it's the disassembly of the monsters afterwards..."

"I understand. The Adventurers Guild is the best place to request dismantling. Of course you can get it done at a non-Guild dismantling store or even a butcher but you won't get as good a service from those sorts of places. Those sorts of dismantling stores will rip you off and they don't handle the more difficult jobs well. A butcher can do a good job with the meat but they can damage the other valuable items like the skin and such. For us the other parts are usually worth a lot more than the meat. You're best off getting it done by an experienced pro at the Adventurers Guild."

Ha, so that's how it is? There are less-skilled dismantling stores and even butchers in this world, it seems. Re-registering in the Adventurers Guild was the right move after all.

"So you're going to sell some monsters, Makouda-san?"

"Yes, we're running very low on meat."

"Oh no, was it because of what you cooked for us?" Well, that's one part of it but I won't say anything.

"No no, we've just used it up over the last few weeks."

"What sort of monsters do you have? Can we see what your contracted beast has caught?" Rashu-san said as he looked over at Fer. I supposed it would be fine to let the members of 'Phoenix' see.

"Yeah, it's OK." We moved over to the purchasing window close by.


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