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Idle Talk 4 - Tondemo Skill de Isekai Hourou Meshi (post Ch 60)

Idle Talk 4 -- Eeny Meeny Miny Mo

The Wind Goddess Ninril was, as usual, staring at the visions of the world below appearing on the surface of  a pool of water.

[He's late, he's late, he's late you know-]

Man from another world, pray to me and make your offerings. I'm getting tired of waiting. Fenrir, tell that other-world man off!

Good boy, Fenrir. I didn't give that other-world man my Divine Protection free of charge, after all. He's got to pray to me and make offerings in return. Only an fool would forget something so important. He's really stupid.

 Finally the other-world guy offered up a prayer to me.

[Ooh, finally. Really, how long were you going to keep me waiting?]

He said he got distracted and he was busy and... He was lying of course. I can read his mind after all, you know. He apologised and I forgave him. I'm not a monster after all.

[Hmmm, I'll forgive you this time but don't make such a mistake again. I considered sending you an oracle to remind you many times but there are reasons why I couldn't do it.]

How many times I considered sending him an oracle... But there are all sorts of Goddesses here as well as Gods of War, Blacksmith Gods and other Gods too, you know. The oracles I send might be noticed by my fellow Goddesses and if they got a sniff of the offerings I receive then they'd want a share. The longer I can receive offerings without them finding out the better, you know.

The other-world guy laid out an array of assorted items as an offering and I looked them over.

[Woohoo! This, this is-!!]

So many multi-coloured sweets? Really? Everything's different too as well? Really truly?

The other-world guy is asking me if it's maybe too much...

[Wh-what are you saying? Too much? No, this is perfect. Next time you should offer the same amount. That's an order.] Totally. There's no way this is 'too much', you know.

The other-world guy told me that I should keep the rest refrigerated to eat later. Hah! Goddesses like myself have no need of simple refrigeration.

[I got it. However we Gods don't need to refrigerate things, we can just stop time passing for them. I can enjoy one piece each day. Mmphph...]

Mmphph- Mmphph- Mmphph- It's so nice to indulge myself every now and then.

[Anyway, offer up this amount next time, please. Be sure not to forget again.] I order the other-world guy.

Fuahahaha, these sweets look superb! Right, let's get started.

Enny, meeny, miny, mo! Yes, this one here. Some kind of red berry on a white triangle, a sweet called "strawberry shortcake" apparently. Well then, I'l just take a bite.

Muhaha-, it's so incredibly tasty! The soft and fluffy insides and the white surroundings come together so well. The red berry is sweet and sour at the same time. Munch munch munch. Hah, it's all gone.

Just one doesn't feel like enough though, I'll have just another one you know? Next iiiiiis- this one.

Soft and round, it's called a "cream choux" apparently. Right then, munch! Muha-!, soft delicate pastry surrounding yellowish sweetness inside, oh I can't bear it! This is great, it's so delicious! Munch munch, oh it's vanished you know.

I'm not quite satisfied so I'll have just one more, I promise.

This weird-looking pastry is called a "Mont Blanc". It's made from lots of long twisted brown-coloured threads, oddly firm... is that some kind of nut on top of it? Well, let's go for it. Munch.

Muha-!, the full-bodied sensual brown threads complement the sweet richness of the filling. The nuts on the top are also crisp and sweet. Munch munch munch. Oh, it's vanished, how did that happen? It was soooo good, you know.

I meant to enjoy them one at a time but somehow I ended up eating three of them at once. Oops.

Gah, have patience. I'll enjoy some more tomorrow, you know. See you tomorrow.

Hurry up tomorrow.


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