Tuesday, 16 January 2018

Ch 56 Tondemo Skill de Isekai Hourou Meshi

Ch 56 -- Indulging in Traditional Japanese Sweets

Ah, I just remembered, before I go to bed I need to make an offering to the Goddess. I nearly forgot and she's bound to complain if I skip another offering again.

Right then, get it over and done with and then go to bed. Let's see, open the Net Super... what would be good?  Since she's got a sweet tooth, how about traditional Japanese sweets this time around?

Hmmm, to start with some bean-jam-filled rice cakes, strawberry-filled rice cakes and some manjuu buns too, they've got a sweet chestnut filling. Dango dumplings on skewers for dipping into red-bean-jam sauce as well.

Ho hum, castella too, traditional wagashi confectionery and some more dorayaki. I've offered that up before but that Goddess won't complain if I repeat, I guess. To make sure I'll add a presentation box of sweet-bean jellies too. Yes, this should be enough. Now to offer them to the Goddess. I laid the Japanese sweets out on the cardboard altar.

"Wind Goddess Ninril-sama, please accept my offering as thanks for your continued protection now and in the future."

The voice of the Goddess echoed in my mind as soon as I finished praying.

[Oh, I've been waiting! I'd have sent you an oracle if you'd been any later.]

Tch, so you've polished off the last offerings I sent you already? You're wanting more sweet things to eat? If you only eat sweets you'll get fat you know. Do Gods and Goddesses get fat, I wonder?

[I- I, I, I won't get fat, truly. G- Goddesses like me are always beautiful you know.]

If you're so sure why are you stuttering?

[B- B- Be quiet, you! Those cakes and puddings were very tasty but we've not eaten any for the last three days, I'll have you know.]

Goddess, you're a truly disappointing deity, you know. You're so gluttonous, aren't you? Totally useless too. Don't get fat, you'll not be able to call yourself beautiful with a straight face. A Goddess that stutters and eats too much is bound to get fat after all.

[Gumumumu, let's move on to more important things. What sort of sweet things are you offering me this time?]

Yep, she heard me just fine. A bit more?

They're only sweets after all, I wonder just how excited you are by them. If this Goddess were to appear in front of me I wonder how aroused she'd look?

[What?] she said. [They're only sweets, you know! You fool! Sweets aren't that great, huh?]

Oh, don't get mad. But as I thought, she can read my mind like an open book. Stop doing that, it's totally a violation of my right to privacy.

[Hah, what 'right to privacy'? I'm a Goddess, you know. There's nothing you can keep secret from a deity like me. I can see what you do, hear what you think in your whole life from beginning to end. You might want to remember that clearly, you know. Anyway, I'm a Goddess, don't forget it. I'm all-powerful and that's why you should show me some respect, you know.]

...she said. If you're really amazing you shouldn't need to tell people 'I'm amazing'. She really is a disappointing Goddess.

I'd like you to stop reading my thoughts as much as possible, huh? And don't bother watching me all the time. My life isn't that interesting after all. Show me some respect and save yourself some unnecessary effort. Give it some thought, please while you reflect on your own behaviour.

Deplorable sweet-loving Goddess.

[Nuuu, I am so totally not deplorable, you know!]

Ah, yeah yeah, of course you're not. Really. We're not getting anywhere with this so let's move on.

"Well, this time I chose some Japanese sweets, that is sweets from the country I came from. Ninril-sama requested anpan and dorayaki and there's a sweet that's got a lot of 'anko', the same filling inside them."

[What'd you say? That 'anko' pastry? That subtle sweetness is so delicate, you know.]

A truly deplorable Goddess. So lazy.

"And as you can see, I've also prepared an offering of dorayaki."

[Ohh, dorayaki. Great job, you.] It looks like the dorayaki is very much her favourite.

"In that case, please accept my offering."

[I understand. Transferring it to the realm of the Gods now.]

The Japanese sweets that were on the cardboard altar were enveloped in a pale light and then they disappeared. It never seemed very flashy but it got the job done.

[Muho-, there's a lot this time. You've done well my disciple.]

What's with the 'Muho-' noise? She is a truly truly disappointing Goddess after all.

[I'll eat a dorayaki straight away. Mm-mm-mm- muhaha, delicious as ever, hah!]

'Muhaha-' this time? Time to stop provoking her, maybe. A deplorable Goddess anyhow. Now that the deplorable Goddess was no longer talking to me I went to bed, sliding quickly under the futon with Sui.

Haaa- my only comfort is Sui.


  1. He really should not antagonize a deity. In the first place, he is arbitrarily placing his own expectations of what a deity should be, when he never met one and is generalizing. If you had eternity, you would probably be desperate for some extra delights (food or otherwise) too MC. Just be glad she is "disappointing" (cute) and not a petty and vengeful deity who abuses their power at the expense of many (her getting sweets from MC doesn't count as she provides the service known as divine protection which makes him never have to worry about bodily ailments from external sources).

    1. He's behaving as many would in such situations, especially with the thoughts. The only real difference is that she can read his thoughts.

    2. Are you talking about certain deity named X?

    3. No, a goddess named Aqua... remember? Useless, sucks up the MC's money, loves sweets?

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    A damegami as expected...

  3. Thanks for the chapter!
    It's amazing how much he can talk back to legendary mythic beings so long as he's in control of their food sources.

    1. Haha, I guess our world's food is truly a wonderful thing! :D

  4. She is the main girl. Then again she is the only girl(sui don't count)

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    Thank you for the chapter ( ●w●)

    Deplorable sweet loving goddess want sweets!

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  8. So let me get this straight he is totally fine calling a dang goddess deplorable and insulting her in real time conversation with her but he is frightened to death from goblins even knowing he has a barrier on him that they could never ever get through and a god like familiar backing him up? Yeah, ok, sure, that makes total sense and isn't completely diametric at all. Mediocre.

  9. The goddess is acting like a typical ditsy, fickle, spoiled Japanese girl, while the goblin is an inhuman beast.

    Thanks to that familiarity, the MC defaults to dealing with her like a spoiled Japanese schoolgirl, plus he knows he has something over her in the form of being the only source of her beloved sweets.

    Meanwhile, he has nothing to hold over the gobu, who know nothing but rape and pillage.

    Also, part of it IS the goddess' fault, if she'd gone more "FIRE AND BRIMSTONE" from the beginning and not shown her hand (jonesing for his otherworld sweets), acting in a manner of the Japanese Gods what would be more to his expectations, he'd probably be more deferential.

    But since the goddess' behavior is more that of a Japanese schoolgirl than Supreme Deity, he decides to consider her a disappointment.

  10. It's only me or the mc don't want to talk with any women.. (?)